January 15th, 2015 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “boyfriend”

  1. He wanted to be her boyfriend so bad, just like that song by The Ramones. He liked her, sure. He liked her a hell of a lot. But he was nothing and so was she.

    By The Ersatz Gentleman URL on 01.16.2015

  2. Sometime between lunch on Monday and Saturday morning, they locked themselves away from the rest of the world. His bedroom became their fortress, and he crowned her the queen of his king-sized mattress.

    By Soft URL on 01.16.2015

  3. My husband was my boyfriend prior to marriage. He was and still is fun to be with. He has a great sense of humor and is very good dad.

    By Kimberly Bamesberger on 01.16.2015

  4. As I walked towards her, I saw her talking to some other guy. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Our fifth date, and she was letting some other guy chat her up while waiting for me to arrive! And I thought we were getting serious! I was just about to shout out to her when I got within earshot; “No thanks! I’m waiting for my boyfriend!” – She was brushing him off!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.16.2015

  5. I’m sure many people will write about hopes and dream of their future boyfriends.
    I, however, will write about a loss that happened so long ago….sometimes I forget.
    Perhaps, I was meant to forget.

    By clester on 01.16.2015

  6. Does anyone else have friends who refer to their significant others as “the boyfriend” or “the wife”? I’ve always thought that was a little odd. My high school English teacher used to do that. He eventually got divorced. Go figure.

    By itsgonnacatchon URL on 01.16.2015

  7. a boyfriend i have never had so i dont know what its like i know a lot of people that have had a boyfriend before but im a guy so that means i would be gay but im not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Shane Novak URL on 01.16.2015