May 7th, 2009 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “drop”

  1. Drop me here. Drop me there. Take me where you please but just dont let me sit and stare. Drop me into adventure, Drop me into space, go ahead drop me!!! Let me have a taste.

    By Kelly on 05.08.2009

  2. As the ball dropped the pregnancy test came back positive. It was a new year and I knew my life was going to be different, the minute the clock struck twelve. It was the year I would have my son, and the year my adult life began

    By .erynn. on 05.08.2009

  3. Drop the ball.
    Let everything get all fucked up.
    Screw the pooch.
    Fuck up.
    Fall apart.
    Let everyone down.

    Break the status quo and get the fuck over societal standards and the norm. They’re boring.

    By ember on 05.08.2009

  4. From your eyes the sadness flows
    Tiny drops staining your cheeks
    Colors muddled all together
    An abstract painting of sorts

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 05.08.2009

  5. i dropped it like it was hot. and like it was a bad habit. turned out, you were hot, were a bad habit, and im happy i dropped you. i hope you drop off the face of the earth. i hope you drop a heavy object on your foot. and i hope, more than anything, that she drops you. the other one. and the other one aside from her.and the other. and the

    By onethoughsand and won on 05.08.2009

  6. drop it. he didn’t like you before and he doesn’t like you now, and he probably will never like you more than a friend. drop the thought and be happy with your friendship with him, cause either way, he’s pretty cool.

    By s on 05.08.2009

  7. Drop. Just like a penny. Penny. Penny. Egg drop soup. I never liked egg drop soup. Too rich… or poor. Back to drop. Drop dead. Drop on the floor. Drop down. Drop cloth. Drops… props… crops… You know that kind of thing. You have to drop!

    By Lydia on 05.08.2009

  8. i wish the word was love so i could write about how i feel about you.

    By abbs on 05.08.2009

  9. He dropped me just like that. Like I was nothing. But drop isn’t a good word for it. More like dumped. Or screwed over. Or fucked up. That’s it. He fucked up my life. And now I’m just going to drop him out of my world.

    By Dom on 05.08.2009

  10. When you tell a dog to drop you are asking for submission what is the equivalent in a human. I feel I drop almost all the time to please others and it is really eating away at me!

    By greedy on 05.08.2009

  11. I could hear the drops of water echoing down the corridor.

    By Moopster on 05.08.2009

  12. i dont care. i so wanna drop the things that are right in my way of letting out my potentials. i wanna win. amen.

    By pongo on 05.08.2009

  13. my jaw dropped as i saw her walk into the crowded room. because of her beauty she stood out like a beacon, a wonderful, beautiful beacon. she was wearing a black dress, that’s all i know. it didn’t matter what she was wearing bcuz i only wanted to be with her.

    By a boy in love on 05.08.2009

  14. into a bucket, a sand bucket of tomes and coins gone wearily missing… off the grid and the map, off to sleep. drip drop the time and we wager on. evermore and lovers gone. good times and the bad. drip drop the tales.

    By csaen on 05.08.2009

  15. I dropped onto my knees. Little did I know what had happened. I knew in my heart that it was difficult to hide the truth after all… He was not at fault. In fact, it was me.

    By Judy on 05.08.2009

  16. I dropped alot of things. Time can’t be dropped however. It doesn’t seem that long ago since I lost Nandy. But it seems like every day, another hell drops on my life and I am helpless to stop it. I cannot help what God has given me. But what the fuck is going on?
    I don’t understand any of this.

    By Joan on 05.08.2009

  17. Hook line and sinker were dropped into the wide open sea. As I cast it over head, I saw the sunset twinkle a last a goodbye as the day burned off into evening. I did not expect to catch anything but the solitude and quietness of the moment.

    By Annie on 05.08.2009

  18. Drop. Drip. Drop.

    By EUGENIA on 05.08.2009


    By JUDY on 05.08.2009

  20. Drip drop drip drop I hear the leaky pipe continue on steadily, as if its only purpose in this world is to keep the beat, keep the rhythm of life as the world hustles and bustles around it. It is late and I am being lulled to sleep by the steady
    that will continue on, even when no one is there to hear them.

    By Phoebus Apollo on 05.08.2009

  21. A drop of water fell to the ground with a resounding plop, and I startled from my comatose, deadpanned consciousness. It was dark outside, dark everywhere, and the rain had left a coating of wetness on all that it had touched. with a sigh, I closed my eyes and waited for the headache to resume its torture.

    By Neko on 05.08.2009

  22. the coin dropped after an unexplicably long time in the air. 50/50 shot. 50 it goes my way. 50 yours. and in a way everything ends up on the ground with half a chance of landing face forward, half a chance face down.

    By Bella Dia Darling on 05.08.2009