December 10th, 2009 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “texture”

  1. the feel of something. NOT PERVERTED.

    By .... on 12.11.2009

  2. texture is something that gives life it essence. i see texture in everything, its what makes things unique. all you can do is feel what something is and then know hat it is. it gives something its idenity.

    By amanda Cooper on 12.11.2009

  3. textureeee. rough patches of bark. grisly sand. soft scraggly moss. smooth metal. soft skin

    By Dawn McAdams on 12.11.2009

  4. I love the way fabrics feel against your skin. The texture has to be just right or it puts my teeth on edge. I like bed sheets on bare skin. I dont like the feel of denim. Texture is kind of important really.

    By Lauren on 12.11.2009

  5. fantasy filled my lungs and my brain drowning me in worlds lost

    By Anonymous on 12.11.2009

  6. soft furry fun play carpet

    By Anonymous on 12.11.2009

  7. texture is great it adds interest to lots of things like food and textiles. Texture can be rough or smooth, silky or soft. Texture can be grainy or crunchy. Texture is even fun to say. Try it! Text-ture. texture.

    By christina on 12.11.2009

  8. the feeling on your finger tips, rock, asphault, girlfriends skin, keyboard keys. Photoshop textures, designing. Bad website textures from the 1990’s. The feeling of food in your mouth.

    By Nicholas Ebinger on 12.11.2009

  9. the texture of my shirt is nice, but nicer is the texture of the flower bud, nicer than it is the texture of cashmere, nicer than that is the texture of the sunshine. And chesecake

    By Anonymous on 12.11.2009

  10. my wife has texture issues. goose bump kind of issues. It’s the normal things like fingers on a chalkboard, but it’s also squeaky styrofoam and rubbing newsprint together. And the funny thing is, its these weird little things that endear her to me.

    By -nate on 12.11.2009

  11. I love the texture of ice cream, so silky smooth in my mouth. Creamy deliciousness. Man I wish I had some right now.

    By Rachel on 12.11.2009

  12. no. more. texture.

    By Anonymous on 12.11.2009

  13. The trees needles poked out through the lights and silk ribbon, smooth glass ornaments and fuzzy novelties that nearly obscured it.

    By N on 12.11.2009