May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. for several hundreds of years, humans have been trying to domesticate Zebras. But Zebras are way to damn wild to be domestic. I wonder if they have given up, or if someone is still trying…hmmm

    by BO on 05.21.2011
  2. the cosy feel of my home vibe gives me backwards chills: it relaxes my muscles so profoundly, that i’m almost incapable of moving.

    by JoJo on 05.21.2011
  3. Animals, their a pain in the ass but hey if your life seems lonely and unhappy then maybe one can spark some happiness into your life when you come home from work. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a stupid fish.

    by sarah on 05.21.2011
  4. Domestic violence can be solved through comforting music and marijuana. unfortunetly this is but a dream.

  5. Household appliances all work together to create an efficient domestic environment suitable for living.

    by Dustin on 05.21.2011
  6. non pensare con la propria testa…non avere propri ideali..propri vivere secondo gli stereotipi che ci impone questa società..ecco cosa siamo.. addomesticati.

    by oriana on 05.21.2011
  7. domestic brings to mind, domestic appliances. uh, also, domestic violence. hmm. Yeah…domestic heaters. IS that even a thing? OLo oh well. domestic animals!!! yeah!! cats. Cats are pretty awesome. Independent and all that huh? >> Domestication of dogs…uh, don’t really like dogs. Man, that …sucked, my performance i.e.

    by Purple Lemon on 05.21.2011
  8. Cats. They can be domesticated. But my cat is feral, and psycho. I still love her of course, and let her live in my garage. One time, we caught her in a net to take her to the vet, and she tore it to pieces in 5 seconds. I have never feared for my life around her until then.. Can werewolves be domesticated?

    by on 05.21.2011
  9. Are cats really supposed to be domestic? Where did they come from? Who brought them into our world. People of egypt worshiped them, should we do the same? This is what it is like to be in my head.

    by Jeff on 05.21.2011
  10. The picture that comes to my head is of a 1950’s housewife, with a housecoat on and a plate of cookies in hand. Something I think people think is bad nowadays, but is actually a very respectable trait.

    by Marissa on 05.21.2011
  11. hurt, pain, loneliness in a crowded house, wishing I knew the way out and the way in so I can avoid it next time.

  12. a feeling of incubation. coffee. cats. farmers. myself. trapped, but content. Although maybe angered with the fact that there are walls surrounding you.

    by Lula on 05.21.2011
  13. The dog barked. It was a halfhearted bark, but a bark nonetheless. He was an angry dog. His favorite food had been used to fed the cat, he was smacked with a newspaper after making a mess on the carpet. But he could take it. No, it wasn’t these things which caused him to bark.

    by Jack on 05.21.2011
  14. When they said ‘domestic’, she could only think of domestic violence. Not that she suffered from that, oh no, but really, what else should she think of?
    But when she looked over at him she could only think of him as her very own domestic pet.

  15. Domestic. You call this domestic abuse? It’s obtuse. Being stuck in this box of life is domesticated, going round and round and round like a hamster on a wheel. It smells in here too; has anyone else noticed that? Smells rank. Least I can see through these bars, I feel wild in my mind..

  16. Family. Housework. Cooking. Mother. Father. Parent. Kids. Pets. Scary. Raising a home.

    by Amanda on 05.21.2011
  17. Domestic, as in tamed. Not free to be whatever they were meant to be.
    Controlled, restrained, chained to impossibilities.

    by Eddie on 05.21.2011
  18. home lifestyle organised tame comfortable safe gentle.

    by Anna on 05.21.2011
  19. She lay in bed, reading the travel section of the newspaper. He puttered around, turning on the electric kettle and putting bread in the toaster. The very picture of domesticity, she thought.

    When would it end?

  20. one of the ways in which I am a domestic god is my ability to do the washing up. i love it. the caked on stains are a challenge, the mess just waiting for order…

    by E.P. Hantera on 05.21.2011
  21. It’s like an argument but at home I suppose and when some one has one you never quite know hoe to help them or if indeed you are supposed to help them. It also makes me think of cats like little home tabbys and what not. I suppose thta’s fairly odd isn’t it. Oh, and ironing. I always think of ironing in the 70’s. Like in old British houses on dank streets where the husband works down a coal mine and the woman stays at home all day looking after the kids and running errands. The kids are always dirty 10 years old school boys in my mind.

    by Em on 05.21.2011
  22. violence. Household help. home canot think of anything to write about domestic. My cursor is not following along with my typing. domicle. dome estic. estactic about a dome. do me stick. ok mode set sti. mes. does. time doe ode od tesit

    by Kathleen on 05.21.2011
  23. This is where the heart is. It means you know how to take care of your home.
    You know how to live inside, instead of in the wilderness like an animal. You are able to and understand the ability of taking care of a house/home.

    by Danielle on 05.21.2011
  24. domestic? who the hell WANTS to be domestic? why would anyone want to fall under the critiques of society and become domestic?
    why not just run away without caring about anything?

    p.s. i really didn’t know what to write…

    by estefania on 05.21.2011
  25. “Domestic? I don’t think so – seems more European to me. French, more than likely.”

    “This is what we get for coming to these blind wine sampling events!”

    by on 05.21.2011
  26. Stillness in the morning, rustling under the sheets, reaching for my lover’s hips, dragging out of bed, making coffee and muffins, smiling into the day

  27. I like having domestic animals in my house. They’re my friends. Sometimes, they’re my only friends. I can really talk to them about how I’m feeling and it seems like they listen to what I’m saying. Like they really care or something. Domestic animals are the best. If they didn’t exist I don’t know what I’d do.

    by EmMac on 05.21.2011
  28. home. thinkiong about my home and my mum and the flowers she gave me yesterday and how i want my own home one that i can be happy and messy in and throw my shit around the place my paints my books and fims and smoke in the house and walk around naked and do what i want…

    by alice on 05.21.2011
  29. Domestic violence. Another day on the job, another case, another angry call, complete with screaming and cussing. Davis knew they were the most dangerous calls, so he waited for back-up like he was supposed to.

    He hadn’t expected to bust down the door right onto a scene out of a Jackie Chan movie.

    So when two martial arts instructors decided to have a fight, it was a little more than domestic.

    “Call a swat team,” Davis muttered, and settled in to wait some more.

  30. reminds me of domestic abuse, and cookie cutter homes. the “typical american lifestyle” that doesn’t really exist. reminds me of dogs who sit when you tell them to, and cats that roam your house. domesticated animals. humans really are a little too big for their britches, aren’t they?

    by Cristiana on 05.21.2011
  31. domestin means anything related to home. it can be domestic space or domestic work, domestic industries, domestic pets. im some of tennyson’s poems, women are shown confined to domestic space, which means stuck at home. domestic basically means home, anything to do with home.

    by sanan on 05.21.2011
  32. home, comfort, housework, broom, sweep, clean, dishes, dishwasher, family, vaccuum, wipe, kitchen, foamy, spray, sponge.

    by juju on 05.21.2011
  33. Frank edged cautiously around the edge of the southern edge of the crater. The spattering of low lying green vegetation relieved the almost uniform silvery grey surface of the mountain, but did little to hide the scale of the devastation. Frank wished he had stayed with a more domestic occupation. Door to door salesman, for instance, insurance clerk, any monotony was preferred to the terror of being a vulcanologist

  34. i don’t really understand why women are considered to be “domestic” creatures. i mean, we have as much spirit and will to go out into the world and dominate! and conquer! and yet, we’re pushed into the kitchens of suburban life and we can’t seem to break free from this mold of society. women need to grow to overcome society because we are more than just domestic. that’s for sure.

    by Mi on 05.21.2011
  35. I think about housewives when I see the word domestic makes me want to bake cookies and cakes and clean the house and do laundry. I feel like the more domestic I am the more attractive I am as a partner. I feel that people I will be more appealing not because of my looks but because of my habits.

    by Hart on 05.21.2011
  36. domestic violence. its awful. i mean, if people are married and theyre so happy, why would they abuse each other? it just doesnt make sense. what do you even get out of it? sick people. they need help. help them?

    by Meghan on 05.21.2011
  37. I want to be a domestic goddess, yes I know thats so anti-feminist but doesn’t every girl dream of baking cookies in a fifties housewife dress, high heels and pearls? or is that just me? I want to welcome my husband home with a warm meal and dessert and candles. and I want to kiss him goodbye as he heads off to work with his travel mug in hand. Of course, I want to have a life of my own as well. I want to get an education and a job, but I want to have 4 kids and a pretty house and a vacuum cleaner too! I am considered a bit pathetic in this day and age for wanting this but lets face it, we have lost our good old family values to tv dinners and long hours. I rebel against TV dinners and cakes from a box. I bake with ingredients like flour and sugar and eggs and baking soda and salt and cocoa and baking powder and butter and an oven! I want to be a domestic goddess.

    by Jessica on 05.21.2011
  38. Trained animals and trained children. PTA meetings, pets, sit, beg. Learn the tricks, learn the routine. Just like the family next door. Conform or get out. Happy homes. Nothing is like it used to be. Peaceful. Bliss. Build a family. Buy a dog. Own a house. Homeward bound.

  39. housewives! non foreign policy!!!!! mommy!!! bjork minus a! focussed on home! ehhhh

    by danny on 05.21.2011

    by SHADE_ON on 05.21.2011