November 16th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “cowboy”

  1. Cowboys ride horses and stuff. They are strong and wear boots and hats. Cowboys live in a farm in the middle of nowhere.

    By Karina URL on 11.17.2010

  2. Cowboys are people who ride horses heard cows and live on a ranch.

    By Remington URL on 11.17.2010

  3. A cowboy likes to ride horses and stuff like that. Cowboys like to smell bad and they have other animals like cows, sheep, chickens, and other types of animals. Cowboys like to live in a ranch.

    By Remington URL on 11.17.2010

  4. Cowboys are from like ranches, ride horses and do those tricks with them. Some do it with sheep,pigs or any of those ranch animals! and do many other things around the ranch.

    By sofia blanco URL on 11.17.2010

  5. A cowboy, isn’t that like one of those stupid cartoon people in wild west cartoons. It could also be the real name for the ones that actually existed, I’m not sure.

    By Dudley on 11.17.2010

  6. cowboy. lol umm brokeback mountain for sure. gay cowboys are the best, especially when they are as good looking as heath ledger and jake gyllenhal. BEAUTIFUL creatures like OMFg why would you even put cowboys. well now my day will rock!

    By Jen URL on 11.17.2010

  7. All I can think of when I see this word is that song, “cowboy take me away.” The cowboy, the rebel, has such a mystique. It’s hard to understand the pull, the hold, the draw, but when he’s there and the sunset is in his eyes, all I can think of is the coming dark. Cowboy, take me away.

    By Lisa on 11.17.2010

  8. cowboy was the name of a bird–a really nasty, loud bird that hated men who wore hats and people who wore sunglasses. cowboys I’m sure are nicer than this damn bird, who would outlive us all.

    By joan on 11.17.2010

  9. hardworking, horse wranglling
    tight jean wearing, man
    dirty leather boots
    like your hands
    tanned like your skin
    weathered like your heart

    By Curious on 11.17.2010

  10. saddle up ;) flip reverse it, let the girl be the boy, wave that hat in the air!! yee haw!

    By Gaye on 11.17.2010

  11. “we already did the reverse cowboy!” screamed porn actress, Sunny Day. she was bored, tired and her legs hurt.

    the director gave her a glance and sighed. “these fuckin’ drama queen divas.” for a quick second, he considered giving up his career in the porn industry to work as an accountant, what he’d gone to school for.

    “one more time, take 13.” he yelled back at Sunny Day and Rex Pounder. “and do it right this time!”

    By sunnyb URL on 11.17.2010

  12. When i see the word cowboy I think of the wild west with old wooden ranches with like a saloon and men with tall hats and leather boots with a gun on their left hip. I also see them with their trusty steed and a partner in crime.

    By Camille Washington on 11.17.2010

  13. The cowboy wanted to run free in the desert like the wild horses he so loved and cherished. However, the cowardly, cold-footed cowboy couldn’t muster the courage to ditch the ranch and run free.

    By Mrs. Lair on 11.17.2010

  14. im love cowboys i am there biggest fan i have 777 horses i kn

    By aidan on 11.17.2010

  15. A cowboy rides through the dust and the sand
    Through sunsets in dusk and in a no-mans-land
    He never knows just where he belongs
    But he knows that a cowboy must travel on
    For traveling lets a man reach a dream

    By Slaughterhousebed URL on 11.17.2010

  16. he lone cowboy sat on his horse, looking over the valley. wondering where his love was. it had been 2 years since he’d last laid eyes upon her. he hoped that she had waited. he loved her so much that he couldn’t take being apart anymore.

    By pamplemousee on 11.17.2010

  17. yeeeeeha! cowboys, rodeo, horses, THE WEST! Hmm ive wanted to be a cowgirl for some time now. except just to ride a horse. i want to feel the strong animal under me riding against the wind because its freedom. Lost opportunities to ride.

    By Carly on 11.17.2010

  18. They stare at him like a piece of meat. The epitome of male beauty. Half naked, steaming. Too bad the real cowboys are less ideal. And they smell! I’ve never met a cowboy like the ones in fantasy. But that makes sense; then it’d no longer be a fantasy.

    By blakkhawkk on 11.17.2010

  19. My cowboy came to work today and slung me over the back of his horse. I spilled my tea on myself and complained the whole way back to the ranch, but he’s dreamy. I wish he weren’t.

    By 3E on 11.17.2010

  20. Arnold wasn’t the toughest cowboy on the range, but by golly, he had the respect of the other men in the saloon. He played the meanest, most unrepenting game of solitaire west of the Mississippi. When he took to shootin’ up them cards full of holes, even Tex “Anvil” Harding walked the other way.

    By richpee on 11.17.2010

  21. First thing that comes to mind is Toy story because of Woody, Toy Story was great movie I probably thought of it because of what I was researching I bet I’m the first to think of that movie…

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  22. there once was a cowboy riding his horse into town when he found a saloon. he walked into this saloon to find his other cowboy friends. when he met them they all got some whiskey and talked of there cowboy ways. That was the story of my little cowboy who cried cowboy to his fellow cowboys.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  23. once upon a time, there was a cowboy named Woody. He had a friend named Buzz and a Girlfriend name Bo. Life was good.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  24. I don’t think I qualify as a cowboy — especially since the ranch has no cows. And I care for the horses, feed them, groom them, etc., but I don’t ride (yet), so I can’t even be considered a horse woman. Ranch hand, farm hand?

    By Jade URL on 11.17.2010

  25. the cowboy sits down
    measuring the entity
    he decides to move

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  26. There once was a cowboy with a red hat. One Saturday while riding his horse, the wind swept it high into the air. The cowboy tried to run after it but he never saw it again.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  27. it bust be fun to be a cowboy being able to ride bulls, but of course its a dangerous. i have a friend who is a cowgirl and she had a bad accident when it came to riding. many of my friends are cowboys and they love it.. i wouldnt be able to use the clothes they we

    By nubia on 11.17.2010

  28. He walks a lonely rode, that single soldier.. With dust-trails blazing behind his trusted companion, a rustic sun glancing trails of light across his forehead. The air is bone dry. It is a cold life but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  29. He walks a lonely road, that single soldier.. With dust-trails blazing behind his trusted companion, a rustic sun glancing trails of light across his forehead. The air is bone dry. It is a cold life but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.17.2010

  30. He considered himself to be a bit of a cowboy, a lone sole. The type that doesn’t really believe the rules apply to him. Not so much of a horse riding, rodeo kind of cowboy more of a round up the posse have a shoot out kind of cowboy….

    By Sara on 11.17.2010

  31. ‘s don’t cry. I love cowboys. they remind me of home and of the country and of horses. i abosolutely love horses. they are like people with different personalities. They are so serene yet so ambitious at the same time.

    By Victoria on 11.17.2010

  32. As the cowboy rounded up the cows under the hot sun, he wondered why he chose his job. But when he talked to his friends who lived elsewhere and heard about the terrorism and congestion in the major cities, he realized how good he had it.

    By Jolt URL on 11.17.2010

  33. The cowboy hunched down over the neck of the horse and shaded sunlight from his eyes by tipping his hat lower. He was silhouetted against a vast landscape. And somehow that made him all the more fearsome. I couldn’t see his gaze, but I’m sure lust glimmered in his eyes.

    By LB URL on 11.17.2010

  34. cowboy is a person who likes to ride a horse a lot.

    By chewbaca on 11.17.2010

  35. My friend is a cowboy likes to ride horses all the time at his grandmas house on the weekends. He likes horses like his dad.

    By Kayla URL on 11.17.2010