April 29th, 2009 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “dislike”

  1. The second level of unliking.

    By mojik on 04.30.2009

  2. Dislike

    There is a dislike
    like the brutal concave
    of light,
    so intense
    a humid fog onto the earth’s flesh.

    By Kent on 04.30.2009

  3. I dislike my brother. I wish I didn’t, but I do. I have tried for years to like him and have him like me. No luck. So I think I am going to give up, disengage and live my life apart from his. This will disturb my mother who likes to make-peace.

    By Wendy on 04.30.2009

  4. i dislike alot of things too many i think for a mid life home boy such as me, too much hatin not enough love, too cynical, i dislike that i dislike so much….i like that i said this now though

    By lonie on 04.30.2009

  5. i dislike wen pp r meen nd not nice. i also dislike wen the boy u luv just kisses u cuz u want 2 not cuz he wants 2 i dislkie my teachers @ skool some r meen nd reely menn i dislike losing in p.e i only like winnig

    By anonymos on 04.30.2009

  6. and it hit me,
    its just the way it happened
    and she liked it
    and i didnt
    and suddenly i didnt look as good as i thought i did.

    By frankie waite on 04.30.2009