May 18th, 2011 | 555 Entries

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555 Entries for “mole”

  1. I always detested that slightly protruding mole on my cheek. Eyeing it, I projected all of my self consciousness onto it, hoping it might self combust. Sadly, no such thing occurred, so subsequently I began to criticize my hair.

    by M on 05.19.2011
  2. the mole within our organisation was more than just an employee. He was an integral part of the clandestine inner sanctum we called RAW. To be struck from within is akin to an implosion. Whether we can revive ourselves after this blow is yet to be seen? But revenge will be swift and brutal.

  3. “There’s a mole on the ship captain.” The grumble of the space orc reverberated across the metal hull.

    “You think so, Kogoth?” The captain tilted her head, looking him over.

    “Positive. Suddn’y the power went out, and the Imperium jus’ happens to stumble on us, Naw…defn’ly a mole.”

  4. the ancient mole lived in the deepest and darkest of places, like an old hobbit he cringed at the sound of loud noises and he could never face the day due to the traffic. he could only go out at night, the darkess made him feel safe.

    by Lina on 05.19.2011
  5. mol3 m0l3 mloe MOLE mOLe Mole ,M,O,L,E elom

    by SHADE_ON on 05.19.2011
  6. shading her eyes from the blinding light, she withdrew from the dark, dank dwelling place that she’d come to know so well over the past few months. The lightness was unnatural to her and made her feel uncomfortable, yet she soldiered on,

  7. a mole is something in chemistry or it is a thing that people have on their faces or the rest of their body that can sometimes give them cancer which sucks. moles can be considered pretty like marilyn monroe’s beauty mark or ugly like a witch. it is opinion;.

    by camilla on 05.19.2011
  8. This one! he grabbed you by the collar and threw you in front of the judges panel. He’s the mole you guys sent to our team, he gritted his teeth above crossed arms. Defensive and offensive at once. No way, the girl pursed her lips, missing front teeth parading. That runt is useless all together, we didn’t even pick him.

  9. Darkness
    here, but it’s nice
    to be alone.

    or cold
    but it’s nice.

  10. A sneaky, subterranean spy, worming it’s way under our feet.

  11. Mr. Mole was from Wind in the Willows. He was the kind, impressionable but very nice one. He whitewashed his house under ground but caved in when diggers dug up the field.

    by Indigo on 05.19.2011
  12. A mole is a furry round creacher that spends most of it’s time underground. It can’t see very well.I am glad I am not a mole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mole lady

    by Mole lady on 05.19.2011
  13. Thisis the story about the mole. I think moles are what are on people’s face but a mole is a round furry creature but is not as round as a ball.

    Chloe, 7 years old

    by chloe on 05.19.2011
  14. a thing that lives under ground and can not see very well nd its ears a

    by callie on 05.19.2011
  15. The mole popped it’s head out of the tiny hole in the garden. All was dark it ran across the lawn and into the trap.

    by MRJ on 05.19.2011
  16. Beautiful little moles. Digging little moles. Cancerous little moles.

    by Jessica on 05.19.2011
  17. a mole drills a hole into the invisible soul of the unwholesome

    by SHADE_ON on 05.19.2011
  18. I have one mole on my face. It is smack dab in the center of my forehead. I don’t know. People often times tell me that I should get it removed, that it may become cancerous one day. I never do it, though. For some reason I think that it represents me. Like its a part of me.

    by Atrudeau on 05.19.2011
  19. do you mean mole as in, the animal or a mole on your skin. mole the animals are cute and fuzzy. the mole on skin is wierd

  20. a creature which borruows into the ground or something which grows on the body of a person. Dark, ugly.. although the animals looks fairly cute. They’re black. Usually. I don’t know…
    They cause mole-hills which apparently annoy farmers – though I don’t know why ’cause I’m not a farmer. Nor do I know one. I think they eat worms. I might have seen a David Attenborough documentary involving them. David Attenborough does a lot of documentaries.

    by Shamain on 05.19.2011
  21. A mole is an animal that burrows underground. Some people have them surgically removed. This sounds unnecessarily expensive to me.

    by DrSpeedbump on 05.19.2011
  22. In high school we learned about the mole in scientific terms. I remember that it was something like 6.44 times 10 to the 23rd…actually that’s probably way off, but at one point I knew it. Instead of focusing on that part which I was supposed to learn, we had to design an outfit for a fake mole stuffed animal….mine was amazing.

    by Amy on 05.19.2011
  23. I once had a mole, that i thought was the ugliest thing in the world. What is uglier than a mole? The animal is just as ugly as well, and I picture it everytime I look at my mole..I then realized everything has its purpose. Its a part of who I am and its there for a reason.

    by gerry on 05.19.2011
  24. a mole is a hole thathas moles who crawl around and take things. They take big things, small things and medium things. Point id the mole from the hole takes things that doesnt belong to him and it makes me pissed. that dang mole, i wish he would go back to his hole and leave me the heck alone.

    by LynxxFulton on 05.19.2011
  25. on someones face of in chemistry one mole is equal to avagondros number. A mole is a type of animal that used to leave holes in my front yard when I was a kid. Moley moley moley! not the best beauty mark to have. The more you have on your face and neck the more beautiful you are said to be. Someones mom told me that once because her daughter had a ton of moles.

    by Katie on 05.19.2011
  26. I must be a mole. Why else would I feel like burying myself underground, and just staying there, alone and warm, for a few days? Just like a mini vacation, where you don’t go anywhere or do anything, just spend time alone with yourself. I must be a mole.

    by Kaitlyn on 05.19.2011
  27. Moles like to burrow. I have never actually seen a mole, but I know that they don’t like the sunlight. That is why they burrow underground, so they don’t have to see the sun.

  28. A mole hill – something that has to be overcome
    A mole – underground, cannot see any light – no hope? Prefers to hide away in the dark and not see anyone.
    Considered a pest – annoying recluse of society?
    People with moles – ashamed of them? Beauty moles = a mole overcome?

    by Alex Rastall on 05.19.2011
  29. “Charlie McDonnell has a mole on his face.”
    “Like Avogadro”
    “Symol day on Neopets coincides with Avogadro’s Day IRL”

  30. I sat there in the sand counting the spots from the sun on my legs. I was too nervous to look at him, let alone talked to him like I wanted to. Everything was different now. All those nights we spent skinny dipping off the pier seemed like something I read in a cheesy teenage romance book than my actual life. We were grown ups now. Kinda. We were 25. I hadn’t seen him in 2 years since I’d joined the Peace Corp. I hadn’t seen any of them, my summer family. Barely talked to them or stayed in touch. It wasn’t that absurd really. It was like a different life. A different world. We connected in the summers, we came alive. When fall came we seemed to hibernate, holding the sunshine and memories deep in our hearts, only to be shared through Christmas cards, a late night drunken phone call, or a text written with emphasis, “I NEED SUMMER NOW!” But i hadn’t been there in 2 years. And now he had a girlfriend. We never had boyfriends or girlfriend. We all just flitted along and played together. She wasn’t even a girl from town. He had brought her from the city. She had glossy auburn hair that was clearly poured out of a bottle and a tan that was a little too bronzed to have come out our sunshine that was notorious for its sunburnt crisp skin sensations. Fuck that bitch.

  31. I had a mole on my hand once. But when my mother saw it, she screamed and scared it off. Now I just have a cat.

  32. there was a very small mole. Her name was georgina. She spent all day staring at the sky. She wanted to be up there, with the clouds. Dancing through blue skies. There she sat and stared. Wishing and wondering.

  33. the dog knew there was a mole in the ground, she just didn’t know where to find it. that pesky mole had been digging around in the ground for days, and the dog was determined to get it out of the yard. it was her yard, not the mole’s yard. she had to get it out of the yard to keep her human happy. that was her life.

    by Molly on 05.19.2011
  34. I like to be kissed on my mole on my shoulder, its small and adorable, and very few people know it’s there. I like it’s stark contrast to my skin color. It’s part of me.

  35. I love her. All her moles, and freckles, and warts. Warts and all. I love her all.

    by Jesy on 05.19.2011