May 22nd, 2008 | 171 Entries

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171 Entries for “cycle”

  1. Cycle…the things that popped into my mind was cycling (As in, on a bicycle.) and the concept of ‘cycles’ in the series Blue Bloods (By Melissa de la Cruz) which I have just finished the second book. For actual cycling, I’ve actually never cycled before. Sounds bad, but true. I’m not too interested in trying though.

    By G on 05.23.2008

  2. life, that’s how things evolve and turn from one thing to another. the cycle is more like a spiral. we keep coming around the axes, but in different vertical positions i a sense we keep going in cycles but we pass them during different points of view in our lifes.

    By iassen on 05.23.2008

  3. I wrote my bicycle a long, long time ago. Once, I was riding it at the beach with my cousin, and as I called something out to him (he was just slightly ahead of me) he turned at the worst possible time. I accelerated, stupidly, without reason, without thought, only later to realize that I was crashing into him, that I was flying through the air.

    By colette on 05.23.2008

  4. the cycle is short. it spans only of an up and a down, probably a little bump, too. a cycle, although short, seems so long for one being. one thing one must know is that cycles are all the same.

    By Ryc on 05.23.2008

  5. bike, period, baby, sex, happy, sex, all the time, yeah, works for me,

    By Joojoo on 05.23.2008

  6. I was just watching Beauty and the Geek, and they had this word problem thing, like


    So like it’s tricycle, and the beauties were like, recycle? threecycle? It was funzors.

    By Anna on 05.23.2008

  7. every life has it’s cycle… sometimes it’s a bicycle… sometimes a motorcycle… at the ends, all begins where it ends… no accident involved…

    By Joe Safi on 05.23.2008

  8. bicycles. bicycles are fun. depression cycles i dont know i think that it sucks. cycling thoughts difficult thoughts hiding from my head cycles manic cycles i dont get manic cycles. cycle i’d love to bicycle but cars are the accepted fashion at 19 the world is going to shit people need to bicycle more. motorcycles suck i dont know. i suck. thats right. i suck more than motorcycles probnably.

    By abby on 05.23.2008

  9. I haven’t cycled since i was a kid i remember loving it though… I had a red bike, I cycled round and round my street on it. Bump off the kerb, acrosss the road, bump up the kerb, down the path, bump… again and again. It was peaceful you know?

    By Lauren Jane on 05.23.2008

  10. cycle safe
    cycle fun
    cycle are everywhere
    for anyone
    i cant do this
    i am in a cycle
    there is no stopping
    only riding
    until you are forced to jump

    By paper on 05.23.2008

  11. As I left the caf

    By JO on 05.23.2008