April 1st, 2011 | 544 Entries

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544 Entries for “ego”

  1. starts with three letters. beginning with e. a pretty powerful drug. not that we condone that kind of thing of course. but every once in awhile, people could use a little love. you know why? cause it’s good for soul. just dont get too full of it. it’s good to stay hungry.

    By nabilr URL on 04.02.2011

  2. Everyone has an ego…there’s no thinking about it no matter how humble they may be everyone has one. My boyfriend even has one…he doesn’t show it very much but he does, and it can be healthy at times, something that reminds people that they are good and worth the good thoughts and support, just don’t over do it

    By Shannon URL on 04.02.2011

  3. Beyonce wrote a song called ego. There’s another band that I can’t think of the name of, and they also wrote a song called ego that I like better than Beyonce’s. version. I like the other version better and my sister gave me that song. I love my sister I wish I knew if she was happy.

    By Nicole on 04.02.2011

  4. I hope i dont have much of one… but enough so that I’m not timid and can speak my mind about things… I sound quite timid now actually but thats just cause i cant think of anything to write… oh shut up you.

    By Nora on 04.02.2011

  5. egos are awful. people have a big ego or a small ego. people with big egos think they know so much and have so much more than someone else. they are all tall and proud of themselves. a person with a small ego is shy and not very confident. egos affect people so much.

    By Kendall on 04.02.2011

  6. I don’t fancy myself someone with an ego, but pride does get in the way. I say things I don’t believe in sometimes so I can protect my pride. I don’t think I’m the best, but sometimes, I come close. I wish I didn’t have an ego. I wish he didn’t. Then maybe we’ll be happier.

    By Sabrina on 04.02.2011

  7. This reminds me of Eggo waffles, because the commercial tends to say “Leggo my Eggo!” and “Eggo” is only one letter off from ego… I’m hungry.

    By Nora URL on 04.02.2011

  8. ego is what taught me how to eat, taught me how to breath, it created who I am. With it absent, I am victim to all the world for caprice and derision. Without it I am naked before the storm of contempt my condition

    By james on 04.02.2011

  9. my ego was much to large. t over shadowed me like a cloud bulging with water, ready to break and shower a deluge of misfortune upon me. but, i let it sti there, making me feel as if i was lifted into the sky, as if i was a great power. unitl that one day, when it burst, and i realized, i was nothing but ordinary, sitting, small, on the pavement, with rain coming down.

    By ivy on 04.02.2011

  10. starts with e. a pretty powerful substance. which we don’t condone of course. but still, every once in a while we could use a little lift. it’s good for the soul. and with everything happening around the world, who couldn’t use a little more love. After all, it’s good for the ego.

    By nabilr URL on 04.02.2011

  11. There’s really only one person i can think of who deserves that title. Gaston. That jerk. THat crude, primeval, egotistical JERK. He thinks just because he runs his own goddamn company and he’s 16 he can rule the world.

    By Charley on 04.02.2011

  12. Ego is what taught me how to eat, how to breath. it built my world. Without it I open myself up to the world for caprice and derision. without it I am naked before the storm of contempt that my condition inspires. It is as necessary as skin.

    By Randall on 04.02.2011

  13. Her ego was off. She was confident but she was scary to others. If you got as close as 3 feet to her, you could smell her murky scent.

    By Lauren on 04.02.2011

  14. Ego begins with an E and it basically means caring about yourself. I don’t use this word in everyday speech. The letter in the middle is G, and the letter at the end is O.

    By Lauren URL on 04.02.2011

  15. Everybody have a ego. And it isnt good. Ego is just a mania…so the man who have a big ego is a egomaniac.

    By sasha on 04.02.2011

  16. Ego, you got a big ego. It’s a Beyonce song I think, and it always reminds me of you – remember that time you misheard the lyrics and we joked about it forever? So many little things in my life, even a random three lettered word, remind me of you, even though we live on opposite sides of the world now. I miss you, B.

    By oiseaubleu URL on 04.02.2011

  17. Ego, me, mine. Don’t just think about yourself think about your alter-ego which is really somebody else, not you. I know this might be considered wrong by some but it’s thinking outside the box. Your ego and alter-ego can talk to each other if you let them.

    By JudiCat on 04.02.2011

  18. Napoleon, he was the emperor of France. He was loved by all. He had the best wife, Josephine, and he owned so much. All that gold. It was all his. He’d be the best empopor ever and the people would love him. Right?

    By Rachel on 04.02.2011

  19. Mostly gets in the way of mutual progress. Respect for other opinions is critical to making the world better for everybody. There is no monopoly on good ideas.

    By Daryle on 04.02.2011

  20. I hate egotistical people. Oh my god. They’re the most obnoxiously self-absorbed people in the universe, and they think they’re so much better than everyone else, and I can’t even stand to be in their presence for more than five seconds at a time without wanting to punch them in the head. It’s legitimately a problem, seriously.

    By Anonymous on 04.02.2011

  21. Every one is less then me. I am the most important of all of them. Why they think that he should be ruler, or He should be able to do this just makes me angry. they call it my ego but it is my life. And I love it.

    By Hannah on 04.02.2011

  22. waffles. lego my ego. people came to my house last night because it was April fools and decided to leave thawing waffles on my door step. there was also silly string. and toilet paper. good one right?….

    By carly on 04.02.2011

  23. You have such an ego, dammit! Why can’t you just get over yourself and see the flaws you’ve kept so well h

    By gabrielle URL on 04.02.2011

  24. It is the drive of all people. Ego is what makes some people believe that they are better than others while it makes some feel entirely inferior. It is how humanity works and an integral part of the human brain.

    By Michele on 04.02.2011

  25. I I I, all about me. That’s the ego part of the brain, the part that doesn’t care about propriety, or social norm. The part that is only concerned with pleasure and self. Don’t care about anyone, anything, else. Only what I want, when I want. Keep this part in check.

    By Salli on 04.02.2011

  26. the frisbee team captain has a huge ego…i wish that she would listen to me and stop acting like the stuck up person she is. i dont understand why she is the way she is. along those lines i need to get a bigger ego on the field so therefore i can become a better frisbee player and gain respect on the field.

    By Olivia Oppenheim on 04.02.2011

  27. ego is what gives people their pride, it can make or break a person. Each persons ego varies. Some have a huge ego and it can end up hurting them and other people. Some have no ego and this can lead to depressive states. But without an ego, we would not be living as individuals but like the people in the book “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

    By erin on 04.02.2011

  28. What is an ego? An egotistic person? Napoleon was an egotistic person. That’s why his empire didn’t work out. Obviously not everyone has such a huge head, but everyone has an ego. They think they’re better than each other. Egotistical- full of yourself. That’s about all their is to it. Egomaniac.

    By Angie on 04.02.2011

  29. some high up bastard making things hard for the rest of humanity just because he thinks he’s the shit. “Well I’m so fucking great you can go do everything for me because I’m special”. no you’re not your a piece of shit who thinks the world revolves around you.

    By Aaron Remak on 04.02.2011

  30. Do you ever have the feeling like you’re fucking everything up? I have that right now, but I try to continue through. I try to suck in my ego and think that it doesn’t matter if I am fucking everything up. No one’s keeping a score. At least no one who matters. And I’m probably not fucking up that bad anyway.

    By Ben S. URL on 04.02.2011

  31. Ah – ego. Surely we all have one? Even if we are the type to be self doubting and questioning. Too much ego is seen negatively – verging on arrogance. ‘Inflated ego’ makes me picture a huge boiled egg.

    By nc URL on 04.02.2011

  32. Ego can be a good or bad thing. If you aren’t overly egotisitical, then your ego can serve you well. The trouble comes when you have people getting too “big for their britches” and doing things they shouldn’t while riding the EGO WAVE. There’s a famous saying, You are writing checks your ego can’t cash……

    By deb on 04.02.2011

  33. “Can you get a huge lever to move this thing?” God asked of Michael. “I’d like it to be on the other side of this cloud, for better Feng Shui.”

    “I’ll try,” said the archangel. “But it looks very heavy. Maybe I should get some help.”

    “Good idea,” said the Creator.

    7 minutes later (or rather, 12,640 Earth years; time moves very differently in Heaven), Michael reappeared with a horde of very muscular angels, all helping to carry a monumental lever, forged of diamonds. After an eon and a half of struggling to shift the object, Michael wiped the holy sweat from his brow and said, “O Lord, it won’t budge. What is this thing, anyway?”

    God stood up from his gilded throne, glowering down upon the angels, and said, “My ego.”

    By richpee URL on 04.02.2011

  34. i’m so full of myself even though i’m a terrible typist. How can i possibly expect to be popular on Facebook when my typing is so bad. i have corrected at least 15 errors since i started typing this. why i’m not even capitalizing the i’s.

    By suzie URL on 04.02.2011

  35. There is a center to oneself. What guides our condition between the lines of everyone else to our final destination. Will we end up alone because it was a mere reflection of ourselves, or will we find ourselves in an empire of friendships because it considered all around us.

    By Daniel Pierce URL on 04.02.2011

  36. i have an ego. everyone does i think. but some have bigger ones, or more noticable ones. why do men always seem to have huge ones? maybe thats just a stereotype. maybe an ego is just self confidence gone wrong in that you beleive you are the best and there is no room for improvement.

    By becca on 04.02.2011

  37. Egotistical. There is good and there is bad that comes with the EGO. The good I couldn’t tell you at the moment because I’ve been seeing only the bad. The ego that won’t let an apology roll off the tongue as easy. If ever it does. The point being that an Ego can get in the way of a relationship. This is dumb, maybe, but…. the ego has been dating him longer than I have. A nd the ego wins out. At least ninty percent of the time. How sad.

    By Haley on 04.02.2011

  38. A simple word, to do what it does. An ego embodies what we all hold within ourselves, the unsavory arrogance that makes us disliked more than we deserve. It bleeds through the cracks in our minds and causes all that we do to be saturated with an indomitable sense of pervading arrogance.

    By Harry on 04.02.2011

  39. they stink eww to them they should not exist they should be blown up we should all live without one they are the like the ostrich eggs in the middle of a fruit salad and we are so human with them and i dont like them and mean people have them.

    By katie on 04.02.2011

  40. He was truly an egoist. Narsistic even. When he woke up, he had to look into the mirror and grin. Handsome son of a bitch. Almost literally.
    No wonder all the women and men fell for him, all the time.

    By piitou URL on 04.02.2011