January 14th, 2015 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “eligible”

  1. She fell in love with the worlds most eligible bachelor. She can’t quite recall how it happened or why it happend but the fact is it did. It was a bright sunny day the grass was free and the birds were chirping, couples everywhere were in love and you could feel it in the air. Caiden Monroe walked down the streets of New York not entirely sure where she was going.

    By kriss on 01.14.2015

  2. Am I eligible? Can I be at least a choice, someone you would consider? It’s funny, a lot of the things I think about go back to you; it’s actually really pathetic. But I’d just like to know if you think of me, even just a little. It’s fine if you don’t! Just wanted to know.

    By Joanne~ URL on 01.14.2015

  3. He wasn’t eligible for the discount. His birthday was 2 days away, and he wasn’t yet considered a ‘senior’. “Lady, I’m going to be 65 in TWO DAYS! Can’t you make an exception?” “Sorry Sir, but rules are rules. And you’re not 65 for another 2 days…Store policy.”

    By Tammi on 01.14.2015

  4. “I’m sorry, ma’am. Michele is not eligible for chemo therapy.” The doctor was quiet, hanging his head in shame.

    Hazel glared. “What do you mean, not eligible?!” she screamed, frustrated thoroughly.

    “We’re not allowed to administer it.”

    “Screw. You.”

    By puffin-empress on 01.14.2015

  5. I am old enough to cook with out being burned at the stove. I am old enough to watch my brothers and sisters and I will be old enough to get married in a few years. This is called being eligible! I am the oldest of six kids and I have a lot of responsibility but I have to be eligible in order to handle the major tasks of responsibility as a 14 year old.

    By Christine S Cone on 01.14.2015

  6. He made a career out of being an eligible bachelor. A lifetime, really. No, wait, it was a lifestyle choice. He never got with anyone. He never lost his virginity, even though he was well into his twenties. It would go on thirty, or forty. He didn’t mind it at all. He did mind the questions, the puzzled looks, the so called “envy” that people had because of his…. “condition”, his choice.

    He didn’t date or have sex or get into relationships. It was just how he was.

    By The Ersatz Gentleman on 01.14.2015

  7. I am eligible to do great things through God. He has chosen me to be his servant . I choose to seek one word to reveal what he would like me to do this year, for and through him

    By jim on 01.14.2015

  8. What you can do for yourself. The attitude of being capable. It can be limiting or it can be expansive. I see it as expansive. Others do not see themselves as eligible. That is sad to me.

    By LynnMcKinley on 01.14.2015

  9. Many people to not consider themselves to be eligible. However, everyone is! We can choose to be eligible for all the love and joy and beautiy life and this world has to offer. Don’t miss a moment!

    By BLMSmile on 01.14.2015

  10. “What do you mean I’m not eligible for parole yet?”
    “Just as I said. You’re not finished. You’ve only embodied point oh oh oh three percent of all the possible hosts.”
    “You’re shitting me.”
    “I assure you I’m not. Now go. You’re to be reincarnated for the four million and thirty-eight time. You’re the only soul in existence; you have to go. This time you will be a barkeep in sixteenth century Norway. There can be no history and no humanity if you do not go.”

    By Doe on 01.14.2015

  11. He sat there waiting . . . looking. Assessing the right moment to go to her. To look at her. To ask her. She seemed as if she were ready . . . eligible for the right man. Him.

    By MsLanaK URL on 01.14.2015

  12. Wild mouth, full of honey
    a sweet nectar for such
    and ineligible woman
    –no, a child lost and hoping
    to find her way amongst those
    she betrays
    a honeybee with no queen

    By Desiree J on 01.14.2015

  13. You are eligible to enter, the envelope said. Well, thought I, isn’t that considerate. I have been given the right to expend my effort and money for a goddamned stamp to enter my name onto a marketing list that will ensure that I’m eligible to buy every piece of shit that comes across your tiny minds. And get off my lawn.

    By Chris URL on 01.14.2015

  14. I can’t get in because I’m too busy thinking about excuses
    Eligibility was never a requirement for life.
    Why do I keep wondering how I got in?
    Why do people question why they are here when eligibility is not a requirement for life?

    By Jacqueline Ali on 01.14.2015

  15. “You aren’t of eligible age to apply for this job. I apologize, but we must reject you,” the office worker told me. I was clearly shocked, as I was known for being talented in many things. But I guess my age really was a problem, just as my friends had told me..

    By Tsuki on 01.14.2015

  16. Come and get me here I am
    raw and tender
    ready to go
    ripe as an apple plucked fresh from a tree
    looking for nothing but sweet love
    come set me free
    adrift in a passion to soon will end
    with nowhere to go

    By Protean on 01.14.2015

  17. This makes me think of someone who is readily available. I’m not always that person . I tend to think and evaluate things way too much before being eligible.

    By Kim on 01.14.2015

  18. I am eligible for a life of love, joy, peace, and passion…a life with one warm, soft blanket, a few old and weathered friends, a well worn book (or 100)

    By Beth on 01.14.2015

  19. He wasn’t eligible because his emotions weren’t compatible. That’s what the test results suggested anyway, but Lance didn’t believe any of it for a single moment. They must have known who he was, and he was sure of that fact. Were they on to him already? He had to be eligible. He had to make it past this stage — after all, wasn’t that what he had worked so hard towards for all those years?

    By Jem on 01.14.2015

  20. Being ready with no restrictions. being open to whatever life and circumstances dictate to you.

    By rob on 01.14.2015

  21. What makes a bachelor “eligible”? Doesn’t “bachelor” already provide enough information?

    By itsgonnacatchon on 01.14.2015

  22. Eligible is an English word that means that you are capable for a particular task. It is usually used in interviews and job description cover letters informing the companies about our skills and telling that you are eligible for the particular task they have called for.

    By Rishi Ragu on 01.14.2015

  23. I am eligible to discover my life to give birth to my new old me, who has been stuck in the shadows for decades. After decades of sorrow I have been able to forgive myself
    I feel like I have found my bbf and I gave her a big hug and hold hands with her. I hope I am not dissociating (mental illness), but it felt clean powerful rebirth. I could see me (her) just so peaceful never judgmental and with the arms open saying I have been here waiting for this moment all along within you. It felt so emotional powerful.

    I was crying asking for decades of forgiveness of injuring, of ruling against me, of being critical my worse judge, and punish-er.
    And it all made sense, on my first meditation I visualize the image of that little girl sitting scared abusive in dark corner, suffering injury after injury. I couldn’t rely because none of my parents have been like that to me. I didn’t understand why this little girl (who was me when 6-8y/o) so traumatized. The message after that was another image of a big white transparent rock, shining through from her chest.
    And now 3 days later I have this soul heart explosion from guts, and all was provoke as I had a thought that needed to journal, and when I was writing whoosh this just came like a volcano pouring out of me.

    Later on, I felt drained, physically, mentally and from the soul. Like I have been through a birth and I needed to recovered. I couldn’t talk or move just needed to lay on my bed it was hard to even breath. Something had left something had been revealed and left me tender. I could feel the fragile tenderness exposed. This is my Re-Birth.

    By Pepa on 01.14.2015

  24. eatable, can made into food, do not have poison, or so.

    By kokoro on 01.14.2015

  25. They used to not let us folk vote. Sayin’ things like we was inferior to ’em. But we fought and got the opportunity to change everythin’.

    By Dart07 on 01.14.2015

  26. a word so simple to write about but at the same time so stuff. There are so many things in life we are eligible that we don’t know of because they are outside of our little worlds.

    By Panda on 01.14.2015

  27. Being able to do something
    Competition for certain sports
    Joe was eligible for a Chess tournament and…
    Andrew got through to the second round of his rowing competition

    By Flame Wolf on 01.14.2015

  28. The kids were eligible for admission to the new schoolk that just started at the block but were not admitted. The mum was quite furious. She knoew her kids were eligible. So why didn’t they get admitted?

    By Dennis on 01.15.2015

  29. Try. And, if you do, make sure whatever opportunity is there, is worthy of you.

    By Swing Through on 01.15.2015

  30. Could you hang me by my toes now,
    let me drip right from your ceiling;
    You are ice queen with palms sweating,
    and I am fly who misses your voice.

    By Marissa on 01.15.2015

  31. When you have the requiretment for something. for instance, to get a loan or mortage.

    You have the caracterist

    By Noelia on 01.15.2015

  32. Eligible is how i feel – I can do anything in the world today, except i am sick with an ear ache. But yes i am eligible to take on the world.


    By Michele on 01.15.2015

  33. When the things are easy, we always says choose. It’s an elegible option, and you need to try now. it’s important for your life, and for you

    By Jose on 01.15.2015

  34. The writing was eligible. But that didnt take the power out of the words. The writing was eligible. May be she scribbled incoherently because she was scared, scared that someone would see the beauty in what she wrote.

    By Amber on 01.15.2015

  35. He left his Xbox
    At home with his fear and doubt
    It was ladies’ night

    By Soft URL on 01.15.2015

  36. This is old news and out of date. we are beyond eligibility or not. We are accepted not eligible to be accepted. It’s an unconditional deal. No eligibility restrictions. No fear of rejection. We are in.

    By Alicia Marie Rencountre Da Silva on 01.15.2015

  37. Blessing- i want to be a blessing going out and a blessing coming in. I want to continue with my patience work that will assist with me being a blessing. Smiling, Happy, Upbeat. Supportive and unjudging.

    By Vicki on 01.15.2015

  38. oops- I didn’t know what i was doing in my first stab at this. Eligible to participate in the universe. Eligible to receive all that is offered and abundant. Eligible to

    By Vicki on 01.15.2015

  39. Are you eligible? Do you meet the requirements? Do you measure up? I’ve been eligible my entire life, but lately I’m not so sure. Life doesn’t have to be about meeting a series of requirements. I think life should be more along the lines of, are you bringing your best to the table.

    By lc on 01.15.2015

  40. Hello, sir! Today I’m emailing you to let you know that you are eligible for our free trial of the brand new apple iwatch. You may have heard that it can tap into your brain and control your thoughts but I cannot tell you how wrong you are. With this free trial you’ll be able to see first hand how efficient, useful, and smart this little piece of technology is.

    By Hank on 01.15.2015