September 20th, 2009 | 497 Entries

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497 Entries for “distract”

  1. i guess it means to draw attention away from…to try and change someones focus on something, or maybe change your own focus if you’re stuck thinking about something you don’t wanna think about? maybe its a form of procrastination. pretty sure this website is a distraction. sometimes you need one.

    By katy on 09.21.2009

  2. the only place i know, therefore the best!!!

    By dje on 09.21.2009

  3. one word can be defind by many things
    it can mean anumber of things
    the one work to say how exactly how they feel
    one word from the heart tht keeps it real
    the one word can make all the difference to things in a situation
    it is like life un explained
    it has no meaning and no anomaly.

    By joshua h on 09.21.2009

  4. The ADD in life that forever forbid anyone to complete a single thought

    By cody on 09.21.2009

  5. It happens a lot when I start thinking of someone I love or hate.

    By Anonymous on 09.21.2009

  6. distraction is quite common in todays fast paced world. There are nuicances which distract us at work or when we are concentrating hard.

    By Roger on 09.21.2009

  7. Distraction is such a hard thing to deal with, for me. I have my mind all set on one little thing, and then Pop! up comes this tantalizing prospect of doing something else.
    It’s very frustrating.
    I mean, really.
    You should stop laughing at me.
    Because my sudden desire to be smackingly violent is getting the better of me, which is ‘distracting’ me from my originaly purpose of talking to you calmly, face to face.

    By ellie b. on 09.21.2009

  8. that’s my daughter–ADD, they had said at one point, which she, of course, took as an excuse for the next 3 years. “I can’t help it that I forgot to do my homework; I got distracted” she would shrug, and I’d sigh. Pretty soon my son picked up on it as well–hey, you can’t blame the little guy for trying.

    By Nancy N. on 09.21.2009

  9. The world is a bug place full of possibilities. Everyone can do anything ever. It’s a beautiful place where you can do anything at anytime, anywhere. I love this one world. We are one. Only One.

    By Anonymous on 09.21.2009

  10. She wondered if his intent had been to distract with kisses. His mouth was so warm, so tenderly inviting that she had at first given little thought to the grinding and thrusting that was going on.
    He paused. “Am I inside you?” His face was full of panic.

    By winter on 09.21.2009

  11. it is simply hard to keep my mind on just one thing, i go off on all kinds of tangents, concentration is hard to do sometimes. i use the internet as a distraction rather than working.

    By jo on 09.21.2009

  12. He’s a distraction, if anything. He’s nothing of value. What’s a boy, anyway? Disposable, like a child’s plaything. He’ll wear out his usefulness once he starts getting attached. I have better things to worry about.

    By Natalie on 09.21.2009

  13. I was told to distract the night guards as the rest of the family went in to steal the royal jewels.

    By lyss on 09.21.2009

  14. people are distractions in themselves. i believe that a part of the human brain is made to provide distractions in the most stressfull moment so you can survive with your sanity intact.

    By iamME on 09.21.2009

  15. confusion, not thinking straight, outside forces and lack of concentration. Short attention spans cause for holes in thoughts. Incomplete thoughts, process interuptus.

    By MLilley on 09.21.2009

  16. Wow, that word is so distracting, especially when you have to wright about it and it’s just sitting up there. I wonder who comes up with these things, it’s so weird. But back to writing about being distracted . Wait, what was I writing about just there, this bee flew by my window and I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be writing about.
    Philip Schweitzer

    By schweitzer.philip@gmail.com on 09.21.2009

  17. most women distract me from my life chores how they can be so beautiful and smell so go to me distract is caused by women…. there is a god :)

    By Mark on 09.21.2009