August 15th, 2010 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “delight”

  1. I delight myself in the Lord. He hears my cries he knows my pain and he’s willing to heal all of it. My heart is open to him and I am ready to go wherever he takes me.

    By Crystal on 08.16.2010

  2. this cool summer morning my kids are still asleep. quiet. alone with my thoughts, if only briefly. coffee, steaming cup awakening my senses. Amused by the wind shaking up the trees as autumn teases summer lifting her skirt and calling out the name of her crush… I hear little waking sounds…the day will soon begin… all the running around dutifully fulfilling needs and wiping little faces and catching naughty little thief with the cookies crumbing my clean floor…laughter will soon fill me and my house and this page will go blank as I am busy with the stuff I will miss when they’re gone. Today I will answer ten thousand questions. I will work harder than most of the people I know…I will require the patience of a saint and a gentle hand and the endurance to keep up with those much younger and faster than me all while attempting to stash away a little piece of myself for the road.

    By deborah on 08.16.2010

  3. i am delighted to meet you sir.
    as you should be. now what do we have here?
    well, it seems to be an animal of some sort sir.
    obviously decomposing. how long ago did you find it?

    By tess. URL on 08.16.2010

  4. To my great delight, the house was clean when I came home with screaming toddlers. To my great delight, the dinner was made for me and clean up after. Does delight just mean I didn’t have to work?

    By Kristen on 08.16.2010

  5. I delight in the simple pleasures in live. You should. Its makes life easier and more enjoyable. food, wine, friends, family, lovers. All should be a delight. Flowers in spring and red leaves in the fall.

    By Emily Nichole on 08.16.2010

  6. Tasti D-lite is where I work and the food is tasty and delightful. I feel like a delight is a way that you light up inside. De- of. Light- lightening. I don’t know what else to say.

    By Kendall on 08.16.2010

  7. Defocus and delimit to diminish your descent,
    Delight and desire, disclose your intent.

    By nytrist URL on 08.16.2010

  8. with delight
    I stared
    with no intention
    on approaching
    no intention on
    making conversation
    just staring
    in delight

    By Just Jes URL on 08.16.2010

  9. it is with delight that I look at you. I dream with my eyes, so smooth, and sweet. I delight in the opportunity to share the future with you and live life.

    By Marc URL on 08.16.2010

  10. The word delight reminds me of dessert. More specifically cheesecake with whipped cream, a vanilla crust, and a strawberry. :3
    Either that, or some sort of white food, like a yogurt.

    By Jillian on 08.16.2010

  11. The absolute delight of having a new kitchen and bathroom, I can hardly wait.
    Imagine the scene. Me, now striding to my new kitchen, musing, “What will I cook today?” I scan the stuff in my freezer. Alex arrives with a bagful of goodies. His hip is healing nicely.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 08.16.2010

  12. My delight at meeting the handsome president. My words come out in a rush. I blush and fall over my words. He gazes at me. I can feel myself getting ready to faint. Suddenly I feel a strong arm at my back. “Hey ma’am, take a seat. Would you like some soda and chocolate muffins as you chat to the president?”. I sit down, still feeling the blush in my cheeks as he gives me another warm stare.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 08.16.2010

  13. I delight in my daughter, in warm days, it cool breezes, in Hawaii, in love, laughter, family, sweet delights, fun, joy, cute dresses, delicious meals.

    By Tonya on 08.16.2010

  14. There are so many things that just send me to creative places – I delight in the colors, textures, shape and joy of them. My mind just burts.

    By Kim on 08.16.2010

  15. My delight burns bright as I fill the night with my laugh. my voice. My smoke and mirrors. tables turning and lights vibrate against my optic nerve. My head’s swimming, my visions swerve.

    By Ash on 08.16.2010

  16. The delight flew off her face as she realized no one cared that she’d gotten a job. No one in her family, none of her friends, and definitely not the boy she’d been eyeing for the last few months.

    By jackie on 08.16.2010

  17. sunny delight and oh so pleased. that kind of smile thats so wide and bright that you just can’t hide it, eyes shine and your whole face lights up. delight is my favorite look on you

    By Selena URL on 08.16.2010

  18. her face lights up and her eyes start to shine. she smiles and laughs and i know everythings right. the rain falls on us as we dance in the moonlight. it’s my favorite memory before things went bad. we had snuck out that night and she took me to my first concert. we stayed out long past curfew and came home in the light. my sister was the happiest i’d ever seen her and she was always my best friend.

    By Selena URL on 08.16.2010

  19. An apple coated in caramel, glistening; taking a bite; but there’s a worm inside, and I’ve bitten it in half. What has happened?

    By Douglas Adams on 08.16.2010

  20. Delight is Thai food. Its yammi! first submission ))

    By Victoria URL on 08.16.2010

  21. “there is no reason to stop cutting your veins now,” said the killer. “I know you WANT me to, but much as that might help you out it won’t solve any of my problems!” He cackled with delight.

    By chapped as hell on 08.16.2010

  22. happiness and dreams come to life .. smiling through out the universe of candies .. family and loved ones along with the one person u love the most .. companionship and memories of happiness and joy.

    By Rabia Hamza on 08.16.2010