April 1st, 2011 | 544 Entries

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544 Entries for “ego”

  1. Some people think they are popular. Are they really popular? In who’s eyes? People can damage your ego forever. Those people you need to stay away from. Protect yourself. Ego.

    By Glam Girl on 04.02.2011

  2. An ego is really just a state of mind. Most people’s egos are so large that it makes it impossible for them to see that they aren’t perfect. I like to think of an ego as a blindfold, when they have their ego on they can’t see whats going on around them, they are only concerned with themselves.

    By Emilie <3 URL on 04.02.2011

  3. There are so many people out there who are driven by ego. It is such a shame but it is the fault of the media. If everyone could just be themselves it would take away the insecurity from a lot of people.

    By Xylvablue on 04.02.2011

  4. Many say that the ego should be crushed but I believe it should but managed. Without the ego we have no boundary between self and out-of-self which may led to a sense that any gestures to affect the out-of-self would be fruitless.

    By Megan on 04.02.2011

  5. I am the greatest man alive. If you took all the world leaders and packed all of their charm and charisma into one person it would be close to what i am. I dont have an ego, i just know what is real and what is not. No one is better than me… no one!

    By John on 04.02.2011

  6. The man bent over to snatch up the fallen coins. Beyond his gaze, and beyond the perplexity of all men’s insight, another man watched in the shadow, unbitten, unbothered and uninterested.

    By Bailey on 04.02.2011

  7. Some of the people that are most important to me have a big ego. But they don’t carry insecurities. The bigger the ego, the less people have to worry about you. I don’t mind some people with an ego because I know that most people still have flaws. I miss being home, where people don’t care what others think because they are so confident in themselves and in the lives that they have created for themselves; an ego is nothing but a good amount of confidence.

    By Carla URL on 04.02.2011

  8. Is not something I want to have but it is something I struggle with. My self esteem is low but my ego is high. I know that seems contradictory. But it’s not. I am a prideful person. I hate to lose, and when I do my ego gets hurt. It’s sad…

    By Austin on 04.02.2011

  9. ergo, the poem about the orange solar system. Egon Schiele. Go, with you ego. Egg myself on. Egads. Leggo my ego. I. Me. Mine.

    By April Lindner URL on 04.02.2011

  10. The uniqueness of a personality is trashed by a large self worth. God opposes the proud, but lifts up the humble.

    By Mychaela on 04.02.2011

  11. My sister and I love the movie Ratatouille. The antagonist’s name is Antoine Ego, and this movie is the first thing that pops into my head when I think of the word ego now. This one time my sister and I decided to gather some delicious food to eat when watching the movie. We could only find cheese, grapes, and crackers. Not exactly excellent French cuisine, but still pretty tasty.

    By Mara on 04.02.2011

  12. he walks down the street with his head held high,
    Not thinking about anything except how amazing and powerful he is. Then…what is that? a tomato?
    It hits him square in the chest, knocking him over. Little kids snicker as they run and hide. Ego destroyed…for now.

    By sophia on 04.02.2011

  13. I hate people’s ego. It’s amazing how many let it get in their way of being, they believe it is all that matters and many times let themselves be guided by it, when in fact you should control it. For me, my ego does not play a big part in my life and my self. It is only something that’s there, that can get in the way sometimes, but when something really and truly matters, you just learn to push it away.

    By janela Salazar on 04.02.2011

  14. The attributes of those with a large ego rub off onto peers. You are who your friends are. No one is born egotistical.

    By Mychaela on 04.02.2011

  15. People who usually have an ego are covering up insecurities. The people who strut around, heads held high, confident as shit–they’re screaming for help. NOTICE ME! ASK ME WHY I’M THE BEST. Those are the shouts of longing. Of lusting for hope, or help, or connection. Ego is, at best, a lonely person’s only refuge.

    By Kellyn URL on 04.02.2011

  16. the ego was huge in this one, he writhed with too much alcohol around the dancefloor landing heavily into two girls unimpressed with his moves

    By Dexuality on 04.02.2011

  17. Ego — originally it means I, just one — but now it has come to encompass something else entirely. It means to think above and beyond what we are not — an ego is important, but also too much of an ego is bad. What is the balance we call together in life? We have a collective ego — an inescapable one, because we all think too highly of ourselves as a race, as a species, as a whole.

    By Samie URL on 04.02.2011

  18. A very big ego he has. He likes people to know how vey important he is. He boasts about his looks and his charm. Tells anyone who will listen how wonderfully intelligent he is. He likes people to know how important he thinks he is, he stands on rooftops and shouts to the world every morning. He wants no one to forget him. He wants to be known, wants to go down in history for nothing important. If he thinks you are below him, he will upturn his nose in a snobbish manner. He won’t associate with the lower class, and only acknowledges the middle if he has to.

    By Danielle on 04.02.2011

  19. song by beyonce, arrogant person, person that has a big ego can be annoying and irritating, its a funny word, has two vowels.

    By Josy Wollak on 04.02.2011

  20. unfair longing for others approval. Finding out that you’re not good enough for someone. What happens now? What is it like to live without one? Love yourself to a lesser extent of freedom and forgiveness. Happy

    By Grace on 04.02.2011

  21. Ego. What a word to use for writing…it can be used to describe either both an amazing quality in any man or woman, or you can go through the other side of the spectrum and show the downfall of any person in the world. It can be a universal demoralizer to friendship, possible scaring or disgusting many people from liking you.

    By Jesse on 04.02.2011

  22. egotistical. jock boys who think they are all that. me. i am a woman. who has an ego. is that bad? but don’t we all? we all have egos. prideful humans thinking that we are bigger than we are. then we are smushed. life smushs us. humbles us.

    By abigail fennema on 04.02.2011

  23. men are egocentric, they only think about themselves. their ego’s are enormous!!!

    By Barbara on 04.02.2011

  24. Every elder that I saw was you.

    Every face, for a sliver of a second, was yours.

    And I kept hoping that somebody, one of them, would turn and smile at me, with recognizable eyes, and extend their arms so that I could nuzzle into their chest and whisper a sigh, but that never happened. That the past 18 years never happened.

    It doesn’t exist.

    Or maybe I just need the ego that I had when you were here.

    By ashly URL on 04.02.2011