May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. She was once lighter than the others. Tougher than the other. She became realistic. Statistic. She lasted just a couple of hours. Before becoming do

    by silvia on 05.21.2011
  2. Sheep, wives, ironed sheets, plenty of toilet paper in a cupboard. Clean aprons, fresh-baked goods, especially as gifts. Men that vacuum without being asked.

    by NicoliGuac on 05.21.2011
  3. I have no idea what this word really means. It’s in another language, therefor there is a little weird to come up with anything. You see. I am not English, or American, or Aussie, or Canadian. I am Norwegian.

    by Else Kristine on 05.21.2011
  4. Domestic violence, is bad for for you, unless you are the one who actually does the domestic violence. But if it is violence against domestic animals I guess its okay, unless there is somebody from the PETA then you shouldn’t but those guys should get domesticated anyway I don’t really fancy them much.

    by Oscar on 05.21.2011
  5. It was a domestic feeling. Something she’s never felt before… She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. It was too foreign for her to comprehend and made her feel like an idiot.

    by on 05.21.2011
  6. En la casa se encuentran varias cosas que no pertenecen allí. Una camilla del hospital. Una bomba de aire de la gasolinera. Una máquina para imprimir diarios. Una desinfectadora. Y un oso polar. Haz una historia creible de todo esto.

    by EliEli on 05.21.2011
  7. domestic violence
    ruining the skylines
    need to get out
    need to get free
    these domestic chains wont let me be me
    wont let me see
    wont let me be
    got to get out

    by divan on 05.21.2011
  8. The domesticated cat is far from it’s ancestor. The once large prowling beast that knew no master has now subjected itself to wearing a collar and for what? A little bit of cat nip?

    by Kenz on 05.21.2011
  9. markham. a dog, a cat, a chicken I’ve heard. we are all domestic animals of the earth because we encase ourselves in the comforting environment we call “home”. this is apparently OUR habitat, but is it really? I would like to see us domesticated in an open space. that is our problem, we snatch spaces that are unused, domesticate those places, usurp the resources then FUCK Off!

    by tules on 05.21.2011
  10. home love children food cooking clean simple, pleasant love my surroundings clean neat smells good inviting people in ginger, dave phil friends wine dishes window view lilacs pool sun rain flowers

    by Mame Noonan on 05.21.2011
  11. White picket fences and people under too much stress. Men who are waiting for the storms to pass, whilst their children learn to dance in the rain. Dysfunctional families that don’t talk, but love each other anyway. Happiness lost among urban life.

  12. I have been very angry with my wife. We just had another domestic. It was while she was in the kitchen doing the dishes.

    by John Hedges on 05.21.2011
  13. Domestic tyrants, domestic squabbles, domestic aprons, domestic wobbles. You never dream to be locked up in a number of walls and a roof – however slanted. And you watch Grand Designs and you dream of a round room with windows.

  14. domestic means to be home. to have a home means to take care of it, and those chores are cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. some people find being domestic peaceful.

    by paige on 05.21.2011
  15. If there’s anything my life in India taught me, it’s that I can’t be a stay-at-home wife. Doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, laundry—all that domestic bullshit is not for me. I need something more than being a waiter, a waiter for someone I love. I need something for me. Something that is just mine. Something that makes me feel important.

    by Abby Callard on 05.21.2011
  16. bliss.

    Sitting at home, on the couch, under a fluffy blanket with my cat on my knee, reading a good book. Being truly attached to ‘home’.

    by Shellstar on 05.21.2011
  17. domestic animals are like dogs and cats and fish and cats and stuff and it’s when you get an animal and tame it and then it’s domestic cause it can go in the house now cause thats what domestic means. and domesticating is good sometimes and it changes stuff in the animal. like if you domesticate a wolf, sometimes they look different. like hybrids.

    by karis da silva on 05.21.2011
  18. not long and the flight will be gone,
    should stay but could go,
    the domestic flight will know,
    could it be the last act or is it the beginning.

  19. Domestic. I dunno. a domestic house. I live pretty domestic. domestic is a strange word. and becoming stranger. domestic.

    by Alex on 05.21.2011
  20. One word in a jazz song was all it took to get me hooked.

    by Roger Kenyon on 05.21.2011
  21. hello good morning evryone I like writing and take notes anywhere i am

    by samir on 05.21.2011
  22. animals, should they be inside our houses living with us?
    they were once wild, we now refer to these animals as “wild animals” but shouldnt they all be wild?
    Stray cats?
    Why are they stray? Maybe theyre the ones left free, maybe they were born into the “wild” and dont need rescuing? Why should we asume they need to be or were once domesticated.

    by Kirsty on 05.21.2011
  23. i have seen things that further the minds of those characters wanting a domestic life. these things break hearts as surely as a writer breaks the rules that his first grade teacher instilled into his mind in the early years of his education.

    by Thomas Browne on 05.21.2011
  24. i am awesome XD

    by mohsin on 05.21.2011
  25. at one time i didn;t think i’d ever become domestic. look at me now, cooking, cleaning, hell, i can even sew. So many of the trates that we assign to the term are feminine in naure and initial impression. However, once we stop and examine them a little closer we see tyhat so many of these skills are one’s that are neccessary to be independent for just plai n old people. Not Man or woman. Just people. Human.

    by Demian on 05.21.2011
  26. She was supposed to be a ‘domestic’. This was not something that she liked to be called because it implied, somehow, that she was not very good at working or that she had given up. She thought of herself as a strong woman, an opinionated woman and a good businesswoman as well. However, what could she do to resist the power of a set of curtains. What could she do against the illure of matching curtains to sheets and to pillows in that perfectly elegant way. So she did what anyone else would have done, or at least the best of us, she transformed everything.

    by Katherine on 05.21.2011
  27. The thought of domesticity brings about so much fear. So much commitment. So many dreams… that are all possible, yet perhaps not… If only I could see inside your head and everything just worked out the way we envisioned it, Now.

  28. work that mom’s did on the past, now we are trying to make it share with all the people on the family. is something that you got on your place, like a domestic dog. Those that helps you to be in touch with your life and share what you have with them.

    by carmilla on 05.21.2011
  29. house

    by Madeline on 05.21.2011
  30. being tied to a house, to it’s resposibilities. cleaning, cooking, looking after the place you and others live in. being responisible for it’s upkeep. housewife, mother. boring things, sometimes necessary.

    by Rebecca on 05.21.2011
  31. cat beung indipendant and liking her paws whilst stering at a human, person is watching a programme about domestic people and domentic cats.
    Domestic is when a young cat licks herself all over.

    by ton on 05.21.2011
  32. Domestic animals, should come from domestic places. It saves energy from transportation and you can support a local cost instead of major international companies.

    by IanIan on 05.21.2011
  33. Men today are far too domesticated. Washing up, cleaning, ironing…….in my dad’s day men used to get dirty fixing cars, working around the yard while mum was cooking or cleaning in the house. I never saw my dad and thats what made me the man I am today goddammit!!, and thats not gay!.

  34. soul dazzed their rime, the wish burns ; frombal tell

  35. still here are we? OK, home for the day, a relief and no need to rush, a blissful time of gentle movement and hands in the earth, of chopping bright carrots and vibrant green onions, of time for a cup of tea and a hug and looking at the sky and coming home to myself, why can’t I see the miracle in that always?

    by geraldine on 05.21.2011
  36. domestic cats have it good. eat sleep poop petpetpet. i wish i could spend hours sleeping on a sunny spot on the floor while someone pet my head. that would be quite a day. feed me fish. clean my poop. here kittykittykitty.

    by Catherine on 05.21.2011
  37. Domestic Violence, prolonged in my home for twenty-nine years. It was masked behind a loving husband. Covered by three happy children. One day the curtains raised before the show was prepared to be staged, and when that happened, the world saw the real story behind it all.

    by pamela on 05.21.2011
  38. it must be great to live in domestic bliss. I imagine people sprouting wings when they come in , floating up to the ceiling her duster more coloured than a rainbow with which they flick miniscule pieces of dust to the floor where the ground staff sweep it up into jeweled dust pans . the dust turns to gold dust then and is saved for the community artists . food is bliss , you just write out what you want to eat and insesrt it into a machine and wow out comes what you want – lasagne and chips , galss of wine and cheesecake , all beautifully prepared . you take them to a table with a view – you can choose the view , Italian to go with the lasagne then you will find yourself sitting under a canopy , very warm so that you take off that warm jumper you bought in Marks , lucky you are wearing layers . you want a companion and you write down a name of an old friend you haven’t seen for years – the friend materialises , you take up where you left off talkling twenty years ago – l’esprit de l’escalier comes to the fore , and your friend laughs and you say touché, it’s fun . it’s bliss!

    by Anna Grogan on 05.21.2011
  39. woman

    by aliali on 05.21.2011
  40. the domestic voilence is so horrifying. people who indulge in this should be brtually punished.