November 17th, 2010 | 194 Entries

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194 Entries for “duck”

  1. Long before her long stay in the hospital, she loved ducks. More than people. Certainly more than herself. Much more than food or sustenance. She collected ducks by the armful. They never quacked at her though she encouraged them to.

    By nannan on 11.17.2010

  2. Ducks are pretty cool. They can float well on water and eat bread crumbs thrown to them by old guys. I wouldn’t eat food from random old guys. That’s pretty bad ass. Ducks have no fear. You eat that bread from the crazy Nam vet with the gimpy eye. Show some respect for the rest of us.

    By Matt Baker on 11.17.2010

  3. A duck is a bird. They quack. If I had a duck I would name it professor Quirrell, like the man in harry potter who was possessed by Voldemort. Bummer. Interesting that that is not in the dictionary, I would think it would be.

    By Alyana on 11.17.2010

  4. Somebody said “duck!” Right away I ducked, but the top of my head was grazed by none other than an actual duck! So much for fun times at the county fair- it was like the eighth day and being a good 4H kid I was already sick of it and ready to go home.

    By Kelsey on 11.17.2010

  5. There was a rubber ducky sitting on the front porch of the house across the street from mine. It sat there my entire life. One day, I planned on asking the owner why it was there. But we moved before I had the chance. I wonder if it’s still there, or if it has moved on to greener pastures?

    By hayley URL on 11.17.2010

  6. bombay duck. Not actually a duck, but a fish. I, however, didnt know that and thus the whole episode turned into a joke with everyone having a few laughs and a lot of fish. I ate my first crab and life was good!

    By Yamini URL on 11.17.2010

  7. quack quack, he wished he was a duck. he wondered what it would feel like to have the water glide right off his back. quack quack.

    By Lilith Storm on 11.17.2010

  8. “Duck!” Sahara yelled as she dropped to the floor. Cier, however, looked around with confusion.

    “Why are you hiding from a duck?”

    “Not that kind of duck!” Sahara hissed as she reached up to grab her friend and yank her down. “The other duck!”

    By Ninja URL on 11.17.2010

  9. i was walking down the street to class, the same old route along the shitty smelly creek and i saw this duck. dude was just chillin’ in the water, wading around alone. he didn’t care that he was swimming in filth. i suppose he didn’t know, how would he be expected to know of all the fertilizer and car oil and frat puke swirling about his feets? poor dude drinks that water, raises young in that water!

    By Pat on 11.17.2010

  10. i was bit by a duck once…i’d like to say that it came out of no where…but now that time has gone pass…i can now say the reason why the duck bit me was because i ran it over with my beach cruiser and then started to chase me.

    worst. day. of my life.

    By maile tua'one on 11.17.2010

  11. The children eagerly grab at their papers, pencils clumsily in hand, “What do we do, Mrs. Hoffman?”

    “I need help!” came a cry from the other side of Mr. Uson’s class.

    Nobody told me that fill-in-the blanks would be so hard for kindergarteners.

    By gail flynn URL on 11.17.2010

  12. quack quack, he wondered what it would be like to be a duck. he wanted to feel water droplets glide off his back. quack quack.

    By Lilith Storm URL on 11.17.2010

  13. Ducks are cool. They make ponds smell weird though. They quack. My best friend tends to chase ducks whenever they’re around. They scurry off into the water away from us and quack loudly at us. It’s quite amusing. Sorry, ducks. But that’s just what happens when you’re a duck…you’re going to get chased into the stinky water. Do ducks migrate? I think they do. Who knows. I think it’s cool that male ducks are prettier than female ducks, which is quite the opposite for humans.

    By stella on 11.17.2010

  14. There once was a duck named Henry. He loved swimming in the pond playing with his sisters and brother. When fall came around, the duck wanted to stay and swim some more, but the weather got colder and he got his feet stuck in the ice!

    By Kelly on 11.17.2010

  15. “Duck!”

    He believed he said.
    He had heard the word leave his mouth. But still she stood there and the word pierced through her. His feet moved him but it was too late. The sword had done it’s damaged and her life was slowly seeping away.

    By Shawntay Kent on 11.17.2010

  16. there was this video that my brother showed me; i can’t even explain how stupid it was. but this duck yelled that he was a chef, &somehow that was sufficiently funny. people are strange beings for liking that stuffness.

    By aloe on 11.17.2010

  17. I duck behind every opportunity and count my blessings, wondering how long they’ll last, wondering if they’ll fade over time, if I keep them.

    By Yamuna URL on 11.17.2010

  18. Here is a duck.
    He is yellow.
    He likes ponds and other ducks.

    One day, he will find another duck, with whom he will have many ducklings.

    Most likely, he will leave that duck, and his ducklings.

    Spring comes, winter goes.

    This duck will soon no longer be a duck.
    He will soon die.
    Goodbye, Duck.

    By Cherry on 11.17.2010


    Supple muscle; soft
    and slipping gently

    the lipids sluicing through
    the flummoxed skin
    palatable in the purpled
    tenuous strings

    crescendo, bleeding color into me-
    the flattered feathers
    separated, arranged, used,

    all pieces of you gifted to me.

    By ash URL on 11.17.2010

  20. I used to have three ducks. They lived in our backyard for about four years. These ducks reproduced constantly for those four years, which resulted in over 300 ducklings going through our house. Their names were Gertrude, Elmer, and Chelvestin.

    By Travis on 11.17.2010

  21. I followed him like a duck follows the bread crumbs, like a fool. And he took me by the hand into a cave, and he kissed my forehead and a burning eye sprung from it and I saw what I had seen before, once before, in the cold womb of my mother. I saw him. And the world.

    By Panagiotis Progios on 11.17.2010

  22. He ducked his head as he came through the door. I never noticed just how much room he takes up until that moment, he wasn’t menacing about it though. He seemed almost apologetic.

    By Gina on 11.17.2010

  23. There once was a duck named milly,
    all the other ducks thought she was silly
    she quacked, quacked all night and all day
    she practiced her quack, when they asked her why, why? heres what shed say…
    i quack for love, i quack for peace and none of it comes so i still quack quack away
    they looked at eachother, all quite dismayed!
    and soon enough all the ducks quacked all night..and all day.

    By Audrey Lane Cockett on 11.17.2010

  24. duck under the staircase behind the old building on railroad street, I’ll be there in my fast red shoes and a kiss under each ear for you my dandy.

    By molly on 11.18.2010

  25. duck down, duck low, they can see the top of your cherry hat child, let them catch you and it’s all whippinsnogs for you and yours, Come to arms.

    By molly on 11.18.2010

  26. duck again, I was hoping for another word, something that would transport me to aqua pools and spiced air, but the duck was there and now I had to take it home.

    By molly on 11.18.2010

  27. one night in paris we went to an award winning place, small, pulled out the table to sit in the couch against the wall, I ordered the duck and something jelled came to the table.

    By molly on 11.18.2010

  28. like the smell and sound
    of a lake
    when the leaves rustle
    and i see reflections of planes
    i can tell i’m not alone

    but that is only because distance is variable
    and changeable
    depending on thoughts
    and voices,
    in my mind

    By britanny on 11.18.2010

  29. “Duck!’ shouted Tim, waving his hands wildly as if trying to fight off a flock of birds. I threw myself to the ground, almost breaking my teeth on the back of Sam’s ankle. I couldn’t see what was behind me, but from the scared whimpering I heard around me, I knew it couldn’t be good.

    By Jacqui Scolari on 11.18.2010

  30. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and behaves like a duck, then it sure is a duck. In any case a duck is a duck, even if one calls it by any other name. Whether it is a duck or a lame duck, well it is a moot point. But why bother, at the end of the day whether the duck is alright or lame, the taste of the meat is what matters. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    By sankar on 11.18.2010

  31. The duck was waddling across the grass to the lake. Behind it there was a line of cute, cuddly ducklings waddling behind the mother. Well, it seemed like a mother anyways. The mother got into the lake, but the ducklings stayed behind. They all crowded onto the side of the lake, gazing at their mother, making small noises. Their beaks were all open and calling to their mother. I’m like that… I thought, and I gazed longingly at the mother who came back.

    By Anny on 11.18.2010

  32. Ducks are frightening angry creatures. They will attack you if you have food and they gang up on eachother and fight. It’s really upsetting to watch and I feel like they should all just get along with each other. I once broke up a fight between three ducks at a local park in my town. I think prejudice started it.

    By Jake Rose on 11.18.2010

  33. it was yellow and small…he walked so slowly through the garden looking for his white angel, stumbling upon rocks and lumps of dirt and green grass, where could she be, he wondered

    By Miranda Stamatiadis on 11.18.2010

  34. too bad you can’t yell,”duck!” when someone pierces you with nasty evil words

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 11.18.2010

  35. It was a regular day with a regular routine. I was walking down Boylston Street about to enter my building, Starbucks in hand, laden down with bag, computer, heavy coat, when someone screamed, “Duck!”

    By wemuma URL on 11.18.2010

  36. ducks sitting on a cool summer pond in the middle of central park. No one knows why they are there but that really doesn’t matter. They sit and the talk between themselves. No one really understands them, but

    By Kristin Schulz on 11.18.2010

  37. Duck is an animal. It’s talking to much. A duck can be live in water. Ducks can be run fast. A duck can swim.

    By Taha Karatatar on 11.18.2010

  38. What is that coming towards me?
    Oh no! it’s a frisbee!
    So close,
    it didn’t hit me.
    but wait…
    it’s a boomerang!

    By Aurelia on 11.18.2010

  39. IIT”S AN ANIMAL but also a person, and she’s funny, and cute, and touchy, but i don’t think you she be mad at her about it, people want to mob her like the mafia, with cameras instead of AK’s and flash instead of knifes, but i think thats worse coming from a hermit’s point of veiw.

    By Samantha on 11.18.2010

  40. I sat by the lake, feeding the ducks from my bag of breadcrumbs. Every day I came to that lake, and every day the same ducks came to keep me company. They weren’t entirely unlike humans, I suppose; their affections conditional, dependent on what I could do for them.

    By Cory URL on 11.18.2010