November 18th, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “killed”

  1. wats up this is a bunk azz thing to do lmao but i have to do it anyways so ya.

    By lil'nicky URL on 11.19.2010

  2. dead, murdered, shot. robbed a bank ,got caught.was alive, now not.

    By link on 11.19.2010

  3. bwahahahaha.! HE GOT KILLED..!

    By BOB on 11.19.2010


    By Tb. on 11.19.2010

  5. Omfg Shes DEAD!!!!!! The old woman is dead

    By Tb. on 11.19.2010

  6. i killed Deborah By Accident.. :(

    By S.P on 11.19.2010

  7. hahaha,some fell off a hill,boom,on th ground…dead….dead….why him…WHY HIM!!!!!THE POOR AWESOME GUY…WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!okai,its a little dramatic XD

    By dorin on 11.19.2010

  8. dumb azz snitchez

    By lil'nicky URL on 11.19.2010

  9. michael jackson was killed summer of 2009 by some sort of heart thing. it was very tragic for a lot of people but i didn’t really care. that sounds mean, i did care, but i didn’t really care much about mj. to be honest i really thought he was a creep. everyone else did too until he did. this is a terrible word to have to write about. killed. ew. i hope i never have to write about the word killed for another 30 seconds. why did mj come to my mind?

    By tessa on 11.19.2010

  10. the old man got killed
    the old lady got killed
    the little boy got killed
    everybody is getting killed
    your next :D

    By BOB on 11.19.2010

  11. i am the one hiding under your bed,teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red XDDDDDD

    By dorin on 11.19.2010

  12. dumb @zz snitchez

    By yo mamma URL on 11.19.2010

  13. died fallen destroyed victimised dead unjustly ended done down welter ended spin juddered to a stop slain

    By raymond on 11.19.2010

  14. The Old Lady is dead, she died this Morning
    i dont knoe how she died i thing the house keeper killed her
    its a mystery? i Found her on the bed all stabbed in the face 30 times

    By Tb. on 11.19.2010

  15. one time I seen a badger on my road and it was dead and a couple days later me and my sisteer and my brother went and looked at it . I flipped it over with my foot and maggots poured out of its stomach hundreds of maggots…

    By Jessie S URL on 11.19.2010

  16. *rrriiiiiinnnng*
    a stranger-7 days
    girl-who is this
    girl-eeek!the exersist noise!

    By dorin on 11.19.2010

  17. i am gona kill your mommy with an axe hehehe

    By dorin on 11.19.2010

  18. I was killed. I was shot through the shoulder once, but that only knocked me down, didn’t kill me fully quite yet, but really only hurt a whole lot. No, it wasn’t the bullet in my shoulder that killed me, but the look of disgust on the face of my daughter as she lowered the gun.

    By Sam McClelland on 11.19.2010

  19. He was killed as he crossed the road on the way back from the supermarket. He was so busy checking his phone, that he didn’t bother looking to see the bus turning the sharp corner. He was 26. He had just graduated.

    By theafterdream URL on 11.19.2010

  20. He was killed as he crossed the road on the way back from the supermarket. He was so busy checking his phone, that he didn’t bother looking to see the bus turning the sharp corner. He was 26. He had just graduated from university.

    By theafterdream URL on 11.19.2010

  21. Hi! Come on in and have a seat. Let’s see… these files show me that you were killed at 7:15 am this morning… by a woman in a red jacket… on 5th Street. Is this correct?
    Excellent, we can put you through processing right away, it’s been a slow week. Just take this slip, (initial here first), then take this slip over to the Afterlife Awareness office on the fifth floor and give it to Sandy – she’s in charge of your case. They’ll get you all fixed up, and hopefully give you some ointment or something for that gunshot wound. Okay, bye bye now.
    “Okay. You too. Uh, I mean…”
    “Yup okay bye.”

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 11.19.2010

  22. it killed me.

    By jennifer on 11.19.2010

  23. The animal was killed by a pick-up truck. Because the animal was so small the driver of the truck didn’t even know he had hit anything. A larger animal saw the dead animal and decided he had found his lunch. But while he was munching, a tree fell and killed the larger animal as well.

    By pbee on 11.19.2010

  24. they killed me in the dusk and the dirt, like a dog. I remember watching them from a distance, it was as if they were defacing someone else… that couldn’t be my body there, that couldn’t be my face. sometimes its hard to come to terms with reality, and sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks. Understanding is funny that way.

    By celewyne on 11.19.2010

  25. Leafs fall from autumn tree, killed by a cool breeze. Next spring will bring new leafs.

    By Cameron Carter on 11.19.2010

  26. Killed, Everything has been killed at the moment. Although perhaps murder is a little strong of a description. It has been more of a disipation. A Fizzle. Like suds in the bathtub. And now I’m left with nothing.

    By Matt Hutson on 11.19.2010

  27. i killed you with my knife scary movvies are reallly scary casue they involve killing quarintine is a scary movie what about king kong is that consiedered a scary movie? these questions will never

    By drew jenkins on 11.19.2010

  28. My dreams once lived but were killed by my own decisions

    By Priscilla Blanco on 11.19.2010

  29. I killed her. It was an accident. No one told me that Hamsters don’t go in the dryer. I was only seven. But the guilt – the guilt stayed with me forever. That’s why, now, when I wash my pets, I hang them out to dry. It just makes more sense.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.19.2010

  30. Hedwig. Excellent way to finalize her, it gives so much more emphasis to her and Harry’s relationship. I almost think that way of tipping off Voldy’s people is better than the way in the book. Very touching…tearjerking.

    By nagana URL on 11.19.2010

  31. When one looks at death they think of termination. When i look at death i see it as a preservation of life.

    By Daniel Hughes URL on 11.19.2010

  32. killed is not a good word. it is bad sad and awfull… people who kill are bad people that you do not want to be around… sometimes people do it cuss they have tooo it is their only way out sometimes which is sad :(

    By aaa on 11.19.2010

  33. she told
    she screamed
    she ran
    she hurdled
    the faster
    she ran
    the closer they came
    until she
    could run
    and scream
    no more
    and instead
    she turned
    and took
    a deep breath
    and she faced
    they killed her.

    By liz URL on 11.19.2010

  34. when he said really it seemed to kill the joy I was feeling about this site. Damn him.

    By Timmy on 11.19.2010

  35. The word just killed it for me. I had plans. Good plans. To write beautiful words here that will be worth reading. But there isn’t much to say when the most inspiring thought was just killed. RIP.

    By Half Baked Thoughts on 11.19.2010

  36. I was killed
    by a man who yelled momma
    he told her pulled his trigger
    and now i am dead
    then he said momma
    life was just starting
    but he threw it all away for me

    By Ryan Rohrbach on 11.19.2010

  37. Is a horrible word. Death isn’t even as bad as killed, Killed bring thoughts of violence, destruction, hurt, anger. It brings up feelings of sadness. Much rather die then be killed.

    By ranae lantry on 11.19.2010

  38. I killed the spider that ran at me from its hidey-hole. I was only looking for a box to put my latest “treasures” in and was viciously attacked by an eight-legged villain. It’s dead. I killed it.

    By Becky on 11.19.2010