April 2nd, 2011 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “galaxy”

  1. Stars. Planets. Moons. Black holes. Everything. Nothing.

    By Carla on 04.03.2011

  2. in a galaxy far far away the rebels were fighting against the Death Star and Princess Leia needed to get the plans of the Death Star so they could blow up. I’m supposed to be watching the Empire Strikes Back for my film class but I can’t find it anywhere online and youtube bugs me but i mean beggars cant be choosers.

    By blah URL on 04.03.2011

  3. There are few people who actually know what a galaxy truly is. It is a kind of a household, a home. Are we the father, mother or child of this? I bed we’re none.

    By Sweetjesus on 04.03.2011

  4. He is the whole galaxy to me and I love every single star of it, and I am happy just to stay near this thing…but I am someone’s else galaxy and that scares me..

    By Hane URL on 04.03.2011

  5. it is so infinite and it scares me because it is unknown, and i wonder why people try so hard to define it and explore it. perhaps there is more beauty and wonder in the unknown and unmarked. why can’t we leave this extraordinary thing alone

    By Molly Wachtel on 04.03.2011

  6. I already wrote about galaxy today. I’ll do it differently. Galaxy has a weird spelling if you look at it for a couple minutes. The x and y seem so out of place… take them out, and it’s a gala. A nice beautiful gala with big dresses, white gloves, suits… Oh, that’ll be the day. Can you imagine a gala in outerspace? Gala galaxy. Sounds like a sci-fi show. I’d watch it.

    By Audrey URL on 04.03.2011

  7. I know the galaxy is enormous. But is it as enormous as we think? We could easily be wrong. How often do we ask to our own reality? This could all be a dream or a part of a program of virtual reality…

    By The Limefruit Champion URL on 04.03.2011

  8. where the planets are suspended, one of lifes last true mysteries, no one knows everthing about it, the possibilities are endless. amazing. magical. mysterious.

    By heather on 04.03.2011

  9. 1. Look
    Become aware of what you see: notice the richly varied and vivid impressions –shapes, colors, movement, dimensionality, the entire visible world.
    2. Listen
    Become aware of what you hear: register the various sounds taken in by your ears – a diverse range of intensities, pitches, and tonal qualities, perhaps including the commonplace miracle of speech or the wonder of music.
    3. Feel
    Become aware of what you touch: texture (smooth, rough, dry, sticky, or wet), weight (heavy, light, solid, or empty), pleasure, pain, heat and cold, and the rest. Also note how your body feels right now and compare that to the many other ways it feels at other times, tired or energetic, stiff or limber, painful or pleasant, and so on.
    4. Taste
    Become aware of what it is like to taste: taste a number of different foods and substances, or remember and vividly imagine their tastes.
    5. Smell
    Become aware of what you smell: the odor of warm bodies, earth, incense, smoke, perfume, coffee, onions, alcohol, and the sea. Remember and imagine as many of them as you can.
    6. Breathing
    Attend to your breathing. A moment ago you probably were not consciously aware of your breathing even though you have inhaled and exhaled fifty times while doing this exercise. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Let it out. Now take a deep breath. Notice that being conscious of your breathing allows you to alter it deliberately.
    7. Emotions
    Become aware of your feelings. Remember the difference between anger and joy, serenity and excitement, and as many other emotions as you care to feel. How real do emotions feel?
    8. Thoughts
    Become aware of your thoughts. What have you been thinking while doing this exercise? What are you thinking right now? How real do thoughts seem?
    9. “I”
    Become aware of the fact that your world always includesyou. As William James noted, it is I see, I hear, I feel, I think that is the basic fact of experience. You are not what you see, hear, think, or feel; youhave these experiences. Perhaps most essentially, you are who is aware. You are always at the center of your multidimensional universe of experience, but you are not always consciously aware of yourself. Briefly repeat the exercise with the following difference: At the same time you attend to each of the various aspects of your experience, be aware that it is you who is noticing these things (“I see the light…”).
    10. Awareness of awareness
    Finally, become aware of your awareness. Normally, awareness focuses on objects outside ourselves, but it can itself be an object of awareness. In the light of ordinary experience, we seem to be distinct and limited centers of awareness, each alone in our inner worlds. In the light of eternity, mystics tell us, we are ultimately all one – the unlimited awareness that is the source of being. Here, experience cannot be adequately expressed by language.

    By The Limefruit Champion URL on 04.03.2011

  10. large expansive space. A dark place where anything can happen.
    Stars and moons and planets share the sky and make a beautiful picture. In a galaxy far, far away…

    By Alex Marie URL on 04.03.2011

  11. I ponder, I ponder about things which make me feel small. The galaxy is made of many individual pieces which possibly ponder about the same things.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 04.03.2011

  12. The galaxy is a very large area of the universe. They are star clusters. Without galaxies, constellations would be much less exciting. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way Galaxy. If you enjoy astronomy you’d be familiar with the concept of galaxies.

    If drops of milk fell on a black canvas, you’d have something resembling a galaxy.

    By Caleb on 04.03.2011

  13. men should live in their own galaxy. i know at least one or maybe one hundred that should pack their bags and head out now. would give me peace of mind. i’d like it if they are turned into little green midgets with big bellies and dunce hats too. ha ha. that’s how they can make me feel better!!! yay!!

    By Sindazed URL on 04.03.2011

  14. Galaxy. Something vast and in my mind empty even when it’s full. It’s the feeling in my heart when you’re gone? How does that even make sense? You’re nothing special, really. Spacy all the time and stellar always. Damn this is not a good day for words.

    By Duckie URL on 04.03.2011

  15. It had been merely hours, but yet all that remains of his home planet is the debris floating between the galaxies.

    By Jillian URL on 04.03.2011

  16. the galaxy is extremely vast and pretty with all the stars. I like to look at all the stars in the night sky, it is beautiful, it looks like diamonds on black velvet.

    By Taylor Daniel on 04.03.2011

  17. Its So huge and enveloping and its what we r all floating in if you think about it…. Is huge!,,,,,, think of all the stars…. How far it goes. You just think if blackness, or darkness if you will…and you imagine all the stars…the stars that are nearby and close. Yu wonder how they got there. How long they have been there. Can you go up to one. Can you touch one. Can you see it up close? Does it have a face? Do they all look the same up close? Can you keep one? Can we build something new to float on in the galaxy. Now that I say that, I realize how huge it really is. I mean…

    By Jenny on 04.03.2011

  18. Beads of light dazzle the dark blanket that encompasses us. A dash of paint is created mid-air, illuminating our surroundings and evoking nothing but sweet awe and a simple sigh: all thanks to the beauty of bliss that is us, that is our galaxy.

    By Meghan URL on 04.03.2011

  19. I want to soar through the galaxy with striped wings and pearls in my eyes. I want to be that rhinestone baby, that extra minute, the lines you cross. Let me fly. Don’t brush away the glitter on the screen. Laugh with your bubblegum lips and send a wave to the nearest planet; I’ll be there.

    By Janine on 04.03.2011

  20. the sky is limitless w/its openness to us the world of earth … our time is presently upon us to make change here … one conscious soul of the entire world and its people … breathe in your love … breathe out love to all

    By Camille on 04.03.2011

  21. all of the stars, moons, people collected into one place. An explosion of light bursting out to the farthest reaches of the universe, a collection of things so extraordinary you wouldn’t be able to dream them up. Freedom, feelings, emotions, all cooped up into a sleep inducing parallel universe of ideas.

    By Emma Ratcliffe URL on 04.03.2011

  22. The stars spilled out across the sky like a thousand tiny, glittering diamonds. Lacey lay on her back in the grass, arms tucked under her head as she stared up at the pinpricks of light, wondering what it would be like to walk on the moon or swim among the stars.

    By Rachael on 04.03.2011

  23. Long ago in a galaxy far, far away… wait… somebody already wrote that… damnit… where did all the original thoughts go?

    One line, between this and the next. Aware. Awake. Alive.

    By Andy URL on 04.03.2011

  24. I looked up.
    And all the stars in the galaxy winked at me.
    The asteroids lowered themselves down to Earth.
    And formed a rocky staircase for me.
    I followed the planets in sweet harmony.
    As I danced within the galaxy

    By L. Lumpkin URL on 04.03.2011

  25. When he looked into her eyes, he saw stars shining their light onto him. He saw a million galaxies in the depths of her irises. He saw distant moons and nebulae. And when she looked at him, she saw the light of the stars and moons and nebulae radiating from his skin. They adored each other as two galaxies spiraling together in a cosmic dance.

    By Silvia Lupuianu URL on 04.03.2011

  26. That which surrounds us is really just empty space. You may think you see smoke or twinkling stars of the face of your loved ones but really there’s nothing there at all. If you took all the nothing and added it up, side by side, you would realize how unimportant your problems are because, in the end, your existence is all a bunch of hot air.

    By Sebby URL on 04.03.2011

  27. earth chocolate weird awsome tasty stars nice world tasty

    By Hannah Anderson URL on 04.03.2011

  28. The stars. The Heavens. Different elements of style. A car named Galaxy. The Moon and Stars. The Sun. Orbit. Beautiful at night. Seen from the ocean. Under the Heavens. Above the Earth’s surface. See from afar. Cannot be touched by the human hand. The Big and Little Dipper.

    By Kimberly Stone on 04.03.2011

  29. My galaxy is the Milky Way and I can see it in the night sky at certain times. This makes me feel that I am a part of a greater part of an awesome universe. I like the name of our galaxy. It reminds me of one of my favorite candy bars from my childhood. A galaxy seems very large compared to a solar system. We are so minute in the whole scale of creation that I feel lucky to be a part of such a grand idea.

    By Pam HS on 04.03.2011

  30. galexy’s are huge, big, and unknown, i wish i could find out about our galexy, and after i knew everything about this one, i could move on to the next, and just fill my life with discovery. I wonder what kind of things i could find in our vast galexy, what colors, and planets, and life. How things are made up other places besides where we are already used to.

    By Christian Silva on 04.03.2011

  31. The galaxy is very big. It’s so big, in fact, that it can fit pretty much anything else into it. Well, perhaps not a larger galaxy, but smaller galaxies could fit in quite nicely.

    By J URL on 04.03.2011

  32. We are mere blips in this lipid languid galaxy we find ourselves floating through. We are created in a created world and if you look and pay attention, it will make you seek your maker if you stare out at the galaxy and see the stars and vast emptiness.

    By HOLLY EMERSON on 04.03.2011