March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. Purpose is important. Purpose is drive. It’s reason. It’s definition. It’s direction. Purpose is necessary for accomplishment.

    By Trevor Dennison on 04.01.2011

  2. Nervous and nauseous he sat at the foot of the bed wrestling his hands and fighting the urge to pull the quilted covers over his head and hide like he use to do when his mom found out where the fresh baked cookies disappeared to. Good God, what if she says no? What if it’s not just a simple no. What if it’s an “I’m sorry Jake, I’ve never loved you. Oh, and I’ve been sleeping with your brother.” But then suppose he doesn’t ask her. He goes his whole life wondering every day and then she’ll be off happily with someone else and he will be at an automobile repair shop with only grease stains circling his ring finger. He has to ask her before it’s too late. He looks at her once and seems to suddenly grow calm. Her skin ,so perfectly smooth, a beautiful canvas for her soulful lips that seem to pulse like a heart beating and beating. Her eyes, forever silent but always wide with color and deep with secrets. Her whispy locks fall casually about her and he knows that he will ask this question with confidence. This life altering question will unite them and he is overcome with excitement and anticipation. Looking into her eyes he lets the words roll out of his mouth and swarm to her ears. She is silent but her expression is deafening. Wide eyed and mouth agape she takes her beautifully manicured hand and slaps him across the face leaving an imprint of his facial stuble on her palm. “A fucking threesome, Jake?! Are you serious?”

    By Ariel on 04.01.2011