May 6th, 2009 | 139 Entries

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139 Entries for “charge”

  1. charge, as a bull, the color red swiftly flowing like a shock, electrical shock, charge! it’s an electrical CHARGE and it billows and speeds and yellow and red and orange, fiery, fiery, bzzt, it’s like lightning, thunder, and it’s raining outside, when will the sun come? it’s been gone so long, we don’t even know what to make it of anymore.

    By ren on 05.07.2009

  2. mot me I’m not in charge that ass hole is. Oh how I would change things. First thing…gag. you talk too damn much. I can’t beleive how much you like to talk. You are worst than any girl I know.

    By TC on 05.07.2009

  3. so maybe its just because its finals time. but i need to chargeeee my tired butt right about now. there is definitely something extra needed, aside from food and sleep that keeps a person going. and stress takes away from whatever this extra thing is. is it all over yet? by the way. all the things i consider necessary right now are chargeable. laptop. phone. ipod. etc. sad…

    By reinnevaplus on 05.07.2009

  4. I once went to the shopping mall with my mother. We went to the toys section and started looking at toys. I wanted a video-game. I think it was Pokemon Red version. She went up to the cashier and we purchased it. She charged it to her credit card.

    By Taylor Mckellar on 05.07.2009

  5. Charge reminds me of batteries, I think positive and negative charge. I also feel like a bull would be an appropriate word to connect to charge.

    By Jackie on 05.07.2009

  6. The bull charged at me with the intent to scewer me on his sharpened horn. Realizing the danger I was in, I jumped over the fence and ran several feet away from the stall. Even though I knew I was safe, I still cringed when he hit the side.

    By Cami Reschke on 05.07.2009

  7. da da da da da taking charge of one’s life and destiny. becoming yourself and who you want to be. credit, credit cards, bills, debting my life away. cashier, cash register, my job.

    By rebecca culver on 05.07.2009

  8. Charged with murder?
    That’s ridiculous, thought the old man.
    He could never do such a thing. He really cared for the young boy, but the punks thought that he deserved to die.

    By Ashley on 05.07.2009

  9. “cash or charge?” she asked routinely.


    i handed my credit card over to her as she continued to bag my items. baby food. condoms. whipped cream. wonderful. i looked like a sexual deviant.

    i love days like this.

    By aryanna on 05.07.2009

  10. I like to take charge. I think it’s something about not feeling in control of parts of my life. Like, when I was a kid, or a teenager. I just really wish that I had more of a grasp on life. Not just over other people, but over myself. I can’t pay attention, I don’t like doing things that other people want me to do when I don’t. Not in a selfish way, just in a “tread my own path” way.

    By ember on 05.07.2009

  11. I get a charge out of pissing you off. The way your eyes crinkle and your brow furrows turns me on more than any other emotion you produce. Charge at m when you’re angry, charge through me with your ire, I love to feel the heat of your anger.

    By Sue on 05.07.2009

  12. take charge of your life. its yours so live it. no one can force you to take charge of your life. if something isnt going your way, take charge and fix it. if you dont like this world, take charge, you have a voice. we all do.

    By sammy a on 05.07.2009

  13. Bursting forward through the brush the hog had little time to think which path to take. Forward. Forward was always the answer, the destination was always a direction. There was nothing within the animal’s imagination that could stop it’s charge.

    By Andrew Meare on 05.07.2009

  14. It’s definitely frustrating when you are at an important event and your camera runs out of battery. If only humans could charge their electronics with their own energy!

    By Jaye on 05.07.2009

  15. take charge. being in control. i wasnt in much control today. schools retarded. i love learning but teachers are control freaks..too bad. there are few cool ones.

    By kitanya on 05.07.2009

  16. I couldn’t take charge of the situation. He pressed against me, pulling my hair and spitting over his words. His hands and lips were vicious and mean-spirited. Everything he did to me hurt in a different way. He was in charge and he wasn’t going to play nice. I guess I deserved it though. I never said no.

    By Jenn on 05.07.2009

  17. take charge. take charge of your furtue. thats what you have to do. you have to stop complaining, stop whining, stop procrastinating, and take charge. Because if you dont, you will end up in a vicious circle of disappointment and depression. You must work harder, study more often, commit to what you know you have to do. Take charge of your own life because if you dont, who will?

    By candace adorka on 05.07.2009

  18. The horse bucked wildly as thier riders whipped them to frewnzy. the cold morning mists were puncuated with the crums and flashes of artilliary landing inthe infantrys lines, We where much to far to hear their screams. Our courage brightened and with a rush we charged into oblivion .

    By steven on 05.07.2009

  19. Six pounds, and half a penny at the bottom of my car door where last week Betsy stood in the side of the seat and told me how one day she would find the money to go to Amsterdam and work as a waitress in a little bar and find love forever. And she left six pounds in the car door but I’m looking up prices and i’m starting to like the idea for myself, really…

    By crabmuffins on 05.07.2009