May 7th, 2009 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “drop”

  1. drop a line somewhere, sometime
    and you will find
    that there is always someone
    at the end of the line

    By Penny on 05.08.2009

  2. Drop the act, little rain drops fall on dew-drop petals, flowers lining my garden walk. I drop to my knees, offer up a quick prayer of thanks for loveliness. You drop by, unexpected but never unwelcome, your neighborliness is charming and I drop my pretenses. Let you in.

    By Kristy on 05.08.2009

  3. I feel like I should just drop you, drop this whole sham of a relationship we have goin gon before things get really nasty. I don’t want to admit it, but we’re getting in too deep and I’m afraid of getting somewhere we can’t get back from.

    By natalie on 05.08.2009

  4. I stood on the edge of the pit and wondered what I should do. There was a neon yellow sign next to it imprinted with the words “Caution: steep drop”

    By Rosie on 05.08.2009

  5. drop what your doing watch that drop as it hangs on the sill slowly slowly filling with water gaining weight and getting to reach its fullness until it drops/

    By simon on 05.08.2009

  6. I need to drop you like a hot potato, I don’t know how much longer I can let you burn my hands.

    By kim on 05.08.2009

  7. A droplet of water forms on the icicle, building in size then slowly drops, into the lake, making a small ripple in the icy waters. My tears drop on the water too, but leave no ripples, and make no sound. Are they not real?

    By Sarah on 05.08.2009

  8. drops started falling from the sky, drops started erasing my memories, drops, drops…


    By Javier on 05.08.2009

  9. drip drop drip drop whatever did i do to deserve this? I can’t remember ever falling but her i am down down down down down down down… at the bottom and all I hear is drip drop drip drop drip drop drip. drop a drip a drop, drip a dark dark drop, so we can see the hole i’m digging, that bloody red drop in the middle of the earth.

    By Oa on 05.08.2009

  10. Drop it all. Drop all the little mindless shit faced bigoted trash you picked up from your friends father mother, brother preacher and Tv. Read a book. Think. See the world. Accept it. Change it through action. Drop hate.

    By Max on 05.08.2009

  11. I am so sick of people dropping the ball on things. I mean, if I can take care of stuff, why can’t they. I am a follow-througher. I don’t even know if that’s a word, but I am. I don’t appreciate the way people agree to do stuff and then drop it as if it were a hot potato. Or a bag of really gross garbage.

    By Heidi Ballard on 05.08.2009

  12. one little drop in the huge ocean. what does it mean? is it even worth it? ha! it’s worth it to the one starfish, is it not? but really. is my life worth it if I make one tiny drop in an infinite ocean of humanity. if one little person is touched and reached and helped and loved because of me? i have to say yes.

    By anna on 05.08.2009

  13. Why won’t she just drop through the earth’s crust and leave me alone. why wont she just drop through it leave us all alone. Everyone knows we can’t stand her. i think even she knows which is why she’s trying so hard to make us know how she feels. but it only makes her into a bigger bitch

    By kat the great on 05.08.2009

  14. i dropped from heaven into hell, and one was there to catch me, i feel so lost in the nowhere of my thoughts, what is it that i need to cure these questions in my heart? am i another one floating in the sky? or am just another thing that was noit ment to be. am as

    By adeeb on 05.08.2009

  15. i really drop one thought a day, trying to…
    drop drop drop
    a thought

    By tatjana on 05.08.2009

  16. Drop: the word seems so unwanting and some times wanted word. i havn’t drop out any one from my life. Hope the same will happen with me

    By kumar gaurav on 05.08.2009

  17. so it’s told among loose lips
    that the time drops unexpectedly
    half of it to slavery the other still remains
    red stained lips are enticing
    until time catches up to punish the mold
    for delicious and dastardly deeds to
    pure souls of the dark.

    By song kim on 05.08.2009

  18. Dewdrop, raindrop.
    Perfect single bead of water rolling over velvetine skin.
    Dewdrop, raindrop.

    Don’t cry. Please.

    By VickyL on 05.08.2009

  19. He stood on the cusp of it, staring down into the abyss that was beckoning from below. The vastness was almost overwhelming and as he swayed, tempted to plunge, the lone tear he cried threatened to drop

    By kimberly on 05.08.2009

  20. I’ve never been one to drop classes after the first week of school. No matter how horrible the teacher is or how hard the subject is, I stick it out.

    By daniela on 05.08.2009

  21. break then silence
    of the efferent night
    the silence
    now sight
    of the room
    glowing under the moon

    By Chinemenma on 05.08.2009

  22. I wouldn’t have dropped you if I knew that you were perfect. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I know better and I’m really afraid it’s too late. I really hope that we can be together forever, but since we’re already apart, it’s really naive, don’t you think? Come back already ’cause I can’t stand it!

    By Jade on 05.08.2009

  23. i droped fro the top but thats ok
    i wasnt so high anyway
    you know what they say
    the highrt you are the harder the fall when yuo drop
    all should know this

    By ariel on 05.08.2009

  24. I dropped my heart in a whishing well and you came out, dripping wet, heart in hand.

    By zach on 05.08.2009

  25. drop in drop out
    that is what they say.
    but drop where
    and how
    andfrom what.
    drop of water
    drop of life
    drop into the the pool of exitance and then

    By utopian fragments on 05.08.2009

  26. drop is when something falls. it can be a drop in cholesterol, happiness, anything. it starts with d, than r, than o, than ends in p. if u rearrange the letters it spells prod.

    By IAMIT on 05.08.2009

  27. drop! the brisbane lions dropped Jamie Charman, then he got injured an the lions now don’t have a ruckman. They are going to get smashed in the centre clearences!

    By Timothy on 05.08.2009

  28. I like rain drops. In fact, rain drops are by far some of the most soothing things in the world. I think that drop itself, as a word, is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and almost anamotopeaic, even though I’m sure the idea preceded the word. Anyway, the sound of drops almost sounds like the word, you know?

    By hrp5 on 05.08.2009

  29. You ask if I can take the pressure of writing and I hit the buttom “go.” Yet you drop to the floor as your are astounded by my flow. I write with speed, like my brain a pen and my thought a paper pad. Have you given up yet, on that bet that I couldn’t finish a paragraph in less than a minute, friend?

    By Eric Harrell on 05.08.2009

  30. The rain drops falls just like my tears. No one would even be able to tell the two apart. They just pass my tears over as the rain. It’s fine, because I don’t want him to see just how much he hurts. So I go out in the thunder storm, and let it all mask up my pain.

    By Bren on 05.08.2009

  31. drop the pretense. you’re here because you want to be.

    By @ on 05.08.2009

  32. drop

    i’m so afraid to drop



    all held in suspension

    fall like a stone

    all collapse

    i’m holding them all together

    but if one piece falls

    will i too


    By Becca on 05.08.2009

  33. I dropped a load in your mother… That is a sorry excuse for a joke. I honestly don’t know why I said it, or why when I said it you suddenly believed me. Your mom isn’t even that attractive. And I’m a girl, and for the most part, a straight girl. We’re freaks…

    By Erin on 05.08.2009

  34. i dropped in from the atmosphere
    dug deep into the earths core
    found a warm spot and slept the years away
    never caring if i saw you again

    your thoughts are hidden here
    a gentle stone guarding your mind

    By Derek Adams on 05.08.2009

  35. my mood has very significantly dropped. i have spent the entire day avoiding myself… do you know how hard that is? and how horribly you have to treat yourself, to get remotely close to “dropping” your emotions. it sucks. and im hoping tomorrow will be 2343545 times better, because i was an utter waste of space, life, oxygen, and time today. drop in value. self worth. deaded.

    By reinnevaplus on 05.08.2009

  36. and the last drop of cold fell from your lips into the snow, creating an icy silence you didn’t intend to create.

    By char on 05.08.2009

  37. it means to let something fall accidentally from some place. For example, “I dropped the clay pot and it shattered into pieces at my feet.”
    the subject didn’t mean to drop it, he/she did it accidentally

    By aash on 05.08.2009

  38. Drop. Tear drops falling from my face. I wonder if any one will notice. Blood dropping from my arms on to the floor. I wonder if any one will notice. Tears mix with blood as my body drops to the floor.

    By Sarah on 05.08.2009

  39. a drop
    of liquid
    goes POP!
    in my ear
    i hear a sound
    my world
    spins round
    you are
    on the ground
    red liquid flows

    By Imani on 05.08.2009

  40. drop dead gorgeous drop that frown give me a smile so me some skin don’t drop me how about a gumdrop gumdrop

    By chrisg on 05.08.2009