December 9th, 2009 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “dial”

  1. I frantically dialed the phone. “Pick up please pick up!” I pleaded silently. “Hello?” A deep velvety smooth voice said, I sunk back into my seat thank god he was ok…

    By angel on 12.10.2009

  2. i see my phone light up and i hope it’s you. but it never is. never. i wish it was.

    By brianna on 12.10.2009

  3. every time you dial a phone, you are sending waves through phone lines. cellular devices use signals to gain service in order to get send/recieve calls as well as with texts. DIAL!!!!

    By gena on 12.10.2009

  4. Dialing a phone number. Why is it that I think of a phone? Dial could mean anything. Dial on an appliance,

    By brendan on 12.10.2009

  5. There weren’t many stations. Some started with K and some with W. We could turn the dial and hear The Lone Ranger or The Shadow.

    By kathy on 12.10.2009

  6. That was what you were scared of most of the time. The dial.

    The numbers were your nightmares, and you remember the echo of your mother’s voice,

    “Don’t make me call your father.”

    By Seattle on 12.10.2009

  7. I pick up the phone to dial you. I wish to hear your voice today because it makes my day. Your voice is so soothing after a hard day, one full of stress. If only I could dial and see your face, feel your touch. I wish you were here when I dialed you. I miss you dearly

    By GENA on 12.10.2009

  8. i think about that time I called you.. i was so nervous. it was nice to hear your voice though.

    By kelly on 12.10.2009

  9. one two three four I declare a thumb war…I will call you later

    By josie on 12.10.2009

  10. this is what you do with the phone and with the soap. this is soap phone. this the handwash by the kitchen sink and the yellow bar in the shower upstairs. this is the button on a touchtone phone mocking and singing as they beep “we’re not dialed” we’re buttons. ddials are round.

    By ej on 12.10.2009

  11. OK, I’ve been stumbling so long that now I need to turn on the lights

    By GRSTTLE on 12.10.2009

  12. call me you stinker. You know you love me, just give in and do it.

    By tamara on 12.10.2009

  13. OKay!!1jjsnsbaibfgyshuwiheefbgqhdfbhdhqegbhjwegfjhwfjhgfjhgfjhsgfhjghjsgdhjgsdh

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  14. dial soap is clean dial your number

    By susie on 12.10.2009

  15. shyster

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  16. I want to dial a phone and hear that melodic voice on the other side I find my self thinking all the time and not doing. This I do not understand save me oh great one and I shall be for you always and I for thee for ever except after c

    By KatieLove on 12.10.2009

  17. i dia l the phone and hear his voice. hanging up, i think for hours with my vibrator, pulsing and sweating as i remember how husky his voice was when he said ‘hello’ and i think of his mother, her voice like that in the morning, when i used to make her breakfast.

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  18. I picked up the phone and held it in my hand. I stared down at the numbers, my thumb rubbing over each of them in turn. I don’t need to look up the order of them, it’s memorized. Forever locked inside my brain. I just have to press them, one by one. Depress the buttons. Depress the buttons the same way they’ve depressed me. I’ll press each in turn, the screen lights up. A single tone for each number as I dial.

    By Zeph on 12.10.2009

  19. I’d dial the phone but i know you wouldn’t answer. I know you wouldn’t answer because I never called on my birthday. The you died. Bluntly. Irrationally. I think about that call everyday. The call I never made and the only call I’ve always wished I could make. And I call people everyday. Dial the number to talk to them and often I get sick of being on the phone. I get sick of talking to people I don’t want to talk to because I’ll never talk to you again.

    By Michelle on 12.10.2009

  20. I keep waiting by the phone, hoping one day

    you’ll dial my


    By Maria on 12.10.2009

  21. dial , i remember when we used to dial the phone and it took forever! or “don’t touch that dial”.
    some people now have never even heard of that, its crazy how things change

    By Brenda on 12.10.2009

  22. Some times when i think about dialing the phone for Gavin’s number 509 6496000 will always stay in my brain. As will Jill’s 207 568 3520…hers was a lot harder to remember than his. Its really sad when people don’t have good girl friends like Ilana. They make the world of difference

    By Anonymous on 12.10.2009

  23. omg what word am i suppose to write about??? “Simple”??/ wow why am i so stressed about this… i am just really curious on which word you’d like me to write about… is this some sort of testt??/ or am i just reall an idiot and am not seeing it… i wanna look but i have to keep typing for you… crap now i’ve ran out of things to say…. doo dododoooo… DIAL!!!!!!!! omg is it “DIAL”????!!!!!!!! crappp…

    By kate. the blonde. on 12.10.2009

  24. I dialed the number that was on the pad of papper next the phone. He did not remember writing it down, so he assumed his sister must have recordered it. As soon as some one picked up, he was sure it was no one he knew.

    By Ryan on 12.10.2009

  25. “Dial the phone” I whispered, trying to stop the sobbing “Dial that number at the very bottom of the history”

    “Bells, what’s wrong?” Charlie asks.

    By HCM on 12.10.2009

  26. I dial the phone and I wonder who will answer, when I am calling. It is really aweful to know that I call them everyday, and they never answer the frist itme I call them. Sometimes i call them and they just let ift goe directly to voicemail. Today, they answer, and it’s awesome. we talk for hours… and in the end, we say, I love you. That’s the best call of my life. It’s the first call of the day, and it sets the tone for the whole night long.

    By Christy on 12.10.2009

  27. she dialed the number
    as she had so many times before
    it wasn’t like that this time..
    it never will be again.

    By Anna on 12.10.2009

  28. dial down the center. dead again. great fucking band. i wish they would still play shows so that i could feel like a teenager again. i miss being straight edge. i dont miss the lack of partying but the self worth i felt. its ok though i have great freinds. i wish i could dial my girlfriend right now but she lost her phone. god damn it 60 seconds is nothing.

    By bob on 12.10.2009

  29. the phone. she is expecting your call.

    By lola on 12.10.2009

  30. the dial of the tv broke so i had to figure out a way to turn the tv on. let me tell you it wasn’t easy since i had this rettro 1950 tv set the firsdt thing i had to do was go down to the basement and rummage through my toobox to find the small needlenose pliers.

    By g on 12.10.2009

  31. She held the phone in her hand, staring at it while wishing it to ring. She needed to hear his voice and know he was safe, and she couldn’t dial his number.

    By J on 12.10.2009

  32. I dial the phone and call you up. She has the voice of an angel, lips of the devil, soul of fire and a heart of ice. I can’t help but be drawn to her, to you, to the love we once had, now dead and all that’s left is the sweet smell of lavender that you left behind, the last smell that ever graced my senses of you. The last thing I hope to remember as I kill every feeling I ever had for you.

    By Peyton Perry on 12.10.2009

  33. i pick up the phone to call you and … i cant. and i wish you were texting me but youre not. but that was last year. and this year in my classes i send out a bunch of texts to people so that when i look at my phone there is something to be excited for and also, i feel like its a little break from the monotony of the things we have to do in every day life. what did people do before texts?

    By allie on 12.10.2009

  34. dial is a soap I use to scrub the thoughts from last night off my skin. Frat houses come off hard and sticky… ew

    By Jag on 12.10.2009

  35. I bet you didn’t know that when I laughed, I thought about all the times you didn’t call.

    By yours truely. on 12.10.2009

  36. The soap dial is one of the smelliest soaps I can imagine. I do not like, no I don’t, said Sam. I prefer Coast, Oil of Olay, don’t say I’m gay!

    By Kevin on 12.10.2009

  37. Dial is a soap that women use, its lame and men should never use it. It smells like a women so guys if you ever plan on getting a lady friend, DON’T USE THIS SOAP. Also it has some pretty lame commercials where it shows half naked women with blotches all over her.

    By Michael on 12.10.2009

  38. There was nothing on the other end but dial tone. I couldn’t believe it. All the past year had been building up to this moment – this phone call and he just hung up on me like that. I felt a sense of outrage, followed by an intense feeling of failure. Then, I realized the journey that had brought me here and I smiled.

    By Nate on 12.10.2009

  39. call me
    reach out to me
    always running away
    call me
    find me
    always turning away
    call me
    trust me
    always gone

    By queen.mern on 12.10.2009

  40. I dialed her number quickly with opes i’d reach her. reach her before she passed. before she left.
    she was bleeding out quickly in my head. what she was actually doing, I won’t know. not if she doesn’t answer. I dial again and again…

    By Emmy on 12.10.2009