May 23rd, 2008 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “divide”

  1. I love to wear my comfy clothes when I am at home. The more comfortable the better. I especially like materials that are sheer and breathe with me as I hate wearing much when I am realaxing.
    I haven’t always been this way. The change causes hot flashes, mood swings and bloating.
    However you are relieved of the curse every month which makes up for any hot sweat anywhere.

    By ann on 05.24.2008

  2. That is a math term. It is also in some sort of American thing. “Divided we fall”…which, I guess, is true…but these days, who knows what is really true…it is a shame that we can not be sure of what is really going on with our country–all the lies.

    By Lisa on 05.24.2008

  3. Thinking about the Japanese kanji for bun/fun “minute” which contains the concept of divide. the number 8 is evenly divisible into two equals and it is also included in the kanji for ship.

    By danny on 05.24.2008

  4. Past, Future. For some reason, this girl could be in one or the other, but never the present.

    By mapuana on 05.24.2008

  5. apples, oranges, numbers, people, groups, things, fruit in general I suppose, money, among, between, the great divide, math, time, cal

    By evan on 05.24.2008

  6. seven thoughts went by. I never knew what was going to happen. it is sad to see these things happening. I never knew this would be like that. I don’t want to think. I’ve had ebough. I want it already.. He should decide. I have to stop thinking. this really bothers me. I need an answer and these questions should go away.

    By crimsonblack on 05.24.2008

  7. Divide? I’m certainly divided right now as to what to write about concerning the word divide? Are we talking about a moral divide, some incredible dilemma which on must conquer, or some more physical divide like some sort of incredibly canyon? Can you ever cross it, either one?

    Well, I’m done,but my time isn’t up. So….

    By James Hammer on 05.24.2008

  8. dividing is one of most uglyest human thingies… unification of all terms, communities, peoples and everything alltogether is what we should search for. because together, we can accomplish everything

    By bitstring on 05.24.2008

  9. to divide is to conquer. And when we divide we realise that it makes the total, the whole so much less daunting. Oftentimes it is all about breaking a larger subject into something more simple. I prefer to consider the pieces and therefore to understand thoroughly the composition of the whole. Indeed it can allow a greater appreciation of the whole when you consider what makes it up.

    By Tman on 05.24.2008

  10. Divide and conquer. Divide by two. Divide yourself from your conscious and you shall live in harmony with the divided. Devide moral and desire. Divide awe and knowledge. Mantain power and control.

    By Shelley on 05.24.2008

  11. divide yourself
    divide your thoughts
    divide your emotions

    find release
    from the commotion




    By paper on 05.24.2008

  12. divide your soul into three quartered sections. Split these quarters amongst yourself, your significant other and the possessions that you devour on a daily basis as being intrinsic to your soul. Now, as part of this experiment, take this divided soul and pass it amongst your friends and those that you don’t very much care for. Discard your possessions, and split the reason you called your soul to the rest of the world.

    By Thrace on 05.24.2008

  13. The division of our nation is one great. Racism, sexism, homophobia, it’s all so terribly petty.

    By Nicholas Harris on 05.24.2008

  14. There world was divided; into twos and threes and fours. No one knew each other, cared about each other and life was a game of separation and dispare.

    By Amy Pilkington on 05.24.2008

  15. ddeath? not.. just something that part you off from other thing.. dont fall down, dont let it take you with.. be strong, proud on yourself..

    By Amelie on 05.24.2008

  16. divide yourself.. on pages of your life. be happy because you can do that.
    than, live your life for parts.
    one part – one minute, hour, day, month, year, or maybe whole life..

    By Amelie on 05.24.2008

  17. people are divided all over the world, by colour, by height,money, belief, by imaginary lines we draw all over the planet because some how they couldn’t deal with the though of being part of one whole, and i don’t understand why.

    By Mbe on 05.24.2008

  18. Division never came naturally for Sarah. Her mother and herself crouched over the kitchen table at night trying to find the will to finish that last bit of homework. She’d show that division though, one day she’d show it by flunking out of school and becoming a prostitute, then the only thing she’d be dividing would be coke lines.

    By Nick on 05.24.2008

  19. divided we fall. united we stand.

    By david on 05.24.2008

  20. I divide and conquer on any motherfucker who think they Yonkers. Divide and subtract, add and math, what the fuck now split it half. Divide in two, make that 50 of me, 1 of you, now theres nothing left, except twenty five wrecks.

    By Jay Lavishki on 05.24.2008

  21. you can either join up and stick together. or you can divide. there seems to be a habit amongst us humans that favours the latter. why is that? what is it that makes us spot the differences in one another and make divisions based on them?

    By sam on 05.24.2008

  22. it creates 2 diff parts of a subs, no, in equal or non equal parts.

    By shreya on 05.24.2008

  23. if it is the divide that divides us then we must remain divided. Even as we cross the great divide we still must get to the division we seek. OIr so I thought in a round about way. Why must I feel so s[lit on this issue .Its just something I can’t seem to wrap myself around. Damn the divide.

    By whatever on 05.24.2008

  24. divide and fall. fall and divide. divide and conquer. divide my time between kissing and not kissing, a la my so-called life, a la angela and jordan, divide my time between nations, divide myself between places sticking to my heart. divide me these ways.

    By s on 05.24.2008

  25. Divide. It shows disunification, a faction, a partition. It gives the connotation that love does not exist in a certain situation. But it could also mean a time to reflect. Give a person some space.

    By marion on 05.24.2008

  26. Divide is what you learn to do in school some time around the 3rd grade. You also learn to divide things when you are gardening. From one root-bound plant you can come up with several when you divide it and replant the now separate clumps. Beauty can result. You can divide a pie between the members of a family, or you can interfere in the marriage and divide the whole family up into fragments. Division can be benign or malevolent depending on what, where, why, and when.

    By Margaret on 05.24.2008

  27. There is no more overadapted instinct than that of dividing human beings into tribes. This is the instinct that may obliterate us eventually. I am deeply concerned that no one has come up with a better way of thinking about large groups of humans than mutual antagonism.

    By Kit Thornton on 05.24.2008

  28. math class, I hate math class. I don’t think there is a more boring way to spend you time. I was always pretty good at math but I hated it with a passion

    By Josh on 05.24.2008

  29. maths, multiplication, segregation, mathematics, ruler, pencil, calculator, separate, take away, wall, share, distribute, spread, remainders,

    By bahaa on 05.24.2008

  30. everyone can divide a number that you would like to divide always use math to divide numbers and dont forget that math is easier with division and that without math we wouldnt live and always divide things in your life so you would be equal and dont forget that there are many people that love you always will do just divide and live happyly ever after

    By Someone on 05.24.2008

  31. division done by the brits to the colonies.division where sceintists try to isolate existent from the non existent….funny aint it the whole world on division

    By manjunath on 05.24.2008

  32. divide…right since from the initiation of time,man understood little but to divide to simplify,to exemplify,to show that everythings within the grasp…funny ain’t it>????????

    By manjunath on 05.24.2008

  33. the great divide between people keeps growing aye. I mean friends drift apart, they say they’ll keep in contact or stay friends and then all of a sudden then divide has grown so far that you can no longer cross to the other side and then you finally realize its to late to fix it.

    By Emma T on 05.24.2008

  34. conquer keep apart break share math river chasm lose heaven hell

    By lisa on 05.24.2008

  35. we divide ourselves between the things we’d like to do and the things that we feel we must do. We are fooling ourselves. There is hardly anything we must do.

    By G. on 05.24.2008

  36. Things started very oddly for Madeleine. She rang her good friend Lizzy at half-three, as she might do on any ordinary day. This, however, was no ordinary day.

    Madeline’s father had just informed her that she was to marry James Rawson. She knew it had to happen, of course. A lady of her situation simply did not have the options that another might. It wasn’t like she could live off her father’s estate forever. But James Rawson.

    Madeleine shuddered to think of it. For you see Lizzy’s husband and Mr. Rawson were bitter enemies, and from this day, if something remarkable did not occur, she would be forever divided from her good friend.

    Fortunately for Madeline, something remarkable was about to happen.

    By Kaye on 05.24.2008