April 28th, 2009 | 230 Entries

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230 Entries for “glossy”

  1. Glossy paper is the most attractive thing that I have ever used in the work of art and craft that I have created. The surface texture and the wide range of colours it is available in truly make for a viewers delight. I do not use glossy vocabulary.

    By ishan mahajan on 04.29.2009

  2. my lips. my hair. flossy flossy, the floor the water bottle in front of me. and thats about it

    By C on 04.29.2009

  3. lipgloss. hmm, my favorite would have to be a vanilla kind. I hate when it gets stuck in my hair. Has that ever happened to you? Like, when your hair flies in your face and all of a sudden you have a furry mouth. glossy… hmmm. what else is glossy? i guess some cars are.

    By Kali on 04.29.2009

  4. shinny, new things, bright colors. Lip gloss, getting dressed up. Excitement, going out with friends, dancing, parties. Photos, memories, time passing

    By Kira on 04.29.2009

  5. GLOSSY. yucky. i hate glossy. like that word just feels gooey to me. sticky. ready to jump out and grab me. glossy magazine covers, glossy lips, glossy fingernail polish. why do people want to be glossy?? i don’t get it. that’s all i have to say about that.

    By anna on 04.29.2009


    By HELIO CARMO on 04.29.2009

  7. magazine pages are what comes to mind. Plus those annoying little paper subscription inserts. Who ever actually uses those for anything except picking their teeth anyway? Can’t be fashionable with seeds from the morning’s bagel in your teeth. Come on, Vogue.

    By Kristin on 04.29.2009

  8. shinig
    spinning orbit
    of silvery blue-green
    rainbow pot of gold
    for the taking
    only after the rain
    only after the rain
    the wet makes me happy happy happy
    so be it
    take the pot
    run to me

    By paisley on 04.29.2009


    By Daniel Arntz on 04.29.2009

  10. His glossy, glazed eyes, tell me he wasn’t terrorized. He was but mesmerized. By the beauty in her form.

    Her glossy red lips shone brightly. Her dress wraped her to tightly. She touched his hand lightly. He felt her touch, so warm.

    The glossy picture in wich they both stand. Shows thair love, hand in hand. They walk the sunset beach filled with sand. Behind them there is the perfect storm.

    By Hannah on 04.29.2009

  11. The shiny, glossy, new finish was incredible! I couldn’t believe how new it made the instrument look. It was almost as if it was just store bought. Its reflections were untouched by scratches or by oily fingers. I didn’t know how much it had cost, but I knew I loved it already.

    By andy on 04.29.2009

  12. Its shiny and new. My paint is a semi-gloos. It’s pretty nice. I think the satin would have been so much better though. The semi gloss is exactly what i thought it would be. But i don;t know why i picked it. Probably because ella wanted it. How much more time do i have?

    By Ryan Hughes on 04.29.2009

  13. shiny, to hard to see without it hitting the sun like a diso ball at a shitty night club after dark, I miss those times so much, sweetie

    By Lindsey on 04.29.2009

  14. I definitely prefer the matte finish on photos. They gave me glossy. I hung them on my wall anyway and every night as I attempt to fall asleep the light from my computer screen reflects off them like eyes in the jungle. It frightens me.

    By Kate on 04.29.2009

  15. The glossy photo paper gleamed white as I placed it in the tray. “This picture had better print out right,” I mumbled as I sat back at the computer. “Print.” I pressed the button and immediately heard the printer start up.

    By beetle on 04.29.2009

  16. Her hair was a glossy black against the bright snow. It was all I could do but stare at that contrast as the snow changed from it’s purity to a deep red as the blood spilled from her body.

    By Maggie on 04.29.2009

  17. Shiney, wet, slick, smooth as glass 8×10 model shots magazine pictures faces glaring up at you

    By Crystal on 04.29.2009

  18. shinny happy people papers magazines fairies too many to name inside out and round about too many times we have gone through this shiny amazing sand and sun and surf and too many to name and y and s and g and l and o and bossy and to many to name and one more time we go around shiny see through too many to name what comes up must come down glass see through shiny healthy happy too many to name lost my train of thought and I found it again in a fairy tale. Amen.

    By Jenna on 04.29.2009

  19. shiny brilliant thing
    beside me.

    By @ on 04.29.2009


    By CHRIS on 04.29.2009

  21. as the car glided along the highway, we all admired the new glossy finish, it shone like the sun, as the hover car silently passed us, we noticed that even dust was repelled from the car.

    By morghan on 04.29.2009

  22. shiny, attractive, form over substance, presentation, feels good to hold, advertising, female.

    Things made to look better than they are.

    By Tony M on 04.29.2009

  23. glossy is exactly how she would describe her new life, Always beautiful and busy, but never very exciting. She knew it could be worse, but still…

    By kw on 04.29.2009

  24. my passport is all glossy and new. after all the use i am about to give it, i don’t think it’ll stay that way for long. i fly out in about five hours. less, i think. i’ve never been away from home this long before. two months. i’m scared. i feel like a little bird about to jump from a nest, i don’t care how lame that is. i’m glad i’ll have a hand to hold.

    By Jillian on 04.29.2009

  25. glossy lipstick drips down her mouth as she saturates his dick in her saliva and he screams and moans and cums in her face. She yells hey bitch I said pull out. He looks deep into her eyes and cums in her hair again. She says well atleast my glossy lipstick is still intact. He says you look like a whore.

    By brian delfani on 04.29.2009

  26. I hate glossy things it makes me mad some how because then i think that women that are glossy are either hos or really rich and I don’t have that. yet, then again, glossy girls are hot bitches and I’m into hot bitches and they are hot almost every time you come across one. YAY glossy chicks.

    By Kiaa korona on 04.29.2009

  27. photos on my bulletin board. if i didn’t like them so much they’d remind me of you, and then i would feel that horrible ache in my core, that sensation of failure and disappointment and embarrassment. but i do like them, so i keep them even if sometimes they make me sick.

    By Kali on 04.29.2009

  28. the glossy photo glints in the rays pouring golden in from the window, sun setting. i wipe the tears from my eyes as i remember those times we had, and throw the picture away.

    By rachel on 04.29.2009

  29. Glossy. Like a book full of colorful vibrant pages.

    Glossy like the condom after it comes out.

    Glossy like the skin of someone coming out of the water

    By Sam on 04.29.2009

  30. Glossy like a wet condom

    By sam on 04.29.2009