May 8th, 2009 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “channel”

  1. He tapped the throttle a bit to start the boat toward the channel. The sun was picking up against the islands to the east, No wind but current pushed the hull backwards. The small lap of wave and chine. A gull and a chime of halyard on the sailboats at rest.

    By Matt on 05.09.2009

  2. I hate the channel nine. There’s never anything good on. My favourite is 10 because it has Supernatural!

    By Gemma on 05.09.2009

  3. channel is the first word associated with tv, the entity that steals the imagination of America’s youth. Don’t get me wrong, I like tv, I watch The Office and The Food network, but when I see kids who waste all of their intellectual potential watching tv, it irks me

    By Galfridus Vergilius Cincinnatus on 05.09.2009

  4. Channel 23. Download program. Please standbye. Do not power down until the download is complete. You will not be alone. Anymore.

    By Onemind on 05.09.2009

  5. you flip the switch and act like a lightning rod.
    but no conduit could ever
    attach to one location.

    there is no fifty-fifty
    and the beginning is really a
    full-circled end.

    (there is a static in the air;
    a stagnant slipstream of

    By InfinityOnTheRun on 05.09.2009

  6. A channel runs through it.
    you stand on the west
    I stand on the east
    I see you there
    on the bank
    You see me too.
    I smile,
    but a channel runs through it.

    By Jessica on 05.09.2009

  7. there’s many of these. they have the brain waves in your head to make you happy, or insane on a boredom day.

    By sarah on 05.09.2009

  8. a channel of infinite possibilities…i have mine…you have yours…passing through the waves…i don’t know what i’m talking about

    By S.Q.O.A. on 05.09.2009

  9. there is a channel in my driveway and it is getting deeper. rain is the culprit and there has been much too large a presence of rain. the rain is digging it deeper ad deeper every day as it is raining EVERY freakin day lately and the channel has to stop. i worked on it for hours today and filled in some by hand. what a chore that was!

    By Spidr on 05.09.2009