September 21st, 2009 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “mercury”

  1. have mercy on that person. Be sympethetic to their feelings and needs.

    By Anonymous on 09.22.2009

  2. mercury is a planet. im not sure what else it is. oh, its an element. right? an element. and its in with the fishies and thats why I don’t eat them. as for what mercury actually IS, though, i have no frigin idear. who the poop cares? mercury is also a car, right? yea, something like that. frank turner is so good! mercury mixer mercury meet me make me moo

    By bozo on 09.22.2009

  3. Made me think of planets write away, which is cliche, but whatever. Also makes me think of my job. We have planets that hang from the ceiling and I have to make sure the lighting board director turns them on. But mostly it just reminds me of The Planets.

    By Mo on 09.22.2009

  4. The speed and wonder of such a mineral. It flows and rolls like little balls of steel with the consistency of liquid. Fun and dangerous!

    By Skip on 09.22.2009

  5. a small planet that is red and has no life form on it. A substance used in thermomitors that is a very weird liquid/solid it is silver

    By Mackenzie on 09.22.2009

  6. Roman name for the first planet in our solar system; the Greek version of which is Hermes, messenger of the gods. Named as such as it revolves around the sun quickest of all the planets.

    By bb on 09.22.2009

  7. Fuck me mercury is poisonous.

    By Dick on 09.22.2009

  8. The smallest, hottest, loneliest little planet. A liquid for measuring temperature. A famous singer. An element.

    By Glen on 09.22.2009

  9. that one planet by the sun the smallest one its kind a like mars but smaller, its kinad red too
    but i then a gain so it smars. I hate my love life
    i just want to fool around thn come back to the one i love but of course thas nt goig ot happen

    By lauren on 09.22.2009

  10. In college, there was a band that named themselves “____ ______ Mercury.” I can’t remember the rest of it. But I remember the “Mercury” part because Mercuries are old lady cars. Not too rock-and-roll, you know?

    By Abbie on 09.22.2009

  11. the boat is going so fast you don’t even want to be in it. But you are, along with everyone else. fuck that shit.

    By fff on 09.22.2009

  12. The smallest, hottest, loneliest little planet. A liquid for measuring temperature. A famous singer. An element.

    By Glen on 09.22.2009

  13. floy silvery liquid that is so fasinating to the eyes… also a liquid metal… really amazing thing to write about but

    By bil on 09.22.2009

  14. Mercury; closest planet to the sun, yet my son tells me it is not the hottest plannet, Venus second in line is hotter because it is covered in thick clouds and traps in the heat.

    By Chandelier on 09.22.2009

  15. Is the planet closest to the sun. It’s really like. Small and red. It’s got no atmosphere because, well, I don’t even know. It just doesn’t. Take my word for it. Humans could never live there. It’s too hot. But a rock could, probably. I mean, rocks don’t live very ambitious lives and would be content with laying all day in a hot environment.

    By Nick on 09.22.2009

  16. Phonetical doppelganger.

    By Kaizar on 09.22.2009

  17. is in retrograde. it means it’s moving backwards in the zodiac. sometimes it makes people crazy and things don’t work properly. this time around i’m not really feeling it, but maybe you are.

    also staying away from foods high in mercury is always a good thing.

    i love this concept!

    By casey on 09.22.2009

  18. slick like the oil from a pan but shiny like a eding r

    By Anonymous on 09.22.2009

  19. The quicksilver spilled from the broken themometer like the tears of the tin man.

    By Benjamin on 09.22.2009

  20. hot and temporal
    measuring the incline decline of
    exaggerated thought
    it’s just that the
    clutter is too much
    there’s no shhhway
    there’s no feng
    it just is
    hot always liking it hot

    By jsd on 09.22.2009

  21. Tiny little planet that gets very little credit, In fact it is often associated with a poisonous chemical that makes you not want to eat fish. I think Mercury should get a better shot at life.

    By jonzer on 09.22.2009

  22. Mercury Rising
    temperature fo sure
    can we find a cure
    to this
    get some discipline

    By Tiffany N on 09.22.2009

  23. mi yo
    es tu yo
    raramente yo
    caresco de yo
    un dia yo

    By Chhhhhh on 09.22.2009

  24. I know that mercury poisoning is bad. One time I dropped and old school thermometer and it broke and the mercury balls were everywhere.I tried to clean it up and hie it from my family but my mom caught me and was raging mad. It was very dangerous…and you wish you could hear the rest of the story .

    By Katie on 09.22.2009

  25. was a great club in Miami, that rare singer, in the sky right next to the moon, and one my Dad’s favorite cars (1932 chopped)

    By JT on 09.22.2009

  26. red, far, lost, alone. possibly the only thins this planet and i could ever have in common. luckily i wont be even half of these for long, just until the rest of my things show up for college and my friends get here for a night on the town!!

    By katie on 09.22.2009

  27. a planet, a substance, it;s the closest planet to the sun, and it’s hot, and the substancce is used to measure temperature, because it’s incredibly sensitive to temperature presumably, but is there another connection? maybe the planet is made up f the substance mostly, but then it would melt, so probably not.
    It’s also supposed to be a pollutant in the ocean

    By Johnny on 09.22.2009

  28. mercury is the planet i was born upon. This place is very dear to as my parents suffered hard everyday in the iridite mines to bring me some happiness and the only way i could repay them was to move to earth and make a name for myself. i hope they are reading this and know i love them and my mercurian brethren. i love you mom and dad.

    By Pargat Singh on 09.22.2009

  29. a small planet closest to the sun and and a greek god of the sun and the stuff that goes in a thermometer a word derived for the greek thermo and meter and the source of all sorority and fraternaty names.

    By joe on 09.22.2009

  30. mercury is in thermometers i never want to touch it i hear it does bad things to you outside of the thermometer its a element or something i dont know hahahah done.

    By ghfjhgfjh on 09.22.2009

  31. mercury is what is in thermometers. the frst thing i thought of hweni tsaw the word mercury was teh planet but then i quickly changed thought to a thermometer. the red liquid inside i think is mercury adn very poisonous. i could be wrong though. this is just the thoughts as they come to my brain. and my eye iitches right now.

    By randall on 09.22.2009

  32. mercury is in thermometers i never want to touch it i hear it does bad things to you outside of the thermometer its a element or something i dont know hahahah done.

    By ghfjhgfjh on 09.22.2009