May 21st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “wrath”

  1. wrath’s hand wouldn’t let go, gripping with the claws of revenge. It knows no fear.

    By gary on 05.22.2011

  2. fists clenched, moist palms, crows feet bleed from the creases at the corners of your eyes and your emotions overwhelm you and bomb your insides with uncontrollable force

    By Hannah on 05.22.2011

  3. “Feel the wrath of Kahn!” he saiId. I have no idea what that means. I never watched Star Trek. After a strange look and some awkward silence, I continued walking down the street to the book store.

    By Mike on 05.22.2011

  4. dont take decisions when you are at this stage , cool down take a shower , even re

    By highthought URL on 05.22.2011

  5. wrath of khan. grapes of wrath. i’ve never felt wrath. but it sounds a little overwhelming. and exhausting. i think i’m okay with staying away from it for a while.

    By elizabeth on 05.22.2011

  6. insane exuberant rage, the red eyed, hand twitching anger that flows through ones veins and soul, scalding intensity that blows minds and emits waves of pulsing fear

    By Michael on 05.22.2011

  7. i hate ths word, this is the word that i had before and i dont like to write about it and i really dont want to but i have to so i am telln you how i feel about this word sometimes i feel like i dont have anything to write about so why would i want to play this ga

    By malbalah URL on 05.22.2011

  8. The usually very patient Mr. Pristina had reached the point. He blasted the Geto Boys’ “Gangsta Boogie” down on the unsuspecting virgin ears of the neighbors’ screaming little children and all their ungodly screaming little friends. In the police report, the parents likened it to the wrath of all the gods that ever were—Allah, Brahma, Yahwey, Buddha, Santa Claus—thrashing down permanent psychological damage on their offspring in lightning bolts.

    By Miss Alister URL on 05.22.2011

  9. hate because of something the other person has done. no forgiveness. no guilt. sometimes deserving, sometimes not. usually applies to antagonist in a story. protagonist does not have wrath.

    By KLZ on 05.22.2011

  10. wow. seems like wrath of god or something. “feel my might and my wrath” or something crazy like that. funny that the rapture was supposed to happen and didn’t? where’s the wrath? but really, don’t you think that wrath is only something that humans do. I mean, I guess there could be a god. but it’s always our fault when there’s wrath.

    By B on 05.22.2011

  11. wrath is a strength to fight for your honor. its mean, its anger, its brutal.

    By mike on 05.22.2011

  12. God’s wrath on his people, but regardless his undying love for everyone. The wrath of a father on his child or children. The wrath of a father specifically towards his son.

    By Cheyenne Bartlett on 05.22.2011

  13. Wrath is an emotion expressed when someone is angry. Depending on the situation, wrath can be a good quality or a bad quality. For instance, wrath towards another person that becomes violent and ill-willed is a problem, however, wrath as a product of personal hardship or turmoil may be acceptable.

    By David URL on 05.22.2011

  14. She could feel his wrath bearing down on her like a physical force. The anger in the air was almost tangible. She thought he would hit her, that he would make her regret her choice. But he walked away. It hurt so much more.

    By Brittany URL on 05.22.2011


    By jimmygerrain URL on 05.22.2011

  16. wrath is a sin a fun sin wrath is violence and it is human nature

    By thedesertcandidate on 05.22.2011

  17. I wanted her to understand. I had hoped she would…

    fools are fools. That is what it is, and gods are gods, and that is as it is even more so than the former. She failed me by attempting to reverse my tide…

    For 30 days and thirty nights i cried. Blood, sleet and frog legs

    By DoviHerakles on 05.22.2011

  18. Wrath to me is anger.
    The anger that I have for you.
    The anger that I have for us.
    The anger that I have for love.
    I don’t get that word.
    Love is supposed to be happiness.
    But it’s sorrow.

    By Samantha on 05.22.2011

  19. disaster. beauty is key. destroy men. Can i see your hair. It smells good. mind grapes. many people see us as animals. art. grapes. fruitful.

    By moxyjojo on 05.22.2011

  20. She didn’t understand me. I spoke the words that she’d never heard, and she went deaf.

    Gods lash out, not like fools. Unlike fools, gods do not pity. gods are pure and errorless… she was deaf, and she loved me for my music. I could never breed contempt.

    By Dovikles URL on 05.22.2011

  21. Look upon my works and feel my wrath. DESPAIR! I will watch your cities burn and hear the lamentations of your women. And pancakes. You will make me pancakes.

    By eric on 05.22.2011

  22. the wrongnesss the anger being brought down. the wrath of people kill. because of this many people lose to death

    By melina on 05.22.2011

  23. the wrath of man. creating something complex without even thinking about it. vanquishing foes in too many ways to understand. pen is mightier than the sword? lies are mightier than your word. we’re cast upon the open shores to bleed out stories. red ink. red eyes. cold mind.

    By DeannaB. URL on 05.22.2011

  24. God is not benevlent he is forgiving and just. Also wrath if khan is the best trek movie

    By Jayne Prohaska on 05.22.2011


    By Emily Galli URL on 05.22.2011

  26. Old times. Uncommon and not taken seriously. Angry. My little sister. My mother in a comical light. W

    By Jocelyn URL on 05.22.2011

  27. angry
    may 21, 2011
    awesome sauce
    kamodo dragon

    By Nancy on 05.22.2011

  28. He hit me
    He threw me on the floor
    He hit me with a belt
    He yelled at me
    F bombs like a stream from his mouth
    An angry expression on his face
    The look in his eyes
    How do I escape his wrath?

    By Hannah URL on 05.22.2011

  29. hHhhahahahah ya well wrath in this ja’s eyes is a bucket if rocks and rocks r rocks haha we r who we r and LIZARDS1 obbas went to prom with jom LAST NIGHT it was two nicghts ago actually lizard rock bucket?? nubble hahaha wutis a nubble we r watchin da harry pottery rigt now ok well bi

    By pepe on 05.22.2011

  30. Wrath. What does this mean? Is it like a wreath? Or is it simply a thing that people have but don’t use, don’t care for and wish never truly entered their lives. I know i am wrong but i just don’t know what a wrath is!

    By Edel on 05.22.2011