May 26th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “shattered”

  1. She was blown apart. Shattered by the weight of his decision. Moving? Away? Forever? Or, at least long enough so that he would forget about her, that she ever existed.

    Or worse, that she would forget about him.

    By Aria URL on 05.27.2013

  2. I saw the empty chocolate wrapper and my heart shattered. none had been shared with me. I felt dejected. no one cares about me enough to share their chocolate with me. I’m going to shatter all of their hopes and dreams while eating all

    By Shimpy Macshaloo URL on 05.27.2013

  3. The ground began to split and she grabbed at his hand to pull him to her side of the split. He apparently had the same idea because in a matter of hour long milliseconds, they were falling towards each other, and the chasm that had opened up between them.

    By Bree on 05.27.2013

  4. I have seen many shattered souls in the world, they could be saved but it is we who didnt do anything for them. What could we do? We could be more of a human than machines that we are.

    By Qaisar URL on 05.27.2013

  5. life is shattered. it lies scattered on the floor on the universe, shattered. it is a mess. it is illogical. it is broken, but we pick up the pieces and see what we get.

    By paul on 05.27.2013

  6. She was crushed, shattered. Her life had broken apart into a million little pieces spelling out his name, his face. He was gone. He couldn’t say goodbye, he could never look into her eyes again, and he would never softly speak her name in the early hours of a summer morning again. She was shattered.

    By Katie on 05.27.2013

  7. Broke and torn apart. Glass. Smashed into pieces. Broken. Shattered glass and or shattered heart. Shattered into a million pieces. Broken and gone. Destroyed.

    By Martha Medina on 05.27.2013

  8. oh the pain. why’d you have to pick this word for today?? come one mannnnn… this is just unfair… i feel like this word is purposely designed to reopen past wounds. way to go.. you ruined my day. poop. gdfk dcgbxhcnhdj,bnhsebgv ygbisk vyiwEK nhahahaha got an extra 60 seconds. like a boss my friend. like a bossssssssss. life is good this way. but shattered. life stinks. like unicorn tears. ughhhhhhhhhh wow i still got time… huh.. really drawing a blank here

    By Angela on 05.27.2013