December 8th, 2009 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “stem”

  1. it is what you are. your tiniest and most honest part. You can grow new “you”s from it or repair what is broken in you. stem is the best.

    By mezgit on 12.09.2009

  2. Where was he going? Why didn’t he know anymore? This doubt. Where did this doubt stem from? He had too many questions. All heaped one on the other like a growing disease.

    By Anon on 12.09.2009

  3. From one silly thought comes a foolish dream. And from that foolish dream comes an idealistic desire. And from that ideal comes my will to get up and fumble my way through each day, biding my time until all of the silliness, foolery, and idealism becomes my reality. That will be the most breathtaking flower I have. ever. seen.

    By tina on 12.09.2009

  4. im striving to find the stem of these feelings. so it will be easier to uproot and live this life of mine.

    By liedenn on 12.09.2009

  5. a stem is the most important part of a plant because it holds everything up. you could hardly expect a plant to survive without its backbone. furthermore stems are important in the medical world as well, such as stem cells. i am not sure what the legality is, but apparently stem cell research is a little taboo. stems are important, in all facets of life it seems!

    By Stephanie on 12.09.2009

  6. your hair grows even after your dead. do stems grow after that which they hold up have died?

    By Anonymous on 12.09.2009

  7. Stem was a nice man. He really liked to step onto other people’s feet. Even though they all found this annoying, he thought it was life’s essence to destroy other people’s toes.

    By K on 12.09.2009

  8. The stem of the flower grew until it could not grow any more.

    By Pua-Shania on 12.09.2009

  9. stem long stem. the song of a dj. a trunk of a flower. the part that holds the nug. stemming from someone or something. STEMMMMMMMMMMMM! what can you say about a stem that it hasnt already told you? A stem contains the secrets of the universe. Always trust the stem. One country, one world, one people, one stem.

    By Anonymous on 12.09.2009

  10. it’s the thing on the plant before the flowers and stuff. sometimes when i cut myself i have to stem the flow of blood into my boyfriends mouth. he likes the taste of it but i get faint so i have to stop. there is a saying in my house: “big stem, little brains”. it’s shite.

    By arsemagic on 12.09.2009

  11. Stem of a branch, stem of a leaf, green leaf, veins in a leaf. It’s so pretty, like a living spider web and not as creepy. Especially when the sun shines through and turns it into some kind of growing jewel.

    By KSA on 12.09.2009

  12. stems are on flowers. they hold the flower up and stuff. also wine glasses have stems. they hold the cup part up. wine is tasty. it comes from california and france mostly. california wines beat french wines in a competition in the 70s. The movie Bottle Shock is about that. That was an ok movie.

    By Nick on 12.09.2009

  13. The flower grew day by day, its stem getting longer and longer, taller and taller. The growing pain getting worse and worse. Until one day, it was to much. And finally, the stem snapped. Finally reaching its limited. It couldn’t take it any more.

    I can’t take it any more.

    By zelfy101 on 12.09.2009

  14. love wisdom opporTUNITY letters misundestanding aging getting away holidays afraid of making sense attitude alMOST c

    By tanika on 12.09.2009

  15. stem from the springs the river the hope of life. stem from the green eternity. shoot up and open branches tall and wide and proud.

    By Victoria on 12.09.2009

  16. my mind stems from all that i am, my birth, my genes, my mind is simply a collection of the infinity created by the world around me and the collective of eternal infinities of my peer’s lives. like trees sprouting from the earth we will prosper and die to rejuvenate and fuel the process of human kind
    we persevere and our personalities will stem forth from our generation

    By zach on 12.09.2009

  17. the part of the plant that we dont really ever talk about in ap biology. apparently its not that important.

    By Lindsey on 12.09.2009