January 16th, 2011 | 465 Entries

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465 Entries for “drain”

  1. that is what facebook does to me it drains me. Or maybe it is just monotony that is draining me. I have the time why can’t I break out of his draining boring life. The wind is draining my energies. Things don’t keep draining sometime it has to stop. What happens then when there isn’t anything left to drain? Do we get to start over? I think that is up to us. Let’s start again. Let’s create new stuff to flow down the drain.

    By Sarah on 01.17.2011

  2. dripping slowly cant break free of the little drops that carefully enter my mind and annoy me into insanity. drip drip drop drip…silence.

    By karlee on 01.17.2011

  3. There is a drain that runs through my body without permission and robs me of will!

    By barbara destefano on 01.17.2011

  4. i will drain your mind of thoughts. i will drain your heart of feelings. i am the alpha and the omega. i am everything and in everything. all you have was given by me and will be returned in me.

    By laviniqua on 01.17.2011

  5. my sink in my bathroom has a drain. this drain is quite annoying. it wont shut up and keep draining things. i mean, this thing is LOUD. water just collects and it refuses to do its job. this thing is so lazy. i might have to get the plumber to shut it up for me. This thing needs to get over itself

    By ET on 01.17.2011

  6. what ppl try to do to other ppl that are happy with their life.

    By brenda mclean URL on 01.17.2011

  7. My face — the pallor. Ashy. What have I done? The blood curls into the tub drain. Oh God. What do I do now? I turn quickly. He’s standing in the doorway, a silhouette.

    By Megan URL on 01.17.2011

  8. Drain me of my thoughts, drain me of my love. Drain me of my feelings for you, and all the memories we had. Drain me of everything you ever told me, every conversation we had. Drain my love. Drain my thoughts, drain my actions. Drain your hugs, your warmth, drain your love for me. Drain my love. The one thing that can’t be drained; your face.

    By elora t on 01.17.2011

  9. the drain is clogged in the shower! someone call the plumber because my parents are coming to visit and I don’t want them to know it’s clogged!

    By j peabody on 01.17.2011

  10. It’s like when you’re with a bunch of people and you wish you were in an empty cabin on a desolate mountain. All of a sudden you have nothing to say, and nothing anyone else says seems interesting.

    By Karen on 01.17.2011

  11. i hate drains. having long, endless curly hair makes drains incredibly hard to deal with. First, I have to make sure that the drain cover is in place so that my hair doesn’t travel into the depths of our drain system and clog everything. Then I have to take my hair out of it once I’m done. Nobody likes that.

    By megan on 01.17.2011

  12. money energy power, greed need want hate sink water liquid dishwasher waste consume bath tub

    By Eric on 01.17.2011

  13. As I thought pondering the reason of my existance all I could muster up was drain. There was this word a simple one, one that states it all. I’m here to let it go, it leaves me. It makes so much sense to imagine it all just… drain.

    By Josh on 01.17.2011

  14. drain my body of this assurine that is stuck inside me …thanks I drank too much beer and ate pizza last night and now I know that my a*hole will be like a geyser.

    By tron on 01.17.2011

  15. I looked into the dingy bathroom and my eyes fell on the clogged drain. There were hairs floating about around it allowing for no water to pass. Clearly no one had cleared it out in a long time. Was it actually starting to smell?

    By Meeri on 01.17.2011

  16. When do you use a drain? To make all the things you can’t stand to look at anymore go away? Or is it something simple like a good idea so the sink won’t overflow?

    By Savannah on 01.17.2011

  17. the drain was dripping on the day I died. It was a very sad sound. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. As the blood drained after the shock. My head hit the wall when the bomb went off. It hurt. It stung.

    By Noelle S. Helmer URL on 01.17.2011

  18. That’s how I feel lately, like I’ve been drained. Emotionally, physically. I’m tired, constantly. And I feel like I’m half way to being completely insane by now. I worry about things that don’t even make sense. The people in my life are draining me. It’s like they want to suck every last ounce of happiness out of me.

    By Sarah on 01.17.2011

  19. So i was in the tub the other day just chillin with a forty, mr. rubber ducky, and a shampoo bottle. It actually turned into a kind of symphony betwixt the singing, the sound of the bath draining, and the percussive rhythm of my farts.

    By Andrew on 01.17.2011

  20. I drained the fluid from the box of crackers I picked up yesterday at the drugstore. I would like to buy a hamburger for 99 cents if you would please help me. I like the color purple when it’s gradually getting bigger. Studying is mind draining.
    I just wrote for 60 seconds already but I hit the backspace button adn it restarted the time. My blood type it B negative I think, but I’m not so sure, because I did it at home on a kit and It didn’t work perfectly. My grandfather was a Holocaust surviver.

    By Maddy Russell on 01.17.2011

  21. Drain. At the end of the day, my 4-year-old kids seem to drain me: of my time, my energy and my money. I love ’em, I really do. But they’re draining. Two boys, by the way. And this makes me think of the drain in my shower that suddenly doesn’t want to work properly. Isn’t that like life? At the end of the day, it doesn’t always work the way you think it should. Maybe we all need a little Drano now and then.

    By BSpiegel2880 on 01.17.2011

  22. oh no. how would i tell mike? my ring had fallen down the drain! it was the 2.5 karat diamond that he had gotten me as a promise ring when we were only in high school. i was devastated. the pain and sadness rushed through me like a river of roaring rapids.

    By Brooke on 01.17.2011

  23. it is just a monday!

    By emily on 01.17.2011

  24. watch my hopes wash away
    down the drain
    gone again

    dirty dirty
    now im clean
    happy now im
    clean again

    By Bob on 01.17.2011

  25. Drains are long, and connect to pipes. They collect water and are convenient.
    But drain could also mean draining something out of someone, like DRAIN THE LIFE OUT OF SOMEONE. Which isn’t very nice.

    By Stephanie on 01.17.2011