September 13th, 2017 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “discontent”

  1. I think it is like dont do somehing right or run.

    By luke on 09.14.2017

  2. not content with whats happening around you. don’t know whats going on. Confused maybe. Not listening maybe not caring at all.

    By bob URL on 09.14.2017

  3. Bob was discontent with the small number of cats he was given. He wanted more than one hundred, and he only got three!

    By Naya Tester on 09.14.2017

  4. I hate eating glass.

    By B Slusher on 09.14.2017

  5. The indie film that catapulted Scarlett Johansson into the limelight has its share of memorable mome.

    By adidas superstar 80s femme blanche URL on 09.14.2017

  6. the discontent was heavy in the air. Noone knew when the next meal was coming from but they all knew there would be a fight for it. Despite being in the same camp for the last 6 months together, the first meal would be a test for the friendships that have been made.

    By procrast URL on 09.14.2017


    By Alex URL on 09.14.2017

  8. Idc bout dis all u need 2 know is me DA QUEEN OF THE WORLD BRO



    By Caroline da Queen on 09.14.2017

  9. I feel discontent yesterday, I think about many things, maybe a little miss my home, I have no idea, but my coach, Mr.Brad and my basketball coach helped me a lot, I am appreciated to them, I feel very lucky I can have the coach like them.

    By Jerry Chen on 09.14.2017

  10. why neighbor had party every Friday night ? The music its very loud i’m discontent, how i should to do i told them one hundred times !!!

    By javier on 09.14.2017

  11. what is going on? what what what turns off the internets what what what I have discontent for this good enough for you??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    By Jackson Bach on 09.14.2017

  12. well i don’t really know what this word means to be honest. but if i took a guess it would probably be rude or unkind. like a scrooge, he really didn’t care if he ruined everybody else’s Christmas. he was just selfish.

    By jazwaz28 on 09.14.2017

  13. This is a word that is not content because it is DIS content. TAAADAAAAA

    By DNH on 09.14.2017

  14. to disconect a certainthing from something else or like break two things apart and pull items from each other

    By SL on 09.14.2017

  15. Discontent. A word not many use. Content as in happiness? Content as in a list of chapters? Dis as in unhappy?

    By America Schreave on 09.14.2017

  16. Iḿ discontent with this word. I wanted a better prompt for my first one. Discontent is boring. It´s too simple. Too ordinary.


  17. Discontent pretty much sums up how I feel right now. My brother was on the right path and now that’s been stolen from him. I know he did it to himself but I didn’t try and stop him. I even participated in his misdeeds even if they didn’t hurt anyone, even if it was a victimless crime, one that shouldn’t be a crime. But now he’s violated probation and has to go back to jail, will lose the good job he has.

    By Lee on 09.14.2017

  18. not satisfied

    By Bianca on 09.14.2017

  19. The workers discontent could not be overlooked by their boss anymore.

    By Phoenix on 09.14.2017

  20. I am discontent that I have no idea what to write about so I’m doing this cliche thing where I write about how I have nothing to say. I did it, I’m done. Game over

    By Liam on 09.14.2017

  21. I forced myself to turn and look at the desk. It looked so melancholy sitting there in the shadow of the closed curtain, almost foreboding. The fact that Harrison would never sit there again was slowly sinking in by the minute, making me more and more restless. But there wasn’t any chance that I could get a hold of him now. He would have arrived, and would never know that it was me who’d done everything–me who’d been the cause of all his trouble. I reached out and touched the desk, which I hadn’t even realized I’d approached. A chill went up my arm; the surface was cold. Cold as my heart.

    By spiffypenguin on 09.14.2017

  22. I am discontent to keep doing school. I am bored and it is weird. Bleah! SCHOOL! It is discontenting!

    By Secretcommander on 09.14.2017

  23. She moaned with discontent. All her life, Nora Jean had been dragged around the country for her father’s job, And she couldn’t take it anymore. She wouldn’t take it anymore. No matter what, NJ was staying in Chicago, even if she had to glue her feet to the ground.

    By Padme Amidala URL on 09.14.2017