September 14th, 2017 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “bark”

  1. I call my little dog. I tell him to say hello and he says,” bark, bark.” He is the most adorable dog you could ever see. He is black and white. You could probably think of his name if you liked cookies. Oreoooooooooo! Well its just Oreo. I love him so much, he brings my life so much fun. I don’t know what I would have done without my little cookie.

    By jazwaz28 on 09.15.2017

  2. “The bark on the trees is as soft as the skies.” I haven’t seen the movie Holes in a long time. It’s so weird how back then Shia Lebouf or however his last name is actually spelled… He was just some dude on Even Stevens and Holes and now he’s this joke basically. He was in the Transformers movies and then he was the “Just Do It” guy and now he’s a professional protester..

    By Lee on 09.15.2017

  3. dog cat noise thunder mailman have to go to outside playing catch

    By holdenperrot URL on 09.15.2017

  4. the dog barked every time its master came home. until one day he barked because master didn’t come home.

    By ace on 09.15.2017

  5. The new neighbours’ dog barked loudly outside my window as I awoke, bleary eyed and grumpy. He was barking really loudly, he must have been a big dog. I remember thinking how much more effective he was than an iphone at shaking me awake. I had slept through three alarms this week alone.

    By Becca Boots on 09.15.2017

  6. It was hard yet supple, and impossible to chew, with a texture that gave my tongue a couple splinters; Maggie must’ve been a beaver if she gnawed on this stuff all day. Finally, I was able to swallow. There was no way I was ingesting anymore. Tossing the piece of bark on the forest floor, I pulled myself up. Sure, so some of the berries around here were poisonous–but it was better than eating tree flesh any day.

    By spiffypenguin on 09.15.2017

  7. Made by Picasso Babe, the mini-sized Air Jordan 1s come in a number of popular original colorways fr.

    By adidas stan smith femme lyon URL on 09.15.2017

  8. A dog barks. A tree trunk has a bark. What barks that has a bark? — I don’t know. This is quite fun, you know. So today, as I was driving to Starbucks, a lot of trees fell from the hurricane. I saw a lot of barks scattered everywhere.

    By Arcinoe on 09.15.2017

  9. The birch tree had the most beautiful bark. It frills in delicate rolls much more detailed than the finest frosted cake. The look of it made her think of her native heritage.

    By Ira Eugene on 09.15.2017