September 13th, 2017 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “discontent”

  1. “I was discontent with my life before I met you. Now every day is an adventure, and I never want to go back” I said, and then, a little quieter, helplessly even, “Please don’t make me go back,”

    By Katy on 09.13.2017

  2. Don’t Dis me because I cannot be content when I am being Dissed.

    By Ira Tillotson on 09.13.2017

  3. Don’t Dis me because I cannot be content when I am being Dissed.

    By Ira Eugene on 09.13.2017

  4. I feel in it my bones. That old familiar ache. A cross I wore to splinters. Bearing my soul to listless ears. To empty hands. What I’d give for an empty mind.

    By Loren URL on 09.13.2017

  5. There are many times in peoples lives that they feel discontent. Whether it is with the decisions that they may have made in their life or people they have met, that have made a negative impact in their life. But it is their responsibility to move past it and grow as an individual and better their future.

    By nzavalaj on 09.13.2017

  6. Like a shiver,
    Little vibrations,
    That never warms skin,
    Unmet selfishness
    Sits on the edge of bitten tongues
    A rub of sugar unable to mask
    The bitter taste on the buds
    And it twists faces like sour
    Burns like spicy
    Stings and numbs like ice,
    Melting into an empty space;
    A shiver
    That never warms the skin
    Tongues bleed
    Into cheeks

    By Ai URL on 09.13.2017

  7. The winter of our discontent was never quite made glorious summer. We made our camps and lit small fires to ward away the evil spirits. At night, we all sang songs that were meant to raise the morale of our soldiers, but in the morning, the armor remained rusty, and the swords blunt, and our confidence shredded like ice in a quick yet violent storm.

    I stayed behind when the first battle started. And I stayed behind when the second ended badly as well.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.13.2017

  8. I cannot fathom how it works. I am here, and somewhere else, and everything grows and shrinks and I die and wake up again each morning. Everyone knows and I don’t know and I don’t KNOW and I can’t know and I can’t help. And we’re all floating on the flames and holding hands and knowing that though it’s not enough, neither are we.

    By Henri on 09.13.2017

  9. A look of discontent settled on Mike’s face before hanging up the phone. He spared a glance at Lennie from across the room, shaking his head. “No dice.”

    “Nothing?” Lennie Briscoe, a 30 year vet of the NYPD, threw up a hand in defeat. “I’m starting to believe we’re never gonna catch this guy.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 09.13.2017

  10. The man was discontent with what he saw in front of him. As a celebration of his first day of long service leave, the man had decided to visit a popular restaurant that had been highly recommended by his best friend. Instead of seeing the delicious burger that he had expected, the man saw something with greasy bread, very under-cooked meat and floppy lettuce. He immediately went up to the counter to demand a repayment, and grew very angry when he was denied.

    By M.L on 09.13.2017

  11. discontent, years my soul, as it is simply inspiration of the contented troll, or perhaps a infrequential basic job role.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.14.2017

  12. I was very discontent with the letter he made me like it wasnt eaven good. It looked terrible that is why I was so discontent with it, it was just straight up terrible. It was really, really bad. just bad. And I told him to make me a new one.

    By sadads URL on 09.14.2017

  13. This feeling was becoming all too familiar. I’d wake up, ready for a new day, and yet it would be the same. Discontent I’d drift through my life, failing to engage with anything around whether new or old. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it; then again, I didn’t have the motivation to change.

    By Hannah on 09.14.2017

  14. Discontent. The crazy thing about the feeling of discontent is you’re expected to settle with it. I am not content with my life. I am not content with my job. I want more! And that’s okay. It’s okay to keep wanting the American dream, but be prepared to be discontent on the way there. Expect to work a 9-5 job that has nothing to do with what you went to school to do. Expect people to tell you that your life isn’t that bad because you have a job and a roof over your head and your lights work, even though that’s not living. That’s settling. Expect it. Being discontent has become their content. Expect that if you do anything to change the way you feel about yourself and your life, you will be steered back to your sad, discontent, pathetic, settlement of a life…it’s too dangerous…too out of the box. No one wants to see someone else step outside of the dark, discontent bubble into the unpredictable, cloudy day.

    By Jo' on 09.14.2017

  15. It is not enough to say that Trudy was discontent with herself. She was heart-burning to the extremes, alienated from her body, mind, and soul as well. There was not a single sentence she pronounced or written that she was contented with and she was punishing herself for her own ugly, unsophisticated, mentally sluggish thoughts. She simply was not even a thousand-miles close to the person she wanted to be, no matter how hard she worked to fix the imperfections of her body, cultivate her mind, refine her worldviews and personality. She tried to be thankful for who she is and what she has, but even these efforts were pathetic little failures by her eyes. She wasn’t satisfied any features of her body, personality or skills.
    One day, Trudy woke up, and she saw an entirely different person in the mirror. She was a man. Tall, dark-haired, black-eyed guy, not resembling a bit of herself or her family members.
    First, s/he was extremely happy, being freed from the previous prison of a body, even the thinking was a completely different process this time.
    “Yes, different,” s/he thought, “but not better, not at all.”
    S/he was devastated. S/he again was examining herself closely, with particular attention to every detail. S/he did not find any detail which, at least partially, could please her.

    By cup on 09.14.2017

  16. Unhappy, not reaching my goal. Failure.

    By Cindy on 09.14.2017

  17. I hate to read it has discontent and is odd and no one knows what it means.

    By Brooks on 09.14.2017

  18. Not the write background information. They are judging her before they know her . There is a girl who is getting judged before they knew her, by her face, her name, look, hair. She has know name, no hair, no words, but she has something to say.

    By Emily de Soyza on 09.14.2017

  19. Everyone probably has discontent for something…

    By Anders on 09.14.2017

  20. for christmas I was discontent with everyting that i got for christmas because there was one thing i wanted and i didn’t get it so I didn’t want anything else that i got.

    By H on 09.14.2017

  21. I felt discontent for the gifts I was given for my birthday and christmas. I did not feel satifaction for the gifts I recieved. They didnt fill me with the joy I was hoping.

    By Chloe on 09.14.2017

  22. This is a discontent from Billy’s football game. He needs to win it but the fan ran on the field to distract them from playing. The guys gets tackled and brought to jail. Now Billy can focus. he throws the ball and…..

    By JBOSSMANDUDEBOY on 09.14.2017

  23. blah blah blah i already wrote this word down this word is boring discontent.

    By BOB on 09.14.2017

  24. This is a discontent from Billy’s football game. He needs to win it but the fan ran on the field to distract them from playing. The guys gets tackled and brought to jail. Now Billy can focus. He throws the ball and….. Jimmy catches it for the win, the fan dicontented the other team and they didn’t play defense.

    By JBOSSMANDUDEBOY on 09.14.2017

  25. She was feeling discontent when she got a bad grade on her test. She remained to feel that way for the rest of the day.

    By Aiylin on 09.14.2017

  26. You are not happy or upset. Opposite of content.

    By Sana URL on 09.14.2017

  27. One day a little girl had a pretty red pony she never named it she held it forever.

    By Liv on 09.14.2017

  28. Discontent. The feeling of emptiness. You don’t feel happy. You’re disappointed. It’s maddening. It’s frustrating. Wow, 60 seconds is far longer than I thought. Imagine looking into the eyes of your lover for 60 whole seconds. What if he looks away? That is discontent. Not content. Wanting more. Always.

    By Ayana on 09.14.2017

  29. My dog was discontent when I told her to stop barking.

    By Amelia Vachon URL on 09.14.2017

  30. Discontent is a word I don’t know. I sounds important and a word a would use someday but for now I just don’t know. I sounds kind of funny or like a punishment. Maybe its a word used to descrie technology and other scince things of that nature.

    By Hailey Auster URL on 09.14.2017

  31. the opposite of contentment. the feeling that you don’t like how things turned out to you. like a gray and rainy day where things just don’t go your way. you lose a bit of hope but the next day you get up anyway and maybe it won’t be as bad as you thought and you’ll figure out the puzzle. it’s sunny and beautiful out and next time you feel like that just remember; it’s always darkest before dawn.

    By Tina Rouge on 09.14.2017

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    By gohn URL on 09.14.2017

  33. Discontent means to be upset, or sad. I hope to never be discontent but it will happen. I hope you get a better understanding of discontent now.

    By Brother Bob URL on 09.14.2017

  34. still not content in the thing that he made or do.
    NOT happy on the thing that he or she made
    Want to do something better that what he did

    By Keat URL on 09.14.2017

  35. Discontent means a person who is not satisfied. They are not calm. Displeasure.

    By Ice Cream on 09.14.2017

  36. I gave quick sigh of discontent, looking down at the unfinished patches of silk, “Screwed up once again . . ” I groan whilst pushing the ruined ‘ cloth ‘ away from me.

    By forever/hungry on 09.14.2017

  37. the word discontent means lack of contentment; dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances. boo yeah.

    By Amber Brunner on 09.14.2017

  38. the word discontent means lack of contentment; dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances.

    By Amber on 09.14.2017

  39. I think it is like dont do somehing

    By luke on 09.14.2017

  40. Discontent. I don’t know why I am not happy. There’s something missing a hole. Just the last puzzle piece missing. I dropped it somewhere on the floor. I can’t find it.

    By Charlie on 09.14.2017