September 12th, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “soundproof”

  1. I don’t like noisy, so maybe soundproof is good for me. In somewhere which is very noisy, we need this to avoid to influence other place.

    By Jerry Chen on 09.13.2017

  2. when i think about the word soundproof i think of a door or glass. like in a music studio the musician will sing without interrupting anyone else because the glass and doors are soundproof.

    By jazwaz28 on 09.13.2017

  3. once upon a time their was their was this house that sometimes you would be able to hear in side the walls.One day the king and queen could hear mice running around in the walls.

    By Amber Brunner on 09.13.2017

  4. I wish that sometimes I could have a Soundproof bubble that covered me from head to foot. I would use that to block out the negativity of people around me. I would block out the bad vibes that somehow alway find their way to me and the sound of those vibes would melt into nothing.

    By SukiMoon on 09.13.2017

  5. the room let no sound escape. no matter how I screamed no one outside could hear. I could see them, but they ignored me.

    By DraconianWriting on 09.13.2017

  6. He’d never been happier that the walls of the bathroom were soundproof than he was at this moment. He couldn’t even imagine the humiliation he would be feeling if they could hear his pathetic cries.

    He clutched at his stomach and gagged up more bile and snot from his sobs, feeling every tear drip into the disgusting fluid in the toilet. His hands shook so badly that he couldn’t even get a proper grip on the seat, and he sagged against the side.

    Why him?

    By A Paper Flower on 09.13.2017

  7. There was so much noise coming from the neighbour’s house. He was having a party and his friends were catcalling and whooping like mad. My dog Fitz was growling up a storm and no matter how I shouted they wpouldn’t stop. i found myself wishing my walls were soundproof.

    By Becca Boots on 09.13.2017

  8. Soundproof walls always carry connotations of sound, ironically enough. Soundproof walls bring to mind screams, and cries, and shouts for help- this is what he think, anyway, when the nurse tells him, beaming, that his walls are soundproof. And he nods, and sits down on the bed, and listens, and doesn’t hear any screams.

    By alias on 09.13.2017

  9. 1soundproof = Superposition Oscillation Unifying No Direct Permutations Repercussive Overlying Onto F.O.I.L.

    By Garz on 09.13.2017

  10. I wish my walls were soudnproof so no one could hear my cries at night. I wish the walls of my mind weren’t so soundproof so that somebody could hear the pounding.

    By Abby on 09.13.2017

  11. Soundproof- rubber walls.
    Bars on the window,
    no escape.
    Soundproof- basement door,
    locked from the outside,
    no sunlight any more.

    By Lee on 09.13.2017

  12. The room was soundproof meaning that you can not hear anything from outside of the room. No matter how much the outside makes noise, you should make your soul and heart soundproof from others influence and do what makes you happy and guides you to your own goals/success.

    By Daisy Hunnell on 09.13.2017

  13. The womens-specific silhouette features plenty of DNA from the OG Huarache silhouette, but wi.

    By nike waffle soldes URL on 09.13.2017