May 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “dissolve”

  1. it dissolves quickly. the life. friends dissapears when you become cronically ill. what to do. life dissolves like the alcaseltzer in my glass.

    By Anne on 05.02.2013

  2. i can feel myself fading away with each passing moment. Dissolving into this thick liquid we call humanity.. soon i wil be just another drop in an ocean.. and my life will be over…..

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 05.02.2013

  3. Sometimes we all dissolve into the nothingness of our minds. Changing and transforming into something that we believe is better than what we are but we we are really becoming is something so far from what is better. Perhaps we all think too much about things that are no longer important. Perhaps to disssolve is what we should do.

    By Ashley on 05.02.2013

  4. Build me up so I may be a place for you to stay,
    To play among the ocean waves and wile away the day.
    And when the sun paints colors on the sky and shining sea,
    Away you’ll run to better things, much bigger than me.
    There I’ll stay amid the sparkling grains of sand.
    Not so tall after all, made by little hands.
    Now the salty foam has come and worn me down,
    And Soon I will dissolve back into the ground.

    By Dora URL on 05.02.2013

  5. Bubbles burst to life as the effervescent pill dropped into the water.
    Foam formed and a slight spray of air came at me when I put my face near the surface.
    For whatever reason, being able to see the pill dissolve made me feel grateful.

    By Celine Wu URL on 05.02.2013

  6. Dissolve is disappearing. Disappearing from something into nothing. From that something everyone has known, into that nothing, black, lonely, nothing…..

    Everything dissolves, even us. Everything we do, everything we make, will always, ALWAYS end up to nothing.

    By Josh on 05.02.2013

  7. IN the moment it takes me to digest your Facebook post, I try to remember all the encounters I have had with you that could have alerted me to your being so hurt that you want to grab something to defend yourself. How much must have been taken away from you that you hope to fend off any future threats to your life that you would arm yourself?

    By Thomas Alan Holmes on 05.02.2013

  8. sugar in water
    strength into water
    sand washing out from under my feet

    What i thought was solved

    By Jessica on 05.02.2013

  9. IT PERISHED! Through my eyes like acid in a mist of summer. None to attach my thoughts up against. the lenghty enjoyment of a friend now a fiend. It turned out to just dissolve.

    By Morten B URL on 05.02.2013

  10. D i s s o l v

    By Dave Rogers URL on 05.02.2013

  11. There are feelings that dissolve into the air because we don’t feel them strongly enough. Then there are those emotions that cut through us so violently that we couldn’t tell the difference between them and a machete.

    By Joe on 05.02.2013

  12. It had once flourished to an immense beauty; one that captured my eyes above all others. But it withered. To my utter horror, it drooped mournfully, wanting to live no more. Sooner than ever, it had dissolved into mere ashes and soil, flying away with the forevermore travelling winds.

    By OneJen URL on 05.02.2013

  13. This business relationship is dissolved. No more. Friends enter the cut throat world of economics and capitalism, and gosh, isn’t great? And then comes the money, and the bickering turns into arguing, and then suddenly not only is the business relationship gone but so too is the friendship. Be warned.

    By Ara URL on 05.02.2013

  14. water dissolves everything in it of any color shape and size.
    we will be dissolved in soil after death.

    By arminder on 05.02.2013

  15. The sugar cube was slowly dissolving in a cup of coffee.

    “Help me!” he cried out to the salt and pepper shakers. “Please!”

    But they didn’t reply. They didn’t even hear him. They were too busy dreading what was going to happen at lunchtime.

    By October Mars URL on 05.02.2013

  16. into little particles that float on the wind and are sent off from one another, scattered across the globe, without even a memory of what they once were together

    By Lindsay on 05.02.2013

  17. I would like to dissolve all the uneasiness and discomfort I am currently feeling in regards to my job. It is making me very upset and I am at a point where I don’t know how else to handle and deal with the situation so I really need a change and a resolution for what I am going through.

    By Layta URL on 05.02.2013

  18. There is so much to talk about this. Our experiences dissolve a lot of memories within us. that alone forms a large part of who we are. its a great way to learn by takin in what we get from around.

    By Brahma Jyoti on 05.02.2013

  19. Slowly everything crumbled. My hands were shaking and I closed my eyes as I felt the sand drip through my fingers like soft water. The rocks shattering as they hit the ground, the sea foam hitting the cliffs, tearing the world apart atom by atom. And I stood in the midst of this chaos, feeling complete.

    By Simon URL on 05.02.2013

  20. Juice. I like juice. The powdered kind where you dissolve it in water. I just think there’s too much sugar in it. Which is pretty sad.

    By frtzbnzn URL on 05.02.2013

  21. I think of water and its ability to absorb everything dropped into it. How, the thing, becomes so slowly, slowly, slowly one with the water, sharing its essence, and really becoming not itself at the same time. I think of how, sometimes, the thing dropped in may be a powder or a whole thing still, and yet all, when dropped in the water becomes its essence again.

    By LBJP URL on 05.02.2013

  22. The remaining piece of the red substance dissolve in the water, while the detectives where trying to recover it. The current was too strong and the rope broke away while it was being hauled up.

    By victor URL on 05.02.2013

  23. For me dissolve means,be indipendent,not be with anyone else,but yourself.It means,everybody needs to go in their own way,it means take care of yourself.

    By Nikoletta on 05.02.2013

  24. ring around me as I fall
    I just don’t know what happened to it all
    pale and helpless as it revolves
    I can’t stop watching it dissolve…
    This love we had it was so dear
    it didn’t matter, far or near
    but now it’s cracking all apart…
    I wish that I could save my heart.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.02.2013

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  26. You drop the pill in vinegar, and it dissolves into fizz. The bubbles hiss above the surface and pop. After the momentary disturbance, the liquid ripples into its point of impact, then stills. It’s as if nothing had ever happened.

    By Ashi URL on 05.02.2013

  27. marriage had been full of highs and lows. but lately it had just been in-betweens. no blow ups, no huge fights. just the maddening and painful in betweens.

    By Laura Stockett Roberts on 05.02.2013

  28. rain falls
    a drizzle that coats everything
    let it dissolve your stress
    let it soothe the fire
    lessen the ache of the everyday

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 05.02.2013

  29. who did the fault

    By akshay on 05.02.2013

  30. Dissolve your sorrow – this too shall pass.

    By Marianne URL on 05.02.2013

  31. Substances. Becoming one, becoming joined. Love. Hate. Let them dissolve. Let them defeat one another, let us become one. People.

    By Nolan McDaniel on 05.02.2013

  32. Dissolve fear. Dissolve worry. they are useless fetters that keep you from going forward to experience all the good God has prepared for you. Trust that He loves you enough to have prepared the way.

    By Sandy URL on 05.02.2013

  33. Im ready to dissolve to the next scene in my movie life. Too much time has been spent upon this scene and I can only imagine what the next scene will be. What’s ironic though, is I will be feeling his same exact way about my future scene in future time and it will be a constant cycle of unhappiness and discontentment until death knocks at my door. I hope I am able to change the cycle soon.

    By monique URL on 05.02.2013

  34. Everyone of my feelings dissolving into the enormous lake of nothing. Losing their meaning.

    By Fernanda URL on 05.02.2013

  35. My judgments are causing my previous love for what I once thought was so great dissolve. This feeling is scary. I thought I knew my family but I know them far less than I did. All those feelings and admirations I had for them simply dissolve away as more time goes on.

    The more time that goes on, the more I discover about them and even about myself. Those feelings will never be the same. No longer is the illusion going to fool me. The mirror has shattered. My feelings have dissolved.

    By Vincent Nguyen URL on 05.02.2013

  36. make something to disappear, to vanish and don’t exist any more. go away, no more to see

    By marymg on 05.02.2013

  37. i have nothing to say, nothing to communicate, any ideas have disbanded into space or melted into the glass desk or have undergone solution in my cup of frozen raspberry spiked water because i am wrung out and stripped and void of all concsious thoughts in my head. sunburn or the freezing cold or simply the fact that only one concept fills my mind.

    By berenique URL on 05.02.2013

  38. It took a long time to decide what they were going to do about the walls that had come up. It wasn’t easy to let go of their differences and make room for change. But there was a way to end the conflict, and it was the only way they had. After years of fighting, they dropped their fight and dissolved into peace.

    By Missy URL on 05.02.2013

  39. once upon a time someone fell in a vat of acid and dissolved. they had a horrible painful death. they were evil. the end.

    By Distraction Fox on 05.02.2013

  40. i saw this show once where a guy was driving an rv with a gas mask on. in the back was red goo, sloshing around as he frantically sped down a dirt road. someone had told me about the show, they said the goo in the back was a dissolved human being. i never watched that show again.

    By nathan carson URL on 05.02.2013