May 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “dissolve”

  1. The whole galaxy seemed to dissolve into a tall, clear glass, swimming cosmos waiting to be imbibed by the one who had poured the stardust from the bottle. One swish baked the cocktail in an angry burst of energy, and when swallowed, it caused fireworks within the cavernous belly, rumbled, and then was silent. The rotation of the axis was all it took to get the drinker’s head spinning.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.01.2013

  2. My ability to feel dissolved away like sugar in water. I was numb. I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t see anything. I could barely think. She’s dead. The doctor just said my grandmother was dead. I couldn’t stop myself from falling out of the chair and onto the floor. Maybe I’d dissolve away too…

    By Rachel on 05.01.2013

  3. She felt like her heart was about to dissolve right out of her chest at that very moment. Nothing would ever be ok again.

    By Kayla on 05.01.2013

  4. I’m not really here, not quite so. I’ve been slowly and effortlessly withering away, and not a soul has noticed. I barely have. I am quiet, and at peace, and soon, I will be none of that or anything else anymore.

    By nico URL on 05.01.2013

  5. Stiles dissolves like sugar when Derek touches him. Not sexually, just. He’s the alpha, Derek could tear him apart if he wants to and Stiles is fucking SCARED. so he dissolves, melts, wilts. If he seems pathetic it’s because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

    By Rose on 05.01.2013

  6. the crunchy crystals quickly dissolved into a perfect sweetness on the tip of my tongue as I licked the rim of my glass. the passion flower pink liquid onside intrigued my as I took in

    By Rachel on 05.01.2013

  7. And from then on, my love has dissolved, shriveled into something unrecognizable. After that one comment, we sealed our fates; we’re destined to fail.

    By Evan Lindemann on 05.01.2013

  8. I dissolved like a puddle on the floor after the papers were served. What kind of man chooses not to support his own children and even ask , really commands, one of these children to serve the papers to put this level of cruelty into effect. The kind of man who should have never married in the first place! The kind of man who does not deserve to have the title father added to his resume!

    By Tracey on 05.01.2013

  9. i awoke in the seeming scream
    the body unnatural; the death of birth
    the realities dissolve
    the fortunes revolve
    and the end is the beginning
    until it isn’t anymore.

    By Matty M. on 05.01.2013

  10. I want all my worries to dissolve because I know that they really don’t matter much. Maybe a warm, heavy rain will come and clear my mind. Maybe it’s you.

    By Addie on 05.01.2013

  11. I want all my worries to dissolve because I know that they really don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Maybe a warm, heavy rain will come and clear my mind and dissolve them away. Maybe that rain is you.

    By Yep on 05.01.2013

  12. And that’s what happens when you place a sugar in water.

    It dissolves, nothing more it just dissolves.

    And that’s how Sophie felt about her life, just little bits and pieces eventually dissolving away into nothing. That one day everything isn’t going to mean something and every little grain of sugar is going to disappears and one day, one day she’s going to disappear too. Just like Finn, she’s going to be gone.

    And that’s what terrifies her most.

    By Charlette URL on 05.01.2013

  13. I am the sediment at the bottom of the glass when you place the sugar cube on the slotted spoon over the green liquor and light the fire. I am the fragmented memories you can feel behind your eyes but you can’t ever see. I’m am the granulated specks of everything you wanted me to be as I sink into the Earth, dissolving away with time and forgetting.

    By Katie Wright on 05.01.2013

  14. She watched the sleeping pills dissolve into his broth. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six perfect white pills. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six large gulps. Now, endless sleep and freedom.

    By Samantha on 05.01.2013

  15. The water was cold, and as Ariadne’s feet touched it, the strangest tingling sensation came over her. The water was, in fact, not water- it was Hydrochloric acid. Piece by piece her skin started to flake off into the corrosive liquid. Soon, the last remaining trace that she had ever existed was the small metal brooch from her coat lapel.

    By 0reo0wl on 05.01.2013

  16. fate left us in a dissolving mess
    luckily, we’re are quality house keepers
    and swept up the dust and the unwanted feelings
    to return to pristine glory
    of wanted youth
    (more actually, age)
    and now have a house to build upon

    By Lily on 05.01.2013

  17. Oh God, just let me dissolve into You. Let all that is me disappear into the vastness of your love, for apart from You I have nothing worth saving. A blind, stumbling fool who continues to hurt those she cares about most. Oh Father, have mercy on me! A contrite heart is what you need to move, and you have one. Let my tears mix with the blood of Christ into a heavenly flow that will wash my wounds clean.

    By aura.rayne on 05.01.2013

  18. I stepped out into the cold evening air and looked to the heavens. As I breathed in the shock of freezing air, my eyes burned with the light of the stars and I began to dissolve into the sky.

    By Emily on 05.01.2013

  19. There are times I want to dissolve, disappear…but then this feeling goes away. Today I feeel I want to expand, propagate…explode. I am happy

    By AudreyVirginiaAna on 05.01.2013

  20. Strange to think that in the dark of night fear will dissolve away in moonlight. Never to be seen again.

    By Strategos on 05.01.2013

  21. The tablet dissolved in the water, Peter drank the potion. Immediately his world turned. Colours flowed from the corners of his eyes, his arms floated at his side. “What was this” he thought. The girl next to him seemed distant.

    By Brendan Hill on 05.01.2013

  22. The liquid fell into the glass and danced along the sides before reaching the bottom with a splotch. Now for the tint to dissolve; a swirl and a twirl and the most amazing pattern forming around the edges that were reminiscent of her grandmother’s wallpaper.

    By Amimee URL on 05.01.2013

  23. alka seltzer. I think that’s how you spell it. That’s what i think of when i see this world. Which brings me to tums. That is a damn good name for a product. Tums. Makes me think of tummy. Which is a cute word for my belly.

    By Ketan Jethwa URL on 05.01.2013

  24. That’s what will happen to this post. It will dissolve into the depths of this board of several messages. You’ll probably forget about reading it. Like a molecule in a slew of cells. So why am I writing? To dissolve my own thoughts of despair, perhaps.

    By Ketan URL on 05.02.2013

  25. I feel long un-felt things beginning to have their layers dissolved off of them, re-awakening things I can barely remember.

    By Dante on 05.02.2013

  26. there seems to be a beach and my feet
    they stand on not solids
    see my feet dissolve into the ocean
    and while the surf rises
    i find myself so small
    i feel nothing else but salt
    i love this edge

    By TheOnlyLibrarian on 05.02.2013

  27. When i was little, thoughts were for imagination.
    Now they’re for boys.
    When i was little, hands were for patty cake.
    Now they’re for boys.
    When i was little, lips were for smiles.
    Now they’re for boys.
    When i was little, knees were for scraping.
    Now they’re for boys.
    When i was little, virginity was for keeping.
    Now they’re for boys.

    By JaneDoe on 05.02.2013

  28. i feel my brain dissolving.

    a gentle fizz at first,
    a persistent throbbing as it
    splinters into
    my organs beginning to fail
    while my thoughts
    trail into a never-ending plea.


    By rachel. URL on 05.02.2013

  29. He was sinking. It was getting hard to breath. But at least it distracted him from what was actually going on….the water was eating him away. It didn’t hurt, but he could see it, skin turning translucent, and fingers getting thinner.

    By Thomas on 05.02.2013

  30. In a place with no sky nor moon or stars. Where the ground was brittle with dips that you could fall forever into. Trees did not exist, nor flowers or grass. Water lapped at the edges, a black and murky color. This place was a dream, a nightmare. And I loved every second of this cold world. A world with no sky, not even stars. Where the ground was brittle with dips that you could slip into and disappear. Where flower nor trees or grass grew because happiness did not exist. Not yet anyway, and maybe not ever. Where the water was black and bitter in its hate. This was my dark place. The place to go when the rest of the world held not hope and disappeared, dissolved into this waste land of sorrows.

    By Carly on 05.02.2013

  31. And the tears dissolved into her skin; saline bullets that cracked her esteem. And memories crosshatched became to come undone. Smells began to rot and pictures began to convert to pixels.

    Their life together fell apart in a process and with it, her breath and being.

    By paridhirustogi on 05.02.2013

  32. She lays on the cold concrete. Her skin battered and bruised. Abused by the one who was supposed to love her. What can she do? If she stands he will hit her, if she can even stand. So she will just dissolve into the cold ground, disappearing.

    By Caitlin on 05.02.2013

  33. moments, time, skin, leaves, clouds, memories, people, actions, rain; dissolve because there’s no need to solve. Things are what they are, imperfect and complete.

    By nytrist URL on 05.02.2013

  34. I looked down,horrified at the sight I beheld,
    where the drops of rain made contact with my skin
    it had dissolved me,
    into spaces and holes,

    By Keara Tyler URL on 05.02.2013

  35. Every time you hug me, I feel like I’m dissolving into a puddle of jelly-like substance.

    By Nyan on 05.02.2013

  36. She melted, bubbles escaping into the air where she touched the water. Her eyes were wide open in shock and she held her arms outward, as if I could do anything for her. Her soft white hands became a memory, dissolving into the back of my mind.

    By jo on 05.02.2013

  37. Jack released the energy in his hand with a satisfying CRACK! and watched as it hit the water below him.
    “AGH! You bastard!” shouted the Splicer that was after him as the electricity lapped at his arms and legs. “I’ll get you–baaggghhhhh!!”

    By Kelsey on 05.02.2013

  38. Jack watched in mild horror as the Splicer in front of him dissolved into nothing. The electricity had done it’s job, and now the path was clear. He took a deep breath and stepped into the now-clear water. The only place he could go was forward. He still had a lot to do, what with killing Andrew Ryan and all. More Splicers to dissolve with the flick of a wrist.

    By Kelsey on 05.02.2013

  39. Anyone who saw that sight would liken it to
    two atoms in a molecule, with their bodies
    together, and their arms and limbs
    completely entangled with each other

    As a mere spectator, you would never know
    how their hearts followed the same rhythm, and how
    their souls dissolved into one another

    You can never see things for what they are,
    unless you change your perspective

    To the molecular level.

    By Tee on 05.02.2013

  40. “You’re getting worse” – she said. At that point I didn’t understand why I was still there with her, sitting on that chair, watching her scribbling my thoughts on a piece of paper.

    By Nath on 05.02.2013