January 14th, 2015 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “eligible”

  1. Are you eligible? Do you meet the requirements? Why are we so focused on eligibility? I think eligible means the bare minimum, and I want to exceed the bare minimum. I want to always overshoot the eligibility requirement.

    By lnchase on 01.15.2015

  2. I am eligible to do a lot of work. I have done MCA and I am an computer expert.
    I am a software programmer. I love to code and MCA degree grants me the eligibility to do job as a software programmer.

    By meha on 01.15.2015

  3. Nicholas although he is no longer eligible since he’s getting married

    By Nina on 01.15.2015

  4. I like to be eligible. It means I am included. I am a part of something. I have accomplished the requirements.

    By Ln on 01.15.2015

  5. allowed
    meets criteria

    By Jen on 01.15.2015

  6. When I was a child, the world was a place of height minimums and permission slips. Adulthood held the promise of adventure and liberation, where eligibility was no longer a relevant limitation.

    By asavas on 01.15.2015

  7. Once when I was little, I found a dead bird. I knew it was dead because when my brother poked it with a stick, it didn’t move. My brother started crying, but I didn’t. I never cried much when I was little. No one was really sure why. At first, my mom had thought I was sick, but the doctors told her I was just a serious little girl, serious, but perfectly normal. This was one of the few times that I started crying. My brother had just turned 18, which meant he was eligible for the draft. This time, I cried, but he didn’t. He ate his cake and we all faked smiles even though we knew what this birthday meant. At least my mom and dad faked a smile. I couldn’t look at either of them.

    By adrianna on 01.15.2015

  8. Over the course of the past year she had thrown everything she had into becoming eligible to be chosen to compete on behalf of her team. She hit the gym everyday. She practiced until her body shook with the effort to stand. She wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    By Bri URL on 01.15.2015

  9. He was not eligible for the job.
    He had known it before he applied but he did it nevertheless. He wanted to be a teacher and hoped that lack of experience or letters of recommendation wouldn’t matter. That he would get the job anyway.

    But, things don’t work out as we dream them out.

    So, he finally had to face rejection. He hadn’t faced rejection since the sixth grade when he asked Nellie to be his girlfriend. He had forgotten the feeling of humiliation and therefore he was unprepared for the rush of emotion overwhelming him.

    He remembered Nellie. When she laughed at his offer, scorned him in front of his friends

    “What, with you? I’d never go out with you. Not if you were the last person on Earth. Not in a million years.”

    That night Nellie’s family had an accident. Their house burned down but luckily the family was saved. The police investigated suspecting arson but they found nothing.

    Since nobody was hurt and the house was insured, the family didn’t press the matter and the police forgot it soon. The insurance company investigators tried to find proof that the family created the fire themselves because there was some gas leak in the basement. They insisted on family not fixing the pipes on purpose and then lighting a cigarette themselves but there was no evidence to support their claims.

    So, after a while they had to leave it and pay the premium amount which made sure the family bought a similar house but in another town.

    He had completely forgotten about Nelly and her family but now, the new humiliation burrowed into that painful hole inside his chest and made the old wound raw again.

    Humiliation, this humiliation of rejection must not go unpunished, he thought.

    By Ema URL on 01.15.2015