September 19th, 2009 | 497 Entries

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497 Entries for “resist”

  1. resistance to a disease. resistance to enemys internally or exterrnally. desicions

    By bob on 09.20.2009

  2. Oh God.

    How can he resist? Her big, huge doe eyes are staring at him, her cherry lips slightly parted, and that’s enough. That’s enough message already.

    One thing he knows for sure is that every inch of his body is yearning for her.

    By Leezh on 09.20.2009

  3. You can’t resist the power that is called the heart. It controls you and it keeps you alive and moving. Once you are set to live, unless abortion is a factor, it is the ultimate controller. It is waht brought you into this world and what can also take you out.

    By BridgetEvine on 09.20.2009

  4. I think of people resisting the government. Of standing up for themselves and what they believe. What kind of word is this? This is no fun to right about. I feel like I’m doing a boring school assignment. Why couldn’t I have gotten a cool word, like…well…what would be a good word?

    By on 09.20.2009

  5. i am resisting writing about this word. i didn’t really know what to write. i resist the urge to skip school every day. i also resist the urge to loudly quit my job every time something i hate happens (which is about every 15 minutes). i am resisting the urge to spend all the money i made last night.

    By stephanie on 09.20.2009

  6. its hard to resist something when you know you want it so bad. when something is right in front of your face and you can’t do anything about it because you can’t. you’re restricted. you’re restricted to be a certain person, to do that certain thing and to be what everyone expects you to be. but sometimes its hard to resist and you can’t help yourself but to break that resistance.

    By mandy on 09.20.2009

  7. drugs are the downfall

    By Anonymous on 09.20.2009

  8. I couldn’t resist her. She was so tempting; amazing; intoxicating.

    My wife will kill me for this.

    By Chester V. on 09.20.2009

  9. Resistance is futile. Whether we like it or not, we will all fall into the trap of our greatest desires. To resist is to waste time, time that cannot be returned. So, just relax and indulge.

    By Siobhan on 09.20.2009

  10. stopor fightkick scream punch tazer pain

    By df on 09.20.2009

  11. I can’t resist to write something about resist. Resistance will be needed when winter comes. My brain resist to generate any new idea about resist. Sorry that’s all.

    By Anonymous on 09.20.2009

  12. something that i did not do last night. i couldn’t resist you. i knew what was best for me, but went against it anyways. let us hope there are no repercussions. i like you, but i love him, and i dont know how to tell you without hurting you

    By rachel on 09.20.2009

  13. I can’t resist resisting. Resisting something means you have the power not to do it. Usually it is something you want to do but you hold yourself

    By Nealio on 09.20.2009

  14. to stay away from when you want it so bad. extreme amount of self control. wating something horribly badbut cant have it

    By indy on 09.20.2009

  15. -ance is futile. Many try to resist but soon find that it is easier to simply go with the flow of life instead of trying to swim against its current.

    By Magpie on 09.20.2009

  16. Resist societies demanding taboos of life, of personal happiness. Resist the doubts, resist the stigmas, but don’t resist YOUR lifes dreams and goals. Resisting only brings confusion and won’t prosper your destiny.

    By kruddz on 09.20.2009

  17. resistor

    By rizzei on 09.20.2009