July 6th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “detention”

  1. I saw her seated hear the window – a vacant chair beside her. I knew I had to be there – be near her but somehow, my feet magically stopped working.

    By Pam Jose URL on 07.06.2012

  2. one time, in eighth grade, i got detention. signing that red slip in united states history class seemed like signing away my soul. but i didn’t go to detention that day, i got on the bus and went home.

    By lauren on 07.06.2012

  3. Detention. I’ve never had detention. It’s almost like I secretly want it, to break out of the goody-two-shoes, day dreaming, hair in a French braid girl shell I have around me like a swirling mist that screams, “Back off, she’s no fun.” I secretly yearn to sit in a cold desk surrounded by gum chewing rebels. Maybe I’ll doodle my dreams on a desk, or write in a journal.

    By MD on 07.06.2012

  4. punishment. forbidden. x-rated. locked away. darkness. single light. hopeless. faded. rejected. neglected. silence.
    these are the words that run through my head as i sit alone in the room. the teacher, a face whose name i cannot place, sits on the blackboard’s edge, watching my every move.

    By hael eiram on 07.06.2012

  5. haha when ur bad at school or when students dont do their homework they get it for 2 hrs

    By Gaby on 07.06.2012

  6. One day at detention I was thinking ours so boring…I was starting at my pencil and twirling out around . I looked up at the television and the twin towers were being crashed into by an airplane. It was really tragic but at least I want bored any more.

    By abigail on 07.06.2012

  7. The class room was pretty dimmed, probably because of the lack of the sun. Why did detention had to be after school? The sun’s usually mostly gone, and by the time the whole punishment thing is over its pitch black! Some people have to WALK home you know? And whats the deal with detention? There’s nothing to do for a good 3 hours. What everyone does is either one, pass out, or two, daydream their ass off. Me? I do the later the most. Actually most of my story and art ideas come from getting into detention. Go figure.

    By Angelica on 07.06.2012

  8. detention at home is worse than being in a room full of like minded people. Detained not by choice but through bad luck. I always know what tomorrow will bring. It’s been the same for quite a while

    By micheline on 07.06.2012

  9. Trapped by them
    Their only there to judge
    100x on a wall no I will not budge
    I haven’t confessed no I never will
    I’m only here because your afraid of my skills

    By Crystal on 07.06.2012

  10. I’ve never had detention before.

    I need to get one.

    Then I’ll officially be a badassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    By Rylie Shoop URL on 07.06.2012

  11. a bad place were you get eaten alive by dragons and they throw monkey poop at you if you dont dance the teachers are mean and the other students look like future bank robbers and gang member if you go to detetion YOU WILL DIE

    By Harmony Tait on 07.06.2012

  12. She was beautiful, the way she twirled her hair and wrote dutifully on the chalkboard. My heart swelled and soared in her company. Every day I would wait in detention for her, her high heels would click on the tile floor and I would sigh. Ms. Robinson, won’t you marry me.

    By Auz on 07.06.2012

  13. My mind.
    a darkened place.
    There is no speaking, no playing,it is quiet.
    But not a good quiet.

    By Miriam on 07.06.2012

  14. Detention doesn’t just happen in school, does it? Have you ever felt trapped inside your own body, as if you were cemented to a school desk and forced to sit for hours and do nothing? Like no matter what you tried to entertain yourself with you still had that same horrible feeling of boredom and nothingness?

    By Caitlin on 07.06.2012

  15. This had to be the longest detention ever. I was staring to her varicous legs for about an hour and a half. Tasting them in my mind, biting them, ripping vein parts off with my theet. Ten minutes later I had to run to the bathroom to avoid asphixiating in my own vomit.

    By Daniel on 07.06.2012

  16. One time i tried as hard as I could to get detention in middle school cause i thought it would be funny. But hell no, the stupid teacher emailed my mom instead and i got some shit community service. no detention. she said she was doing me a favor! gah. all i wanted was detention.

    By Philip on 07.06.2012

  17. i was in detention when i heard a dog barking it wanted his ham back, the one i left out of the freezer the night before when i was planning on doing my homework but couldnt cause the moon kept staring at me

    By melissa on 07.06.2012

  18. I can’t believe I got detention again! This is what happens when your parents don’t think you are important or you going to school is either. I hate not having a car and not being able to really control things! I am late everyday and I have to stay later doing stupid busy work just to stay quite! It makes no sense, and its pointless. Staying later in school? Are they accomplishing anything by doing that? Are teachers getting paid overtime watching us be miserable?!

    By Lexi on 07.06.2012

  19. I’ve had detention one time in my life. I was a Senior in high school and my art teacher gave me detention for needing to use the bathroom. How ridiculous is it to be punished for a basic bodily function? Power-tripping whore.

    By Kay on 07.06.2012

  20. I stared at the clock, it was as if it was broken because I was staring and staring and nothing was happening. I must have glared at it for 30 minutes and yet no movement. I looked over and a kid was carving letters into the brown wooden desk. Another girl was chewing gum and texting. I just looked back at the clock and still had another 29 minutes left.

    By one shoe on 07.06.2012

  21. RIvendell didn’t have detention. Neither did Madeira. But somehow I managed to feel like I went to it every day for all my years of schooling. Between writing sentences like “I will wear a longer uniform skirt” and cleaning up the computer lab, I really solidified the movie school-discipline thing. Detention or not.

    By caitlin on 07.06.2012

  22. He ran through the halls, weaving left and right, panting as he raced to his next class. He was going to be late and he simply could not afford another tardy. He zoomed past the yellow lockers of the third floor took a left only to run into the principle. “Young man, are you running through my halls? Detention, tomorrow after school.”

    By Winnie on 07.06.2012

  23. I immediately think of school and how much I hate it. I’ve never had detention though. Good thing right? Yeah. Um I really wish I didn’t have to go back to school in like 2 months. It reminds me of detention. The detentions at my school are so dumb, you just sit there.

    By Olivia URL on 07.06.2012

  24. Sometimes this is self mposed. Other times the law enforces it. I only know about self imposed detention. When I choose to detain myself at home, isolate coz I am pain and or depressed. But hey we live in a free country. Imagine being detained when you had done nothing wrong. But the authorities considered you dangerous. Solitary detention would be the worse

    By Kim on 07.06.2012

  25. I had detention last Saturday. Me and a couple other kids just chilled out and did drugs and stuff. It got intense at times, because the others were arguing. But besides that it was a pretty awesome day.

    By Martin on 07.06.2012

  26. Punishment, easy as that. They make you pay For your Bad actions and stuff like that. But they don’t solve the problem, u know? And it’s pointless.

    By Mariel Pereyra URL on 07.06.2012

  27. -Got in trouble?
    – Trouble’s my middle name.
    I live for it- the adrenaline, the chase… Yes, that’s my life. And I’m not ashamed.

    By Julia on 07.06.2012

  28. I’ve had detention twice in my life. Once was my mother’s fault while the second time was entirely mine. But, eating in class? Isn’t that a stupid reason for detention? I bet if I would have given Mrs. Libert some she would’ve rethought. Seriously.

    By Lauren Fabrizio URL on 07.06.2012

  29. a mindless place where one person is forced by another person to be in a certain area or space not of there choosing, to detain a person, prevent them from anything specific,

    By Brandon Ogilvie on 07.06.2012

  30. I thought I would hate detention, but oddly enough, when I got to detention, I discovered a whole new world in which the impossible behavior became possible. I could be anyone, anything and there where not expectations of worth placed upon me.

    By elaine URL on 07.06.2012

  31. I can’t believe they got detention again! If they would just apply themselves for onces, but no. They always argue with any sort of authority present. Why can’t be like the other kids? For once, would they try to behave?

    By Skylar on 07.06.2012

  32. Is black with green big eyes. Stop. Don’t stop. Nothing really matter just jump to the air. Come on, its easy. Fly like a bear. Bear in ectasy. The horror.

    By Alejandro on 07.06.2012

  33. He held the beetle in detention, pressed between his hands, where it squirmed and crept its brittle legs along the inside of his palm. And then he let his hands close, slowly, slowly. But he could not bear to kill it, and felt his own chest tighten, imagining the walls closing in around him. He opened his hands and watched it crawl along his fist, up towards his arm. Gently, he flicked it off, into the dust.

    By Sierra Warrick on 07.06.2012

  34. I didn’t need to go but I went anyways. sick of being the goody two shoes-the good one. My friend Sara was the bad one. always getting into trouble but she did seem to have a lot more fun than I did. So even though my name wasn’t on the list, I went to detention.

    Lance was there. I didn’t know that he knew I existed until I saw his turn and stare at me. He watched me walk in and gave me the widest smile I had ever seen, like the whole thing was unbelievable to him.

    By Nancy Anderson on 07.06.2012

  35. As I sat in detention, I really thought about what I had done to deserve such a punishment. It was unfair, really. I got caught doing what almost everyone at the school had done before and never been caught doing. The correct punishment would have been a warning, but since that specific teacher did not like me–detention it is.

    By Kaitlin on 07.06.2012

  36. Anna-Marie tapped her fingers across the old wooden desk. This wasn’t the first time she had gotten detention, and she was getting pretty tired of it. Mr. Kennings just hated her for some reason, and he never hesitated to punish her. She devised a plan, though; if Mr. Kennings was as desperate as he seems, getting him into her pants would be easy, and she’d never have to worry about another detention or bad grade again.

    By Jamie on 07.06.2012

  37. Life is a detention. It keeps you from having dreams accomplished the hard way. It makes you think twice about your past actions. It leave you in a vase with life simple tools. Your mind. So you use it to make detention weaker and easierr to get aroound. So you can freaer to as you wish and detention will only be another tree in life.

    By teresa on 07.06.2012

  38. After school punishment for so called delinquents. Not a severe punishment as one might think but I suppose it’s a lesson for kids in school not to do unruly things. We don’t have detention in my side of the world but I reckon it’s a way to discipline students.

    By Karla on 07.06.2012

  39. unfair, lack of freedom, tied up. why? more information needed. punishment. does it help? maybe necessary but not sure. other ways of dealing with issue? faster means of geting justice other than detention? effects of detention? i wish i knew. positive? maybe but no.

    By jojo on 07.06.2012

  40. There was a time when I was in middle school. some friends and I had watched a porno with a girl who looked like a girl we all knew at school. M friend made the joke that I wanted to bang the girl from school because I said the guy in the porno was so lucky. I chased him around our table trying to hit him, though I didn’t really want to (I’m not a violent guy). The teacher came over and threatened to give us both detention if we didn’t clean up our act.

    By David on 07.06.2012