December 9th, 2009 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “dial”

  1. this word makes me think of soap that is soap me and my family use

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  2. I sigh, I didn’t want it to
    Come to this but I have
    no choice because I’m sick
    of waiting around for you.
    I pick up the phone and push
    the buttons, dialing the number
    I know so well. As it rings,
    I wonder why I’m even doing this.
    You answer in your deep,
    Masculine voice, “Hello?”
    Embarrassingly enough,
    I cannot answer because I’ve

    By tabitha. on 12.10.2009

  3. I once dialed a phone number. This number was 867-5309. I asked for Jenny. She wasn’t there. It was entertaining because of the song from the 80’s. I love the 80’s. Reagan was so boss.

    By JCasp on 12.10.2009

  4. Makes me think of a telephone. Either that or soap. Which is interesting because that make me think of getting clean. So, I can use Dial Soap and afterwards dial a girl I know and hope have sex. So, dial is just a euphemism for sex. Simple.

    By geosuicide on 12.10.2009

  5. the dial on the remote control was not working at all. I became very frustrated a I tried to press firmly on it.dddddddddddddddddddddd

    By Flora on 12.10.2009

  6. the dial on the remote control was not working at all. I became very frustrated a I tried to press firmly on it.dddddddddddddddddddddd

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  7. I dial the phone everyday, not necessarally to call someone, but to text, I also used dial soap when I was a child, at least I think I did, who knows, that was when it was my parents responsibility to provide me with soap, now I am an adult, well kind of, and I have buy my own soap, and figure out my own life. I am no longer a child.

    By Kelly Taylor on 12.10.2009

  8. Remember when telephones had those rotary dials? When you actually had to rotate a plastic disk on a spring with your finger? And you cursed your friend who had a lot of 8s, 9s and 0s in their number because it took forever to dial them?

    By bobo on 12.10.2009

  9. pick it up.
    all you have to do is pick it up.
    press slowly,
    breath heavily,

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009


    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  11. I don’t remember the number, just the movements. I sigh and my hands guide me. This isn’t as hard as it should be.

    By Sarah Peterson on 12.10.2009

  12. fuck you finger
    the ultimate betrayal
    when your digits turn against your better judgment
    so sorry for last night
    so sorry you didn’t answer
    never answer
    i’m done this time
    yes i am
    never again will i long for that response
    that never comes.

    By sarah on 12.10.2009

  13. I dial phone numbers everyday. Not a lot though because I don’t talk to a lot of people. I don’t have many friends. But that’s okay because I would rather have a couple good friends than a bunch of phony friends.

    By Camille on 12.10.2009

  14. Make it perfect. Figure it out. Tweak it. Turn that dial way past the red line, where does it go? Turn it back down, see what happens when there is nothing. Then get it just perfect! Dial it in!

    By Nur on 12.10.2009

  15. i dial randomly to try and reach someone who can tell me what happened. someone who can explain things in such a profoundly final way that i can just walk on and forget this all

    By david durney on 12.10.2009

  16. I dialed the phone quickly, I could hear my heart pounding in the back of my skull. “Bah boom bah boom.” He was coming, quickly, I had so little time but my fingers were so slippery and slid off the rubber buttons.

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  17. In my finger went. Always the pointer one, into the same overly pulled hole to dial the needed number. Why was my life so worthless and shallow? Not in the sense you probably assume I’m referring to, but really, who comes from college being a telemarketer and accepting the way every different hang up takes an actual toll on our esteem and feelings.

    By Cecilia on 12.10.2009

  18. Dial the phone… Dial soap!!!!

    By Cody Averett on 12.10.2009

  19. pick up the phone and call. its not that hard. i dont get why that simple act has lost its meaning among facebooking, chatting, im-ing, and texting. the sound of a persons voice beats an lol or haha any day.

    By ak on 12.10.2009

  20. i dialed a number today and it turned out to be my ex girlfriend. random but we ended up talking for two hours and are actually back together now. what an amzing day to be alive and have a random call.

    By Adam S. on 12.10.2009

  21. Remembering back when the phones had dials and I was forced to call neighbors I left myself wondering just how the thing spun and the other phone knew. Years later learning about click and bang versions of phone banks I explained it at a bar and someone made a comment it was like hooking up.
    Looking blank they said you click and then bang.

    By Sal on 12.10.2009

  22. omg what am i suppsoe to write aobut uits wone fucking word omg omg omg omg what to write WHAT!!!!! i hate you one work i love lice cream and pizza and funny i am damm sexy and amazing ahahah truth soo now what dop i write aobut

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  23. Dial. If I had her number, i’d call her. Maybe. Proabably not. If it were easy to make the words come out, I would. But they get stuck. She makes me want to be better. I could tell her. Maybe tomorrow.

    By Taylor Oliver on 12.10.2009

  24. Dial the phone and hear the other side; it might be your imagination. Hang up and try again. Do they answer? Is it you on the other end? Do you have the answers? Yes, they are there, in that phone, on the other end, listening and begging you to understand. You are not the dial tone. You are the voice on the other end of the phone with the answers. Give them to yourself and feel free.

    By josh on 12.10.2009

  25. I dialed the phone, waiting quietly for the ring signaling the phone was on. The call that would change my life. Any information might mean death. It might mean that I kept everything I had. It started to ring.

    By Bob on 12.10.2009


    By fdsfds fdssfd on 12.10.2009

  27. He started to dial the number. Silence. He didn’t know what to think, but his primal instincts kicked in and did the thinking for him. Fear. Anger. Hurt. She’s cutting him off, slowly.

    By Caesar Wong on 12.10.2009

  28. i wish i could call him. i want to call him. we have so much to talk about. so much i want to say….that i love him. he’s my best friend. i can’t live without him. i don’t want him to move. but i can’t. and it hurts. i just want to unload every feeling i have on him…and i can’t. and that’s the worst feeling ever.

    By jill on 12.10.2009

  29. I dont remember the last time I actually dialed a phone number on my cell phone, usually I search for the number and click send, who dial.

    By Big Brad on 12.10.2009

  30. Friends never seem to stay in contact even tho its just so easy to pick up the phone and dial a number – one number that’ll contact one of the peeople you’re closest to in the whole wide world.

    By Sarah on 12.10.2009

  31. dial a number and see what you get
    i don’t think i’ll ever forget
    the way the digits go beep
    actually i don’t like the word beep
    seems kind of mediocre
    we’re still talking about dial right?
    it’s a deodorant.
    not that i use it or anything
    that’d be embarrassing.
    dial my number
    and see what you get.

    By davinbell on 12.10.2009