July 6th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “detention”

  1. My minds detention in the ward was quite perplexing. Here I stood, could walk around if I wanted to but remained confined within the solidarity of apathy. I didn’t care if I slept, nor ate, nor escaped. They made sure to keep it this way…made sure with pills that built an imaginary prison upon my mind.

    By Eric Harrell on 07.07.2012

  2. Detention again! Sigh! I’m SO over this! Stuck in a small, smelly room with 6 recalcitrants, not one of us happy to be there. There is so much more that I could be doing, but I have to be here. Why, oh why, did I ever decide to be a teacher?

    By Betty Barker on 07.07.2012

  3. I twiddled my thumbs together, and I groaned, glancing at the clock. I watched the arrows drag on and tic ever so often. I groaned once more and collasped onto my desk.
    “Mr. Avery, please refrain from making any noise.”
    I looked up at Ms. Brooks and blew a piece of my blonde hair away from my face.
    “Sure. Okay.”
    My friend Austin snickered next to me, “Yeah. Stop talking, Jake.”
    I rolled my eyes and collapsed into my arms once more, waiting for hell to be over.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama on 07.07.2012

  4. In middle school once, four friends and I got fed up with being stuck with the mentally disabled girl who followed us everywhere. One of us finally snapped and said, “GO AWAY,” when the girl appeared during a private conversation.

    As punishment, one of the teachers had us to go in to her room at lunch and forced us to scream insults at each other. “I HATE YOU,” we would yell at each other. “Louder,” she said, if we didn’t scream loud enough.

    Except that I got out of it because I had an academic decathlon meeting. I never got over the guilt of not being with my friends while they suffered so much.

    By foaltz on 07.07.2012

  5. my dress was inappropriate.

    By zoe on 07.07.2012

  6. i never had it, because i was very good
    but a lot of girls met boy friends there…
    but they all have babies now
    and, stretch marks
    its too bad
    poverty cycle

    By jamie URL on 07.07.2012

  7. oy
    already filled this out, and i say
    no experience in it
    never been never will
    schools for quitters
    detention is for bad boys
    if youre that bratty
    stay home and take a nap ya?
    ill probably have to go

    By james on 07.07.2012

  8. Detention is when someone gets in trouble for doing something wrong. I had detention one time in 2nd grade. It wasn’t even my fault. I didn’t have good friends. They were bad influences. I hated Ms. Dreyfus for putting me in detention. My friend Jiap wants to call Matutor detention.

    By yoshi on 07.07.2012

  9. jail must be rough, tho detention is not jail. I seem to think that detention is more like a walk down a very long road with nothing but flat land as far as your eyes can see…

    By Jo John URL on 07.07.2012

  10. I have never got a detention.Do not know how it feels to get detention.Probably i have been a good student through out my schooldays.Let detention not happen in school.Forgive students.

    By gunika on 07.07.2012

  11. “Detention after class for you, young man!” Miss Walters said as she turned her back towards me and stormed towards the lady’s to set herself right.

    “Dang… Can’t she even take a simple joke? Why so serious?” I quipped, as I rolled my eyes and moaned at Jason.

    “Hey, it’s not like it’s your first time having a detention, right? So chillax man! Treat it as a great opportunity to do your homework and besides, you have Miss Walters as your consultant!” laughed Jason, before scooping up his things.

    “Guess I’ll see you online tonight after you’re home from detention, yes?” said Jason in an enquiring tone.

    “Yea, I guess so.” I sighed.

    By Nothing URL on 07.07.2012

  12. i always feel like these could be trick questions or someone will come up with a better answer than me. Same as when I was in school. I was never sure if my homework was right so I wouldn’t hand it in on time. The result – detention.

    By egold on 07.07.2012

  13. It wasa horrible day to be stuck in a three-hour saturday detention. It was beautiful outside- sunny, perfectly warm, with butterflies and twittering birds and posies and the like. And, it was the day after the last day of school.
    How did Sara get detention during the last five minutes of high shcool, you ask? sipmle. she punched a kids lights out.
    she had good reason!
    he had insulted her friend, her friend’s family, had made poor Jessica cry. Cry! And Jessica was a strong girl. She rarely, if ever cried, and this kid’s words drove her into gulping sobs.

    By Becky on 07.07.2012

  14. I’ve never received one in school.
    Not really.
    But the act of being detained is one not unfamiliar.

    By Mandy URL on 07.07.2012

  15. I hated spanish class, it was my worst subject. So, naturally I would act out and try to make a fool out of myself. That didn’t end out too well, for my teacher.

    By stimjim on 07.07.2012

  16. I got put in detention the other day. I don’t even remember why. All I know is that detention is a LOT cooler than they make it seem. I got frostbite.

    By Estevan URL on 07.07.2012

  17. There was a guy slumped in the seat in front of me, pen in hand as he scribbled away at the notebook on his desk. His cap was askew, his shoulders casually hunched forward over his work- this was no big deal for him. This was clearly the norm, not something to concern yourself with.

    By Elisabeth on 07.07.2012

  18. detention is a horrible place to be. you’re just sitting there, bored out of your mind. however, it does allow you to think deeper about anything that comes in your brain. love, sex, music whatever it is.

    By Shanell on 07.07.2012

  19. The concept of detention was quite foreign to me, as I sat in the library watching the condemned slump in their seats, swagger in the door, sign off on the slip of paper at the front desk.
    ‘Excuse me, is this the detention area?’ I glanced up, and saw a new teacher I hadn’t met looking expectantly down at me- I stifled a laugh, how would I know?
    ‘She has never served detention in her life.’ A familiar voice called.

    By Elisabeth on 07.07.2012

  20. it is a punishment which a student gets in school as a result of mischevious acts. It is usually given after school hours. Students need to spend time in the detention room doing something constructive or just sit and kill time.

    By Aabha Koley on 07.07.2012

  21. “Oh, God. What if I can’t find a blue pen when I’m in high school? Or I lose it? Or it breaks or runs out of ink?”

    “Then,” he says, grimacing, knowing the goody-two-shoes geek I am, “you get a detention. It’s STRICTLY only blue pens allowed in high school.”

    “What? I can’t get a detention. I can’t handle a detention. I don’t want a detention. I’m hyperventilating. I can’t do this high school lark. Don’t make me go. Please.”

    Since that day to this very day, I haven’t been able to use a blue pen.

    By innards on 07.07.2012

  22. 1.The action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody, esp. as a political prisoner.
    2.The punishment of being kept in school after hours.

    By twinkle on 07.07.2012

  23. * the act of detaining or the state of being detained
    * maintenance of a person in custody or confinement, as while awaiting a court decision.
    * the keeping of a student after school hours as a punishment.
    * a state of being confined (usually for a short time)

    “his detention was politically motivated”; “the prisoner is on hold”; “he is in the custody of police”

    * a punishment in which a student must stay at school after others have gone home
    * the act of detaining or keeping back; a withholding.

    By twinkle on 07.07.2012


    By ASGRF on 07.07.2012

  25. It felt like a prison. Well it was really. Detention every teenagers nightmare, its the boogie man coming to get you when you have smacked the teacher with a bit of disrespect.

    By Trinny on 07.07.2012

  26. I am sick of the word detention. I have had it three times now and I would like a more exotic word such dillectation or deserted or devastated or anything which is not detention.

    By lesstwisty on 07.07.2012

  27. detention is a punishment that is carried out mostly in school, whereby students disobey the school rules and regulations. detention is also the place whereby the students in school can reflect on what they did wrong and make sure that they will not repeat the mistake ever again.

    By JustinChoo on 07.07.2012

  28. something i haven’t gone through…yet
    where bad kids stay after school.
    but..were they really bad?

    just because someone said you were bad,
    does that really make you bad?

    or, is there more to the story…

    By VC on 07.07.2012

  29. Detention seems a bit…small a punishment for what I’ve done. By “what I’ve done”, I do, of course mean, “what they think I was doing while I was trying to stop it from getting worse for them” but, then again, maybe they know it wasn’t me. Hence the pitiful excuse for a punishment. I was a bit confused as to what lines they were going to make me write for this, but apparently “I will think before I act” was sufficient. Not sure why.

    By Beth on 07.07.2012

  30. do not like it at all cannot write about it just leaves my brain blank door glass

    By dana on 07.07.2012

  31. sit silently staring at the wall
    or staring at the boy next to you
    or staring at your thoughts
    or staring at your book
    staring at your past, present and future
    It is your time to stop and stare.

    By Ruchita on 07.07.2012

  32. Scary horrible worst thing imaginable perminant record university jobs friends teacher stop hold back hard cry education school awful couldn’t be worse 1 thing talking spite hate Mad good student ruined sickly feeling parents

    By Jessica Peddie on 07.07.2012

  33. I’ve never really had detention. There was the one time, when my friends and I got caught bunking school but it didn’t really count. We were so close to exams that they just let us study. I’m still not a 100% sure if I wanted to be in a real detention or not. Maybe the attention would have been nice. Deviation from the norm? Seems silly.

    By Heather on 07.07.2012

  34. I was never given detention. I was never rebellious or rude and really enjoyed doing my schoolwork. It’s interesting how much that changed. I discovered a delicious liberation.

    By Tahlia URL on 07.07.2012

  35. The role of detention is questionable just locking someone away doesn teach them anything.why not try and get to the root of the problem by talking to them and asking them why they did what they did? I bet that would produce more results than detention. it is just a way of hiding a problem rather than dealing with it. when I was a child I received detention at school once and rather than making me see the error of my ways it made me resentful and determined to rebel against the school authority in minor ways but nevertheless if I had had a chance to talk it through properly everything may have been different.

    By Mark rogers on 07.07.2012

  36. The first time we met was when you got detention from sticking a bubblegum in Mr. Williams’s shoes. I was on detention, too, because I accidentally stuck my tongue out while Mr. August was lecturing us about bad attitude. I wasn’t actually sticking my tongue out for him. It was for the silly girl who snickered when Mr. Augustus said a lame joke. I guess that was when chance decided to have us meet each other. Both in class D-440. Both suffering detention.

    By Miri on 07.07.2012

  37. Detention was fun. It was spent stifling a lot of laughter and I was reminiscing the reason for which I was in detention for during detention.

    By banny on 07.07.2012

  38. While seeing seeing this word I just thought of your tension when you are in a bad mood. But I always love that tension dear. You told me to speak with me online. But we can’t what shall we do?

    By laxmi on 07.07.2012

  39. sitting in detention next to my best friend. we’re there because we skipped class and went to our friend’s house to get high. instead of working on homework I decide to draw a picture of my boyfriend wearing the pair of pants covered with zippers that had made me embarrased to be seen with him all day

    By on 07.07.2012

  40. you might get it when done things incorrectly,break the rules get stopped and showing off control of yourself,emotional and rational sense,detention might be the way we stop ourselves too from doing things,call them wrong or right,you never now when the limit is there that’s what detention is for.

    By Richard on 07.07.2012