January 14th, 2015 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “eligible”

  1. We are eligible to have a better World Cup team. Last year we were not eligible to get the Championship, but now it is time to start a new preparation.

    By Dani on 01.14.2015

  2. eligible es una mierda de palabra y no me gusta
    tampoco me gustan las palabras estupidas

    By john on 01.14.2015

  3. He wasn’t even old enough to be president in the old world order but there he was, talking with his boss in her hospital room about his impending inauguration.

    He admitted it to himself. He’d dreamed of being president since he was a little boy. He just never thought his inaugural speech would also be a eulogy.

    By SK on 01.14.2015

  4. i am eligible to apply for the best high school in the country but i am not preparing for the essay enough so I feell like I will not get in. If I don’t, my whole life will be ruined and I will be a bad example and I will not get to do fun STEM things or meet people

    By Nikki on 01.14.2015

  5. someone who’ll meet your standards. someone who you can compare to. someone who will make you make great and grand standards. someone eligible.

    By KACD on 01.14.2015

  6. He sat down, his laptop before him.Words were flying all over, thoughts scattered and hazy visions that could never translate into reality. He tried so hard, he was an utter failure, a disaster.
    He couldn’t do this, he wasn’t good enough.
    Wait, said the universe.
    The truth is, he isn’t eligible enough.

    By Anita on 01.14.2015

  7. She went to the bank to see if she was eligible for a loan. But her credit score was just below the required limit.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.14.2015

  8. “I am very eligible to play in the varsity games considering how good I at soccer” said the snobbiest girl in the whole school.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.14.2015

  9. It was the most eligible bachelor in town, or so they said. Setting my sights on him was no brainer. After all, I was out to find the biggest fish in the pond, and he was as big as they come.

    By Sheila URL on 01.14.2015

  10. Ready to write ready to open up

    By Nadeisha Pinnock on 01.14.2015

  11. He was a very eligible batchelor but he was not the person that she was attracted to. She went for the enigmas; the hard to get the men who were not good for her and who were no in any eligible

    By Clio on 01.14.2015

  12. “You have to be 17 or older to vote.” i barely heard the lady say. I was seething mad. We just had to move to a place that you have to be 17 to be able to get a drivers lincese. of course i’m not eligible to drive! I just turned 16 and i’m ready to drive but noooo i can’t! Ugh i walk back to my moms car. I’ll try again next year.

    By Alexis on 01.14.2015

  13. Available, possible, able,

    By Mandy on 01.14.2015

  14. Aisha took two steps closer to the mirror to check her profile again. The spanx didn’t hide everything, but if she sucked in, she thought perhaps she could fool them. Despite what they said, she knew that her 3.8 GPA, Fulbright award, and recommendation letters didn’t mean shit. Her measures were the most important criteria.

    By Soft URL on 01.14.2015

  15. What a horrible word – do I qualify? Will I be allowed to join? How will I feel if I cant……

    By Fl0sy5 on 01.14.2015

  16. Boxes and boxes and boxes. Infinite little boxes to tick off, or leave blank, one by one, Harriet dreamed of boxes.

    “I’m sorry sir but it doesn’t appear that you are eligible for our program,” she droned into the phone. (By day. Though she dreamed of these interactions too.”

    No matter how Sir or Ma’am might huff and puff, no matter how long they rattled on about their family tragedies or how they just wanted to watch their soaps–the one with “that handsome blonde fellow”–she was not allowed to hang up ever.

    By Yona on 01.14.2015

  17. I’m sorry,” she said, “but the rules are the rules! You are not eligible for these benefits!” Terry’s clammy hand clung to the handgun in his pocket. “Could you please check the forms again, it should be in order.” he said, fighting to remain calm. The clerk gave him an exasperated look, then peered down again at the paper in her hand. “Wait a minute,” she piped up; ” Are you eighty one years old? I thought this said thirty one!” As she giggled nervously, Terry released the butt of his Glock, and wiped his palm on his coat pocket lining before reaching out to sign for his pension payment. He sighed. It was getting to be this difficult every week.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.14.2015

  18. “I didn’t get the job” you say.
    “You’re not eligible for the position,” was his reply.
    “Why the hell not?”
    “Didn’t they want a bachelor’s degree?”
    “Well yeah, but I’ve been to college.”
    “You dropped out.”
    “You have a better job than I do but you’ve never been to college!”
    “Because I have a better work ethic.”

    By Rebekah Kim on 01.14.2015

  19. I never understood why people consider themselves as an eligible bachelor or becherlorette. I believe they should view themselves as an investment. Eligible means you’re up for grabs. An investment is something that you give and put your all into because you believe in it and at the end of the day you know it will benefit you for all the hard work you put into it. I’m married a great investment. He loves me and my kids unconditionally. it’s not a negative aspect as some might view the word investment when pertaining to a person. it all is based upon interpretation and point of view.

    By Tiawan Jackson on 01.14.2015

  20. You can do any thing. Your the man for the job. Just put your mind to it and it will happen

    By Nathanael Cone on 01.14.2015

  21. You can do any thing. Your the man for the job. Just put your mind to it and it will happen.

    By Nathanael Cone on 01.14.2015

  22. I was never eligible to save the earth or help hunt down my dad. I wish I could but, WAIT! I am going to hunt down my dad. Dad i’m coming for you

    By Jarrett on 01.14.2015

  23. I’m qualified to do somethings to get my director qualification and finished my divorced ans start to work at my own thinks and dont

    By jorlibeth on 01.14.2015

  24. eligible means write where you can read

    By al on 01.14.2015

  25. aplicant, candidate

    By Oscar on 01.14.2015

  26. eligible, that was todays word, “why” she said “would you give me a word that I dont even understand” she grabbed her dictionary and started to look up the word, but finding nothing she quit and layed back down on her bed.

    By Melia on 01.14.2015

  27. I am eligible for the program. It is a survival program that will select the strongest, most independent people in the land. It will allow me to have a better life, and if something potentially destructive happens, I will be completely safe.

    By Jacob on 01.14.2015

  28. As much as she felt it was perfect for her, Vanessa just was not eligible to try out for the part in “Maniacs and the Men Who Love Them”.

    By Valerie Bologoff on 01.14.2015

  29. “You are eligible to win the grand PRIZE!” His voice exploded with excitement against my ears. “What kind of prize?” I asked sheepishly. His perfect smile widened. “Only the grandest prize you have ever DREAMED of! Now…” With a deft stroke of his wrist he pulled a booklet from his leather folder. “If you’ll just sign a couple of these papers, we’ll verify everything and you’ll be on your way to win the grand prize!”

    By Laura Riddle URL on 01.14.2015

  30. She walked up to see the bulletin board to see if she had done all the things she need to do to be eligible to go to the school. This was one of the most important things if not the most important thing, she had ever done in her life. And it would make a big difference in her life if she got into this school.

    By Hope Strubs on 01.14.2015

  31. i’m not eligible. i’m underage. but you know what? I’ll do it, no one will stop me. fuck them all! this is a free country! i’m a free man! i’ll drink when i want to drink! i’ll get wasted and no one should give a fuck. FREEDOM is what it is!

    By edrianredentor on 01.14.2015

  32. I AM UN ELIGIBLE FOR payment rendered because I am beyond compensation. I am a flight of a star against the sky. We do not pay stars. We admire them and wonder. We travel on the path of stars and all journeys are free of charge.

    By Alicia Da Silva URL on 01.14.2015

  33. i’m not eligible. i’m underage. but you know what? i don’t give a shit, I’ll do it and no one will stop me. fuck them all! this is a free country! i’m a free man! i’ll drink when i want to drink! i’ll get wasted and no one should give a fuck. FREEDOM is what it is!

    By edrianredentor on 01.14.2015

  34. you can play your ipad after chores.

    By ava on 01.14.2015

  35. You are eligible for a butt whooping today!

    By scotty on 01.14.2015

  36. Are you able? Can you come? Does the government allow you, do the parents approve? Sometimes this is a flawed representation, because only the whites are allowed, when half the population is black.

    By Audrey ★ on 01.14.2015

  37. “Quite the eligible bachelor, aren’t you?” asked Lord Bishop over a cup of tea and a scone. “So many years, and I’ve yet to see a bride.”

    Sir Walter smiled. Lord Bishop was not privy to his private life, and he never would be. He leaned back in his chair, folding his hands against his lap, his fingers heavily scarred from the recently terminated war.

    “Sometimes,” he murmured, “brides aren’t exactly a priority. More tea?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.14.2015

  38. Jay opened the mailbox. It creaked, as usual. Rusty bits fell off of it, as usual. And as usual, it wasn’t empty. Her hand shook as she eased the mass of jumbled mail out, dropping a bright green envelope onto the dry grass.

    By OneJourney on 01.14.2015

  39. “They say he’s one of the most eligible bachelors on the continent,” she whispered, painted lips hidden behind the shine of her champagne glass.
    Elena hummed, “Do they now?” she asked, the question clearly rhetorical, “Well, whoever they are, they clearly haven’t spent much time in his company,”
    Margaret frowned, “How do you know?”
    Smirking at her cousin as she raised her own glass, she said, “Because, if they had, they certainly wouldn’t attach the word ‘eligible’ to his bachelorhood,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.14.2015

  40. The eligible man took the field. The crowd roared and gave their approval. he had never heard such a response from people and this may not be the last. he was so in his head that he did not hear the snap.

    By randall on 01.14.2015