May 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “dissolve”

  1. Détruire les anciennes structures, pour faire mieux, plus complexe, plus divers. en integrant leurs bons morceaux a la nouvelle structure

    By ernesto 2.0 on 05.02.2013

  2. when i think of dissolve i think of tablets melting in a glass of water and reminds me of when i had tonsilitis and couldnt even drink my medication because it was so painful, whoch brings me back to when i lived in edinburgh a few years ago.

    By CAT on 05.02.2013

  3. The world dissolves into hypocrisy, craziness and insanity. I dissolve just thinking about it. My mind dissolves every day at school, learning things I don’t care about. My soul is long gone. Dissolved. Bits of dust in the universe.

    By Tally on 05.02.2013

  4. the thoughts that i do want to keep seem to dissolve into a part of brain that cant be retrieved. Yet the things I don’t want to remember dance around in a circle chanting all the things I hate about what was said or done. It’s a cycle that has yet to be broken and still, may be useful at some point in time.

    By Nadia URL on 05.02.2013

  5. This is a test.

    By Amy on 05.02.2013

  6. You disolve into the visible world. No questions, no resistance. You follow the rules set before you because that is all you are shown. You think nothing of the possibilities beyond the mundane. Think. Think for yourself. Of all the things you could do in this world, most choose to do the easiest. the least. the most profitable. Not for love of the act its self, but of the profit it can generate. What about the dreamers, the believers, the thrill- seekers? These are who we should aspire after as a society. Not the greedy, power-hungry. But this can never be, we are sheep. This society only knows to follow, not to lead, think, or question. How can we inspire ourselves? How do we wake up from this fog of destitution?

    By Brittany URL on 05.02.2013

  7. Honestly, the only thing I can think about at this moment is Koolaid. Really? Perhaps because I made some last night. I wish I could draw some sort of profound conclusions about this word, but quite frankly, I’ve got nothing.

    By Amy on 05.02.2013

  8. I was making some coffee the other day, but I had to do some doctoring, as I don’t like the taste. I added milk, then added sugar. The sugar quickly began to dissolve. I picked up the mug, took a swig, and spit it right right back out – I had dissolved salt, rather than sugar.

    By Katie on 05.02.2013

  9. my face dissolved in the witch’s soup, I couldn’t help mytself, and I screamed my head off. There was nothing I could o about it. I was turning into sometyhing I could not imagine, something that could destroy the world. Myt friend was scream

    By Ehhh on 05.02.2013

  10. I watched the ice cube dissolve into my glass. The day was hot and I wished I could just jump into the lake, but that would never happen with my overprotective mother watching me every move. Sure, I could swim, but I was no Olympian and that scared my mom. It was unfair…. everyone else swam. Even the kids who didn’t know had to got to stay in the shallow parts. Why not me?

    By Emilie on 05.02.2013

  11. Uhm I first thought about whatever you dissolve in coke.. What is it… Shit.. UHM ugh crap MENTOS!!! Yeah, mentos dissolve in coke.

    By Jesse on 05.02.2013

  12. I dissolved into space, thin air, pure matter- the way you see your sugar dissolve in a cup of tea. Still there. Yet unseen. I was invisible to all around me, but even so, I was able to influence them.

    By Bonnie Jackson URL on 05.02.2013

  13. Why does the snail dissolve in salt? Why, when I see the word dissolve, does my mind automatically take me here, where I don’t want to be?

    By JP West URL on 05.02.2013

  14. She sat in her meditative state, and in her mind she pictured herself as if drawn on a blackboard. Beginning with her toes, she let them dissolve themselves. One, two, three, four, five on each side. Ecstasy. The rest of her went in, and for an instant she felt oblivion. The phone rang, and she was back. As if she never even disappeared.

    By Kristen URL on 05.02.2013

  15. the powder dissolved into the water inside the beaker. it was ,all things considered, a rather depressing sight because that sort of summed up the entire earth in a few seconds. everything dissolves- nothing is permanent and at some point even we will dissolve into nothing with only some randoms persons notes to remember us.
    “Wow that’s some heavy stuff” i muttered as i wrote observations into my science book.
    “What?” my friend looked up.
    “Nothing” I said turning back to the beaker.

    By Ella W URL on 05.02.2013

  16. Everyday trying to solve the problem as if running against a brick wall when all I need to do is dissolve the negativity and worry inside and jump in and play and laugh and enjoy what we have.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 05.02.2013

  17. She ran her tongue against the ice cold ice cream. Tasting the richness in her mout. She couldn’t believe her parents never let her eat this before. She was seriously missing one of the great joys in life. She was quickly saddened by how fast the ice cream was dissolving.

    By Day Nicole on 05.02.2013

  18. not to slove.not to fix anything wether or not it is correct or accurate. to leave all mistakes in place.

    By dan mhoney on 05.02.2013

  19. Dissolved like you never stood a chance.
    Destroyed like you never existed.
    Nothing left to think about,
    Not those things we never did, nor the things we never were.
    You dissolved into my past like you never were there
    (In most ways, you weren’t).
    But your memory makes me ache
    Daily, nightly,

    By Ciara on 05.02.2013

  20. {ensue/dissolve}

    the first time we met,
    we were two grains of salt
    swallowed by a newly-made sea.

    we were inseparable
    until we weren’t.

    it took one moment, and you
    were lost to me.
    i was left to choke and fry
    out in the sun;

    i was used to season an ear of corn
    and devoured.
    i imagined you drifting, alone.
    maybe you’ve found a new hand to hold,
    maybe a girl is wringing you out of her hair
    and dropping you back in the water.

    i hope we’re reborn with better luck
    in the next one,
    with no use to anyone or anything
    but each other.

    not as pearls, or trees, or horses,
    or people.
    we could be worms, huddled under the
    earth, with four spare hearts each,
    in case to we need one behind.

    By h. b. URL on 05.02.2013

  21. I agree with what Henry Miller wrote somewhere in Black Spring: the boys you worshipped when you first came down into the streets remain with you all your life. They are the real heroes. Gandhi, Thoreau, Socrates – all fiction, all dissolve. Socrates is nothing to me compared to you, dear early friend, who spent the hellish hot days of your summerbreaks sinking in stinking knee-deep swamp mud. All day with those tweezers, you’d delicately pluck leeches from the arm and legpits of painted turtles. It was no easy task pulling the sharp clawed paws from their shells with in one hand while the other surgically removing dozens per pit, but never squeezing too hard (It would’ve been a cruel thing for you to hurt even a bloodsucker.) I’ll never forget how you relocated every leech to a separate home you made for them — that waterpit you dug where you’d deliver them food: road kill you collected from the freeway. I recall you were only late with delivery when it happened to storm the same morning. You had double-duties then. In a race against time, I remember seeing you frantically pedaling, huffing and puffing on your huffy up and down everywhere saving worms before the noontide scorched them to crisp. You realized you’d never save them all alone. So one sweltering afternoon after a storm, when I was about seven, you took me on a walk to see the harsh reality. It was the first and last time I saw someone morn over the death of earthworms. You needed my help to save more souls so I gave you my tiny hands as well as my saliva as you taught me how to administer burn-relief by spitting on those that needed it. To this day i still save a worm when I can…

    By drew URL on 05.02.2013

  22. To dissolve away the evidence from last night’s spree….that was going to be a feat for the criminally insane. Jason just so happened to be criminally insane. He doused the area in bleach, no, wait…a compound that can’t be traced with a black light. Yea that’s what he’ll do…

    By Tarah URL on 05.02.2013

  23. Dissuade
    Fall apart
    Little morsels at the side

    “Can I stop you?”
    “No, no you can’t. But the truth is, I’m not going…”
    “Then why does it look like you aren’t here anymore?”
    “Oh, James, there are pieces of me everywhere. Like sugar in rain, I’ve dissolved. You’ll find me later, in memories and crevices, corners where I come together again.”

    By Saudade URL on 05.02.2013

  24. It all just dissolved away. All the stress, all the fear, the ever increasing heartbeat and the worry. As I stood there and looked into your eyes everything that I had been afraid of left. It left my inmost being and I knew I could count on you. I knew you would care and always be there. I knew it would all be okay. God as I looked into you eyes I finally felt your undying love truly for the first time. And I knew I would survive this.

    By Emma on 05.02.2013

  25. the world began to dissolve before her eyes, first went the colors and the shades, everything became a stark, dark outline – amorphus sillioutes blending into themselves. the skyline faded from view and the skyscrapers, like so many lepros hairs rising out of an infected wound vanished

    By Shannon on 05.02.2013

  26. She dissolves into nothingness, for that is her world. She tries so hard to capture things;something, anything! But it always seems out of her reach. Nothing. The absence of something, someone…

    By Menna Reda on 05.02.2013

  27. I leaned on the counter, watching the little white tablet dissolve in the water. The granite was smooth and cold on my naked skin. These headaches are driving me crazy.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.02.2013

  28. haha what fun. to use a more potent acid to dissolve metals, sugar, or even people. there are so many ways to use the word including to dissolve the paper it is written on. :)

    By zep on 05.02.2013

  29. I ate a nasty hotpocket and my bowels dissolved.The End

    By Brian Miclon on 05.02.2013

  30. when you dissolve something in water, water is the solvent. what’s being put into the water is called the solute. the mixture at the end is called the solution. nine times out of eight, if water is involved, it’s the solvent.

    By tom on 05.02.2013

  31. I was in a pinch, a major dilemma. I was standing in fornt of two men, Mike and Roger. They were both around 6’2″ and each weighing in around 220 pounds. I was not going to come out of this without a few scars and maybe even a broken head. I needed to dissolve the situation, but had no clue how to go about this. I thought of the only thing that came to mind. I just looked at them dead in the eyes and said, “Bring it.” And that, children is how I ended up in a wheel chair.

    By Levi Smith on 05.02.2013

  32. like a gumdrop

    By MR on 05.02.2013

  33. To disappear, magic, salt and water, things that dissolve, vanish. I took to long to figure this out… My bad.

    By Gabby Therriault on 05.02.2013

  34. Dissolve. A slow fade into what seems like nothing – but a dissolved thing is still there, still present, still measurable. It’s just invisible. So if a relationship is dissolved, or a marriage, it doesn’t just go away. It’s still part of the whole picture, still affecting all the reactions that happen after that.

    By Christie on 05.02.2013

  35. I found the paper. The evidence was incriminating. I needed to get rid of it, to make the pain and suffering it caused go away I want to burn to a pile of ashes or dissolve into a puddle of goo.

    By Erin on 05.02.2013

  36. dissolve sugar
    taisty into cofee
    lips licking every spot
    of sparkle into the flavour
    dissolve everything
    in her secret eyes

    By dulce on 05.02.2013

  37. And suddenly, everything we knew, everything we stood for dissolved into nothing. I looked around at the walls I stared at for years and felt nothing.

    By Chris O'Brien URL on 05.02.2013

  38. words to write are infinite much more than actions one can show
    Dissolving an enigma is more complex than finding happinnes.

    By dina on 05.02.2013

  39. Everything eventually disolves, it is hard and it takes more time for some things than for others. We can learn from this that we too are not to last forever, we have a beginning and an end that’s when I think we should not worry too much about stupid things.

    By Ana on 05.02.2013

  40. The sugar dissolved into the coffee of the genetic scientist. He needed it badly because he had been up all night looking at a body that had been brought in by the FBI. It was a very strange case because they had found a partially dissolved piece of parchment lodged in the throat of the victim.

    By Anna Pierce URL on 05.02.2013