January 15th, 2011 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “edition”

  1. Limited edition word and sentence, every syllable limited, I am limited and cannot express what I really wanted to say , this keyboard with all its letters is not enough, limited. I was always confused when people bought the colored vinyl

    By sam URL on 01.16.2011

  2. I spun the lighter over in my fingertips anxiously. It was a limited edition, sterling silver Zippo with a life time guarantee and unbeknown to the officer in front of me, evidence in his murder trial.

    By blah on 01.16.2011

  3. Edition.


    (cuz I’m so bad at math).

    I’m this year’s edition of my self. Version 42.0

    And I’m still in beta form.

    Waiting for the final verdict — to be good enough for public release.

    But I’m still worth plenty while I’m debugging.

    By ECase URL on 01.16.2011

  4. the new edition of myself is pretty weird! I don’t know how much I like it but it seems to be pleasing everybody else in my surroundings.. I feel I have lost some attributes nevertheless I also feel I have gained ones.. how to know the balance? I wish I could say, I wish there was an easier way to find out except time! and what do I mean by edition you ask, well it’s just that after some while that you’ve been living on this planet, some stuff just change in you. you get exposed to some bad experiences then some good ones, and.. well.. it shapes you, it alters your initial state, sometimes to the best, sometimes to the worst..
    and most of the times you don’t even notice those changes cause you’re so caught up in life’s fluctuations.. so, when I say the new edition of myself, it just represents the moments in your life that marked you so much that afterwards you can feel you changed it didn’t pass implicitly this time, it just frontkicked you to another caracter!

    By OG on 01.16.2011

  5. The first edition of my very own magazine. I feel honored. I touch the cover, and admire the slick feeling of it. I open it, and take a sniff. It smells wonderful, so magazinelike.

    By Manon Eileen URL on 01.16.2011

  6. one timeless edition.

    By Hank Moody URL on 01.16.2011

  7. A first and last, worthless, the pages foxed, yellow, the jacket circled with teacups and pencil jottings, the spine faded to nothing in the sunshine, the words are everything but the paper tells a hundred stories too. Who wrote it? Not sure. An American. I didn’t read it. Or should I say, I haven’t read it yet.

    By Jeannie URL on 01.16.2011

  8. Editions can be at the same time both incredibly useful and pointless. You have some newer editions of books that add more content and clarification to the material. On the other hand, some editions don’t do anything to help and just make the book even worse. Editions should be made with caution

    By Tony on 01.16.2011

  9. One word. It can mean so much and yet so little. It can send you into the heights of emotions or into the lows of them. It can make you cry, it can make you laugh and it can make you say yes or no. It can break you.

    By Stella URL on 01.16.2011

  10. edition. New edition. Magazine. Waiting for it to drop onto the door mat. What news will it bring. Palpable anticipation. Imagining what will be said. Always disappointed. Its never as good as you can build it up in your mind to be.

    By Mike on 01.16.2011

  11. One word wasn’t even enough for me to understand. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for another edition. Out for coffee :-)

    By Stella URL on 01.16.2011

  12. He was the unlimited edition,
    my full novel, author biography included, analysis of every detail hardcover.
    He was a piece of work, a written mystery.
    The words in him poured into my brain and stirred it around.
    He was my favorite book.

    By Huhbisscuss URL on 01.16.2011

  13. Editions of lives. If only the chapters could be bound in creamy paper with gold-embossed titles. If only each was a set of photographs, carefully framed, with nothing left outside of the edges, everything contained. But nothing comes in editions; nothing real is that neat. Life is messy, as is (good) art.

    By Jen on 01.16.2011

  14. “Is this the eeeennnddddd??? Are you you my friend??” These are the lyrics were were half singing/half laughing in front of the hallway mirror with hairbrush microphones in hand. It was early 1980’s and New Edition was all the rage. We played out the cassette over and over again while dancing and singing or hours in front of the mirror just dreaming for the day we would meet the band.

    By Bklyn Jen URL on 01.16.2011

  15. The new edition of my favorite book is here. Finally, After waiting for years of patiently waiting, I have finally gotten my dream book. Now let me see what the first paragraph says… What?

    By echuaco URL on 01.16.2011

  16. Edition –
    Edition –
    Edition –
    How many versions does it take
    Before this copy is free of mistakes
    1,2,3, or 4?
    I wouldn’t know I’ve never seen anything perfect before!

    By tHG URL on 01.16.2011

  17. the first is the always the best. there may be many, though. the limited may cost you a bit more. the legendary will come with some really cool stuff, if youre into that sort of thing. gold, silver, etc.

    By Dizzy on 01.16.2011

  18. This is the first edition of the most famous book in history. This is a limited edition T-shirt, available only to the lucky few who win the draw. This new and improved edition is actually not new and improved at all.

    By Rushtail on 01.16.2011

  19. Our identities were like powder, trying to form stone. We weren’t strong enough; too much like the old edition.

    By Tanya G URL on 01.16.2011

  20. James purchased the Gold Edition of Rome: Total War. His computer met the Minimal settings but they still lagged.

    By cooper on 01.16.2011

  21. I had also particepated tha last edition, it was a pitty not to get it. I have another chance this year and i will try to do my best to get the first.

    By marta on 01.16.2011

  22. The streets shouted the news. There was little that had stirred the city so much in the previous years: adulterers and fraudsters were the standard fare. But the population relished this novelty: this one would last, this one was not for the firelighting but would resonate down through the years and the generations when stories were told of this time , this life, this people

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 01.16.2011

  23. Well. It can be a edition of a book, or a limeted edition series of something. Editions are cool. If your reading this YOU are cool. And Epic. And Beatiful. Cause editions are awesome. YOUR a limeted edition person. No one is quite like you! :)

    By Poppy Anne on 01.16.2011

  24. I read in the evening newspaper later that day that a show was coming to town. It was a circus, the usual kind that captivated the attention of small girls holding multicolored light-flashing spinwheels, and little boys holding massive bags of artificially-colored cotton candy.

    By eqbm URL on 01.16.2011

  25. Wenn ich da rausgehe, soll ich ihr sagen, wann ich es veröffentlichen will. Es ist egal, wie es aufgebaut ist, was drin steht, ob es brillant ist oder mittelmäßig. Was zählt ist die Publikation. Alles andere wird sich finden. Und sie will einen genauen Zeitpunkt. “Plopp!” Woher soll ich das wissen? Vielleicht bin ich dort draußen und alles ist anders?

    By Eli URL on 01.16.2011

  26. The edition that I am working on now is going to be edited so much it will be barely recognized as the same story theme. Funny, once you really put your nose to the grind and do your daily writing the story takes on a life of its own.

    By paintswithwords URL on 01.16.2011

  27. This was here yesterday! This word seriously confuses me. It’s too ho hum. Why not give me a word like “party”? or wild? Something fun. Editions make me think of books… i love reading and all but it has more of an encyclopedia-ish vibe. bleh.

    By capri URL on 01.16.2011

  28. I’ve never drawn such a blank before in my entire life… I keep thinking of the many editions of the dictionary or the revised and expanded edition of The Canadian Style Guide. What am I thinking?

    By Beverly URL on 01.16.2011

  29. New editions are just reasons to make more money off of something. The new millennium edition of a Disney movie isn’t going to make the movie better. It’s just fancy crap in front of the same thing. Advertisers are ridiculous. America is a ridiculous place.

    By dandyjams URL on 01.16.2011

  30. First edition, second edition, what is an edition? A version? a copy? it must not be very original if it is just copies and copies. but it could also mean something new, something exciting, a new edition could mean new information and new things to learn. but i could never write about an edition

    By Elsa Olson on 01.16.2011

  31. how to edit something that you don’t really feel
    it’l like, aargg, i don’t know why life is like this?
    and i see this stupid timer…

    By You on 01.16.2011

  32. The magazines and newspapers piled up on his lawn. He wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

    By HDF URL on 01.16.2011

  33. the first edition of the book i have in my hands was much cleaner. easier. neater. better. but so much more irrelevant. it’s the notes and the scribbles and the doodles and the drawings that make it what it is, that make so much sense to the situation. honestly, i hate this new edition, but it’s saving my life.

    By Amelia URL on 01.16.2011

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    By miss istanbul URL on 01.16.2011

  35. “At last! The new edition!”

    Professor Edenballs frantically tore at the plastic wrapping of the newly arrived textbook. The words ‘How To Get a Hot Date Despite Having a Crudely Inappropriate Name and Salivary Control Issues, 4th Ed.’ was scrawled across the cover in the tasteful Helvetica-Courier Hybrid typeface combination. A viscous gob of excitation-stimulated saliva hung precariously from the professor’s lower lip. Edenballs thoughtlessly swept it away with the already dampened sleeve of his over-sized lab coat.

    “The world is my oyster!”

    By J. F. Dodgington URL on 01.16.2011

  36. bisher habe ich noch keine Ausgabe geschrieben. Ich weiß auch noch nicht wie das hier ausgehen wird, Wie soll ich denn so schnell etwas zum Word Ausgabe finden Wann gab es sie erste Ausgabe des Spiegels. Das wäre eine Frage der zu folgen sich lohnen würde.

    By Friedrich URL on 01.16.2011

  37. I may own a few first editions. Not sure.

    Having the first or the signed copy isn’t important to me. What’s important to me is the content. Can I relate to it? Does it have value? Is it genuine?

    By Mel DuPont URL on 01.16.2011

  38. edition needs to have a creation. creation needs an inspiration. and inspiration,it needs miracle.

    By :) on 01.16.2011

  39. This edition of the newspaper is entirely false. I’m actually shocked at the fact that, because i wouldn’t sleep with him, he believed it was the right thing to do.

    By Tayln on 01.16.2011

  40. Never will there be a replacement for yesterday’s edition.

    By Josh Cooley URL on 01.16.2011