November 17th, 2010 | 194 Entries

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194 Entries for “duck”

  1. duck is a very cute animal with wings and flippers. Although it is a bird, it cannot fly, but it swims. A lot of cartoons was featured by a duck, for example donald duck in Disney who is friends with Micky Mouse.

    By Benjamin Lim on 11.18.2010

  2. This is my second chance, I already got duck once before so I’m prepared! One time my friends and I caught a duck with a picnic blanket and cheetos. We lead the ducks over with cheetos, then someone hid under the blanket until the ducks got close enough, then he caught one.

    By Frankie on 11.18.2010

  3. The quacking was driving me insane but I had to smile anyway just so Sandy wouldn’t know.
    “What now Shawn?” she asked.
    “I’m sorry, could you shut up?!”
    If she knew I wasn’t talking to her she certainly hid it well.

    By Jack Wynn URL on 11.18.2010

  4. We used to hunt ducks this time of year. Some of my best memories come from the Shoat Lakes, standing ankle deep in water, waiting for the cold front to bring them in. (I know that the prompt was ‘duck’, verb, not ‘duck’, noun.)

    By Bryant on 11.18.2010

  5. small yellow quacks ugly duckling orange fett walks funny live in water orange beak cute fuzzy duck sauce

    By Ashley Flores on 11.18.2010

  6. Duck, duck, goose!
    Run around the circle as fast as you can. Sit! Avoid the pickle jar because that’s the loser’s quarters. Best friends always pick each other. If a boy picks a girl, it’s obvious they’re gonna be married.

    Duck, duck, goose!

    By Crystal URL on 11.18.2010

  7. Small, annoying, noisy, wings, short feet, white, brown, great meat, good food, mac mac, hungting, eggs, rude, fly, chicken, undermining, big chest, rude,

    By Ileana Buzoianu on 11.18.2010

  8. duck, duck, goose!
    Quack, Quack

    By Curious on 11.18.2010

  9. i think that ducks are so cool they are so small and cute but could be weird to other people. they are so awesome!

    By Kimberly on 11.18.2010

  10. DUCKY! quack quack. a duck is an animal that quacks and swims and fly’s and its feathers don’t get wet! aha:P

    By Brookie Bear URL on 11.18.2010

  11. A duck is a small animal that can fly. They are really cool and like to swim in lakes. The best part about ducks is they quack. They literally quack. Oh, and their babies follow the mother in a straight line as they waddle. They waddle a lot. D

    By Tyler on 11.18.2010

  12. i like ducks they are really cool even though they poop all over you they are still the coolest animals on the earth they can walk fly or swim easily

    By jpratt URL on 11.18.2010

  13. the duck flew outside past my window, it was an Argentinian lake duck whose penis is longer than its body, it probably was doing a recon mission for the allied duck squad ADS or maybe it was on a migration route.

    By fr4c on 11.18.2010

  14. Ducks.
    Constantly flying and migrating.
    where are they really going?
    I think its rather unfair
    that they need no passport to travel
    and I do.
    Oh well,
    at least I don’t waddle.
    When ducks die do they know
    that they are dieing?
    I am just pondering ducks.

    By Leah on 11.18.2010

  15. Rubber ducky you’re the one! You make bathtime so much fuuun! Rubberducky i am awfully fond of yooooooou! dooo doo doo!

    By Emily on 11.18.2010

  16. Where do the ducks go when the lake freezes over?

    The lake froze, in an instant, and the ducks flew away with the lake attached to them.

    By Dianna B. on 11.18.2010

  17. this duck is not all that good. It is a misspelling on my iPhone for what I actually wanted to tell my boss.Why don’t you to go duck yourself! And take this job and duck it while you are at it.

    By dee on 11.18.2010

  18. its always yellow, fuck yeah

    By Nastya URL on 11.18.2010

  19. Ducks are always flying
    getting to visit distant places.
    I wish that I could fly freely
    like a duck
    to a different place once in awhile.
    I would never be held down to one place.

    By Leah on 11.18.2010

  20. kindness

    By Julia URL on 11.18.2010

  21. very little money

    By Avinash on 11.18.2010

  22. Duck or the snowball will hit you. It will hit you the same as the realisation that life will never get easier without hard work. That there will always be bills to pay. That there will always be heartache in between the laugther. Duck or you’ll get hit with the realization that you can’t control any of it and the only change you have is to accept that you have no control. Duck.

    By DF URL on 11.18.2010

  23. quack
    I used to have pet ducks, but then they died.



    Let your love grow tall

    I will crush your mind until I get to you


    By michelle smith on 11.18.2010

  24. When life throws lemons your way…I say…duck!

    By Peaceable on 11.18.2010

  25. there are lots of ducks in the park in my home town, and I get really angry when people feed them because they don’t know how back it is to feed the ducks. One time my friend caught an injured duck. My favorite is when I’m driving and then ducks are crossing the street and traffic stops, the power of these littler birds is amazing.

    By Lucy on 11.18.2010

  26. there are lots of ducks in the park in my home town, and I get really angry when people feed them because they don’t know how back it is to feed the ducks. One time my friend caught an injured duck. My favorite is when I’m driving and then ducks are crossing the street and traffic stops, the power of these littler birds is amazing.

    By Lucy on 11.18.2010

  27. Ducks can be white but also other colors. Donald duck vs. Daffy duck- What’s that about? Quacking… I always wondered about that statement that the quack doesn’t echo- Is that true?

    By Chris on 11.18.2010

  28. The mother duck said to the father duck, “We really have to do something. He’s not getting along with others, he’s not swimming as fast, and overall, I’m just worried.” The father replied, “Don’t worry. Our kid’s going to be fine. Liz can’t write onewords well!”

    By Liz URL on 11.18.2010

  29. duck and cover
    leave to go to other places
    duck and cover
    childhood races
    duck and cover
    a song when small
    duck and cover
    really speaks to us all

    By Gloria URL on 11.18.2010

  30. quack goes the duck. I heard the duck from the kitchen and I could tell it had found a mate. The duck had been living in my pond for a couple weeks now, and it seemed it was cold and lonely. I would fe

    By crolyn on 11.18.2010

  31. He stared, disturbed, at what had been a lively duck community.
    There were feathers on the pound, enough to make it seem like the plants on the border where coming out of thorn pillows. Most were concentrated there, and only a few stray ones were swimming freely, following their old path and haunting the waters.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.18.2010

  32. Duck’s are cool. They eat bread crumbs thrown at them from old men. Including Jerry the former Vietnam vet with the flashbacks and gimpy leg. Way to go ducks, I couldn’t do that. You also float, I float when my head is bobbing on the water but that’s all. Jealous.

    By BOBOBOBO on 11.18.2010

  33. I used to go to the duck park with my grandma and parents when I was little. I remember being dressing a a navy blue couraroy dress with little white flowers on it. We would bring a loaf of bread and would feed the ducks that played in the pond at the park. I remember being happy.

    By Mckell Ashcroft on 11.18.2010

  34. Duck, again? I thought this was a website that would have more than one word to write about maybe they are just trying to have you expand your mind with one word. I’m very interested if that be the case then I shall write all about one duck until I have improved overall in my writing skills and typing speed.

    By Natalia URL on 11.18.2010