July 6th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “detention”

  1. Detention period seems to go for a long time. I can’t seem to get the ringing out of my head. Wind in the back of my neck as summer feels like forever. Eternal. A momentum waiting for itself to happen. Red. I feel like I’m in trance.

    By Nash on 07.07.2012

  2. I never got detnetio before. The one day my maths teacher detentioned me I was devastated. I think I may have cried and a part of me dided. I never liked that teacher anymore.

    By PicoTyko on 07.07.2012

  3. The principal sent me to detention but once in my four years. Why? I called my math teacher an assh*le. It was such a liberating experience that my mind races back to it in time of need.

    By leelee on 07.07.2012

  4. I cannot believe I was here. Mum was going to kill me! I had never disobeyed anybody in my life, and here I was sitting in the headteachers office, on a Friday afternoon, with nothing left to say but “sorry”.

    By Chloe-Anne Cox on 07.07.2012

  5. that one word may be the most important word of your life.

    By tanya lynn Chewning URL on 07.07.2012

  6. When I was put in detention for the first time it was horrible. Julyssa Margolies had accused me of stealing her pocketbook in class. The teacher did no thorough inspection and sent me to the principal, who also accused me of theft. Why? Because I’m green.

    By Jay on 07.07.2012

  7. Detention is like prison (detention centers) only run by your math teacher and he wants to kill you. Like detenting or something i don’t know. Detentytentty denty. TENSION

    By ESIO URL on 07.07.2012

  8. Detention, to me is one of the most “Americanized” forms of punishment to instill upon a child in grade school. With the threat of detention hanging over one’s head, they are forced to change their behavior better to match whatever their school’s rules are. Yet another form of hypocrisy that the American Education system has created to conform us.

    By Danny on 07.07.2012

  9. trapped inside a dark cell there is no way out. there are no sounds around you, no evidence of anyone else around you. you hear your breath inside yourself.

    By cat on 07.07.2012

  10. As she sat in the detention camp, she prayed the guard would not notice the flour shoved up under her fingernails. She was saving it a little at a time so she could bake a cake for her husband soon by a fire.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.07.2012


    By LEAH on 07.07.2012

  12. There he sat in the chair. He was ridiculed made fun of for only trying to be accepted by his peers. He could not talk. He wanted friends, but got detention for trying to fit in.

    By Armando on 07.07.2012

  13. Detention is one of the worst feelings in the world.You miss your hometown.You miss your child your wife and so on.Freedom is a must.If you are in jail or a soldier you know its meaning better…

    By Ahmet Demir on 07.07.2012

  14. one word is aword that only has a one do u understand i dont but i am still writing about it for fun u see i was stumbling on all intrsets and this showed up so i decidded to do it!!!!

    By emily on 07.07.2012

  15. Being stuck in detention sucks. Its boring and an unnecessary lesson that doesn’t teach you much. Stuck in a boring little room with boring people and a boring teacher with no end in sight. Of course, this is just my luck.

    By Lulu on 07.07.2012

  16. I looked at my friend as the bell rang. Great, I thought. Another lunch break gone to waste. She just smirked at me and looked back at Mrs. White who looked satisfied with herself. A blissful smile on her face. I turned to look at her with a glare.
    If looks could kill…I thought, she should be dead on the floor with her eyes rolled back in her head.
    Jane smiled like she knew what I was thinking.

    Mrs. White was our history teacher. For some reason, she detested both me and Jane. Not that we liked her either.

    I fiercely hated her. She always finds excuses to put us into detention. One of these days I’m going to have to have to murder her after school.

    By Fam on 07.07.2012

  17. I looked over at my friend as the bell rang. Great, I thought, another lunch break gone to waste. I wasn’t sure exactly how many more Mrs. White was planning to waste. It frustrated me. I considered brutally murdering her after school various times. I wasn’t sure why I never really followed through with it. I made my way to my next class with Jane, my best friend and slammed my books down on the table.
    And then a moment of sheer embarrassment washed over me. Why was I being so dramatic? And that over a lunch detention too. Jane passed me a chocolate as the teacher started teaching about civilizations. I sighed and shook my head, I needed to concentrate for next weeks quiz

    By Fam on 07.07.2012

  18. I have never had a detention in my life. Detention is for delinquents. I am not a delinquent. My brother got a detention in the last week of school because he had not shaven. How ridiculous! Ugh…teachers and their abusing of power. That is why I do not appreciate the term “detention.” Whatever. Detention can be a power struggle and some people don’t even care if they get them. It’s not that I’m a good-two-shoes and despise the very word, it’s just that I have never been in the situation where I would have to be given one. I am not perfect. No one is! Detention by no means does not make you a bad person. Sometimes it’s people who aren’t given detentions that really deserve them. Oh, detention. Overrated.

    By Olivia on 07.07.2012

  19. Detention? I was in detention just once – in 6th grade, after I was caught stealing sugar packets from the art supply room.

    Why there were sugar packets in the art supply room to begin with is beyond me. I think we used it as sand in a painting project.

    By Briana on 07.07.2012

  20. i was in detention. the walls were closing in as the time numbed the pain in my head. i hated being in detention but ing the only girl in a school full of boys was harsh and arkward at times. how do i overcome bieng surronded by them all day everyday 5 dyas a week.

    By jess on 07.07.2012

  21. one day i was detained during school. it was such bullshit to go into detention. all because i had a pipe with me. no weed, though. i was smoking in the morning before school started. i didn’t know the fucking security guard was coming around the corner, so i inhaled that shit real quick and ashed it. he caught me with the pipe, so i am here. in detention.

    By ian URL on 07.07.2012

  22. I only had detention once, and it was for a silly reason I think. I had worn my brown beanie to school for a day and the principal snatched it off my head, none of my teachers cared. The entire reason they have that rule is to not support gang activity, i.e. red hats, blue hats. You tell me how a brown beanie supports violence.

    By Kirk on 07.07.2012

  23. Detention is a place where I went for a stupid reason. I just needed to leave school like 3 seconds earlier and some lady yelled at me and gave me a detention slip. But it’s okay because all I did was sit there and read Twilight for a few hours. Wow, I sound like a typical high school girl… Gross.

    By Jennifer on 07.07.2012

  24. Punishment or enrichment program for students

    By Deirdre on 07.07.2012

  25. School detentions – detention is what happens when one breaks a rule. detentions are unfair and a complete waste of time for both the student and the teacher.I have never gained anything from getting a detention for being late to study hall twice.

    By fff on 07.07.2012

  26. Used in schools for disipline even though many skip out on it. Usually 30 minutes to an hour long but could be longer than that depending on what was done.

    By Mandi on 07.07.2012

  27. I’ve been given detention once before, but I’m not sure that it counts. My friends and I were caught in the classroom during lunchtime and after school were made to help wash PE balls. It makes me seem like a “bad” student – not there’s anything wrong with that – but it just seems wrong, disappointing somehow, when you find out that my punishable offense was going to the classroom during lunchtime to pick up something I’d forgotten.

    By rushtail on 07.07.2012

  28. years ago i was in detention for not doing homework, I wrote an essay on why I didn’t do it … it was rude and obnoxious about the teacher that gave me it to me and so i received detention again , having not learned my lesson , young insolent school girl that I was repeated a similar performance and received the cane,.
    I learned my lesson then proving that captial punishment is a much better deterrent than detention

    By insane membrane on 07.07.2012

  29. It wasn’t exactly the call that I expected when I pulled up to the garage that afternoon. Detention? Who had ever heard of detention for someone NOT enrolled in school?

    By Matthew URL on 07.07.2012

  30. I am in trouble, I have misbeahved and I am lonely in this miserable room with this miserable person.

    By Tarron on 07.07.2012

  31. i was sat in detention when Stacy Helens walked past, bitch who tricked my brother into sleeping with her. so i tripped her up and spat some gum on her face for good measure, no one messes with my family.

    By candy davies on 07.07.2012

  32. I’ve never been in detention before, because I am a rule follower. I hate disappointing authority. My standards for myself are too high. I would probably cry in detention, and I might even cry myself to sleep that night because I would feel so guilty about whatever I had done, or angry if I had been put there unjustly.

    By Sarah on 07.07.2012

  33. A very american concept. Something that is bad. Not good. Punishment for Misdemeanor. Thank god I never had any.
    Would be a good way to get out of home on a sunday
    Not applicable everywhere
    Dope hat.
    Middle school
    I wish I knew more.

    By Prachi on 07.07.2012

  34. punishment for being bad in school. Late getting home from school. Makes parents and teachers unhappy . Children and adults can have detention . Never fun but it will always makes you work harder

    By Dee on 07.07.2012

  35. make you stop after class. ing naughty. they make you write lots of “lines”. It’s not very pleasant. nobody likes doing it. Teachers make you

    By david earl on 07.07.2012

  36. i was put in this once only in middle school though i was most of the time given this for dumb things like writing in a textbook with a pencil or tossing a book to my friend it was always something stupid i would alwsys catch themo on a bad day

    By Cohjken on 07.07.2012

  37. the most interesting thing is that i am not even sure about its meaning but i think it means make someone in prison under laws .and when i thought about this the picture comes to my mind is the picture of shiney ahuuja the indian actor getting to the police jeep accused of raping his maid.

    By maria URL on 07.07.2012

  38. dance to get there. dance like there was no tomorrow.

    dance in the middle of the class. DO IT !

    By Neemo on 07.07.2012

  39. Detention. Headaches. The Breakfast Club. Sitting at a desk with nothing to do, your head drops and hits the hard wood laminate, bruising your forehead and waking you up.

    By April on 07.07.2012

  40. Staying after school for an unnecessary amount of time. Also, you have to be silent which is difficult for me. I feel in detention you also sit in a random place next to people you never see in school. Weird.

    By Alyssa Morin on 07.07.2012