May 27th, 2013 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “delve”

  1. i dont know know anymore but i have feelings for someone i shouldnt. I love another but, it’s odd because i have strong feeling for a boy named joshua s. even though he tried to rape me. why do i feel this.

    By noname on 05.27.2013

  2. I delve into a cave. The sound of water cascading against slick stone can be heard deep within. It is darker than the blackest of nights. I lose my footing, slip, and fall. I never stop falling.

    By Austin Sibley on 05.27.2013

  3. I delve into my world of diet, calories, nutrition, malnourishment, insecurities, fear, loss….deeper and deeper I dive and the darker it becomes. Settling around me, slowly sucking the air from lungs, the sound from my voice, the courage from my heart.

    By Anna on 05.27.2013

  4. What does it mean?
    A word is just a word
    If you know not what it means
    Guess I’ll just live without knowing
    I guess…?

    By Miss Sunshine. on 05.27.2013

  5. There was nothing but darkness at the bottom of the swimming pool. I wanted to know more about it. I want to know how water reacted when disturbed. I wanted it to divulge all of its deep secrets to me.
    I wanted that swimming pool to not be a metaphor for my heart.
    I wanted that swimming pool to mean something to more than just me.

    By Krissa on 05.27.2013

  6. To delve into one’s subconscious is a dangerous task to undertake. The ideas, beliefs, and fears a person can find may change him forever. Sometimes a person doesn’t have a choice: an event triggers the meditation or you’re required to in order to go back to school.

    That second part? Yeah, that’s what happened to me.

    By Sarah on 05.27.2013

  7. To delve is to dive but more intensely. To delve is to live. For example, when you delve into a good book, you live it. You make friends, enemies, lose loved ones. One does not simply dive into life, you delve into it. -Claire

    By Claire on 05.27.2013

  8. To delve, to search for that one thing you really want, that thing you HAVE to have. That thing that is just barely out of reach, but it is close enough to allow you to wish you already had it. I delve in a lot of things… Like love

    By Gabrielle Hill on 05.27.2013

  9. She allowed me to delve into my thoughts for a moment.
    “Take all the time you need. This is a big decision to make. There’s no going back.”
    With almost certainty, I replied, “Yes.”
    She smiled. “Alright, Mr. Smith. Come right this way, please.”

    By Kate on 05.27.2013

  10. Nothing really comes into my mind. I search and search for something to write, but I always come up short. I can’t find the information in my mind.

    By gillbo34 on 05.27.2013

  11. Deeper into the abyss that is my soul, and find the thoughts I wish to never share,
    Deep under it all is an ocean of tumultuos ambition and desire,
    Desire to inspire the innermost reaches of your mind,
    To fire synapses as they fight to build memories of my beliefs.

    By Isaiah Bellville on 05.27.2013

  12. Delve into like its the last thing you’ll ever do.

    Like your life depends on pencil against the paper.

    As if the very tracings you leave behind will be what the world will judge you by when you are gone.

    Because they are.

    And when you’re gone, your words will be your only sword and sheild, and god help you, they better be sharp and strong.

    By Lee Bishop on 05.27.2013

  13. delve deep into the abyss so that all the yellow and brown leaves of fortune can recall how the dough was kneaded and punched and ultimately made the exquisite song.

    By jmc3 on 05.27.2013

  14. I feel like i am delving deeper into life and its mysteries. But I don’t understand it. I dont understand anything. I feel lost.

    By Isha on 05.27.2013

  15. I have no idea what a delve is. However, I really don’t know much about anything. Always thought of me as a smart person and here I am, trying to figure life out once again. Is it normal?

    By JA on 05.27.2013

  16. Delve into the sparkling unkown that is your life and create yourself. That’s all you need to accomplish in life to be successful. I promise you.

    By campyy on 05.27.2013

  17. Into the blue water, dark as a twilight sky before the stars awaken, she sank, sank, drifted into a memory of salty fingers brushing her lips in goodbye.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 05.27.2013

  18. I have no idea what delve is. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve never delved in anyting before, but it sounds a bit to me like experiencing. Like, I’ve delved in writing and singing a little. Like something you’ve done. However that’s just me. I really have no idea what it is. And if by any chance I got it right, then… cool. :D

    By Val on 05.27.2013

  19. delve into it. bloomington’s stairs dusty with sock sand, florescent lights. delve into the sales counter candy, candy bars in a row, barred teeth chocolate you can never have, never want. minty fresh. two for one sale.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.27.2013

  20. I don’t know what this word means…it is intersting because it is a funny word…I am going to look it up later…delve….Evled is Delve spelled backwards…

    By Aunya URL on 05.27.2013

  21. You held me so close, your arm wrapped around my waist
    Whispered in my ear that I deserved to be embraced
    It seemed you slept in fear; still holding on tight
    As if I were a dream that wouldn’t last the night.

    By Carly URL on 05.27.2013

  22. Delving deep into the darkest corners of her thoughts, Emma examined her life and herself. She pondered everything she had been through over the past year, and was truly amazed at how quickly things had changed. But what could she do? Johnathon was dead, and she was alone.

    By Daisey May on 05.27.2013

  23. Delving into underground lairs
    Cocooning monsters pious with wealth
    We delve into ourselves

    Egos in check, just a wreck
    Bothered by poignant inconsistencies
    And flowering wormholes

    Zapping from one universe to another
    String-theory in reverse
    Where everything’s relativity

    Elders vent their toys
    While little girls and little boys
    Mix in the muddy expanse

    By Mike on 05.27.2013

  24. I searched everywhere for it but I couldn’t seem to find it. Confusion. I turned back and looked in places I had already looked, I thought I might have missed it.Frustration. I couldn’t find it anywhere how could i have been so stupid to lose it. Anger. Where is love? Where is its hiding place?

    By sturmzie on 05.27.2013

  25. i delve deep into something. it sounds like dive, and is a similar meaning, but its not the same word. im delving now into bullshit i dont know about. thats all

    By Rach on 05.27.2013

  26. Sometimes, I like to delve into things. I tend to be a bit more cautious when walking into things, but there are times that that’s not able to happen. So go ahead, just delve into it. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I guess you could die.

    By Elisabeth Morris on 05.27.2013

  27. I was still sixteen then, skittish, imagining that I could see ears on every wall. I leveled him a cynical stare and deflected his question. I had found out years before that it was best to never delve into personal matters in public.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.27.2013

  28. Delving isn’t becoming involved or interested in something, it’s actually to immerse yourself in it. By doing so one truly lives via the action.

    By Jess on 05.27.2013

  29. As the rain beat on his window, he finally put down his work to delve into a beat up novel and release all of the stress that had been balled up inside.

    By Emily on 05.27.2013

  30. I’m not sure what this word means, so I’ll just say things that rhyme with it until the time is up. Twelve, shelve(s)

    By Calico URL on 05.27.2013

  31. Delve, well i actually dont know the meaning of this word. Does it mean something like Delving into something as in a Verb? I think is it and in that case my understanding of the word is correct and to the point in my head atleast. Delve actually means being a part of some activity.

    By harpreetsinghnanda on 05.27.2013

  32. Delve into your pocket. What do you have? I need a couple of bucks for some things I want.

    By chezmoi on 05.27.2013

  33. without giving it a second thought she delves for the fish, even though the boat was far away from shore. She waited for this moment the whole day. But just then the sound of the big ship entering the port scared her. All wet now, swimming but with a smile on her face. She knew they were going to meet again once she reaches the land.

    By Stef URL on 05.27.2013

  34. this word sucks. its intrusive. intimidating. vaguely sexual. I don’t want to delve into anything. too much work. i’d rather just get my feet wet a little.

    By ghastwells on 05.27.2013

  35. Delving into underground lairs
    Cocooning monsters pious with wealth
    We delve into ourselves

    Egos in check, just a wreck
    Bothered by poignant inconsistencies
    And flowering wormholes

    Zapping from one universe to another
    String-theory in reverse
    Where everything’s relativity

    Elders vent their toys
    While little girls and little boys
    Mix in the muddy expanse

    By bostonpoetry on 05.27.2013

  36. delve, brake it down it is de and and the lve is love so its de love, french for we love. used in 1970 the french lost it and made that word. wonderful isn’t it.

    By Penagen on 05.27.2013

  37. we all move on
    from the memories
    that linger
    wrapped around our finger
    to whit;
    it figures
    and never, ever continues
    a thought a smile a moment
    to delve retrieve
    a dank thoughtless return
    to a time when we painted
    pictures of a moment in memories.

    By Matty M. on 05.27.2013

  38. Delving into his work the quiet and tedious man maticulously attacked the stack of papers delivered by his overbearing overheads. The tedious man was just about done with this, and soon would delve into thoughts getting rid of these men once and for all.

    By Caleb on 05.27.2013

  39. Travel from stack to stack, from book to book; skim the sum of human knowledge. Eventually. after closer examination, you might find what you were looking for. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll learn what you need to know.

    By Chris Clow on 05.27.2013

  40. Dig deep into patterns outmoded
    to connect to the essence
    tapping water at the root
    shakti at the soul
    i reach, grabconnect
    reattach to the icing
    in me

    By Eeriel on 05.27.2013