August 16th, 2010 | 224 Entries

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224 Entries for “eternally”

  1. Love is forever, and so is life. And I’m grateful for that. Eternally is something that will never go away. It’s reassuring. It’s comforting.

    By Sheri on 08.17.2010

  2. what does it mean to not end? everything this side of death -good or bad- has an ending: life, happiness, pain, hunger, theater, homework, weekends, contentment, fashion trends… but what would it be like for something to never end?

    By Tim Oberg URL on 08.17.2010

  3. Forever and ever, sealed, as if like with God.

    Up in the heavens, there is happiness, all is put to rest, a final resting place

    the end, the ending,

    is this how it ends?

    or do others go on?

    is this the end? or for the others, is it only the beginning?

    By MikeL on 08.17.2010

  4. He was one of those things that would forever be real. He was eternal and would never change. It was this thought that scared her. It was this thought that made her wonder about him. It was this thought that made her realize she didn’t know him at all. It was this that brought her to her senses. She would survive without him

    By Pepe Le Pew on 08.17.2010

  5. They said it was forever. A simple ability to read graphs told him it might not be. They pretty much had a 50/50 chance as far as he could tell. But it was worth trying. More than worth it.

    By Martin URL on 08.17.2010

  6. I had this word yesterday. And I will eternally hate the word eternally. Because I was dying to have a new word today. Yes.

    By Natalie on 08.17.2010

  7. It was like she was eternally trapped in his arms. Even when he let go, she could feel his embrace. If another man held her, he was simply a second set of arms around her. No matter where she turned, she would always be his.

    By Stroudle URL on 08.17.2010

  8. eternal, the one thing man is not familiar with. The only thing we know is impermanence. All that we are familiar with ceases to be at some point. Eternal represents the spiritual. All religions come back to this, that which is beyond he cycle of decay.

    By Brian on 08.17.2010

  9. Eternally means a lot to a lot of different people. When I think about it, I think love. What exactly does that say about me I wonder. Does it mean my head is in the clouds? or maybe love can truly be eternally.

    By Jared Miller on 08.17.2010

  10. love forever the heart the hope the soul should can complete in life together no ending the world and hapiness sadness pain emotion

    By Kyrsti on 08.17.2010

  11. Forever, and ever ago and forever to be. Never ending. A concept we cannot grasp. Salvation through Jesus Christ, Heaven.

    By Marc on 08.17.2010

  12. When I think of eternal I think of the opposite of man’s experience. The eternal is something we are not familiar with. All we experience is impermanent and subject to decay. Sounds ery Buddhist I know.

    By Brian on 08.17.2010

  13. Eternally yours, Sarah.


    Exceptionally pissed off, Sarah.


    Excrementally yours–

    Now I’m losing it.

    Up Yours. Sincerely, Sarah.

    Ah. Perfect.

    By RS Bohn URL on 08.17.2010

  14. Forever is such a long time. Some times it freaks me out, to think about being around for that long. Why is everyone so obsessed with being around for all that? I’d rather make this time right now count.

    By Jessica on 08.17.2010

  15. Everyone wants to be immortal; no one wants to die. But, in this world we live in the only thing eternal is death. ~ Megan Hickman

    The man was old his mine warped with age. That’s what I though at least, as I busled by him with my jacket wrapped tight to keep out the snow. He called out to me his voice crackling with age and sickness, “You want to live forever; I know the secret?”

    I was a fool not to. Instead of moving forward I trudged over to the old man, “What could you possibly know?” I stated arrogantly; if not just to put this homeless man in his place.

    “I can make you live forever; it won’t cost you a dime. You can either go on your way to your warm cozy house or stay here and learn the secret.”

    I looked at my watch and decided I’d humor the man.

    I gave out a laugh, “Alright you crazy fool make me immortal.” I chuckled some more as he rose with difficulty off the dirty concrete floor.

    I let out a startled garble as his brown eyes flashed yellow and red sprouted across my expensive white jacket.

    “Be careful what you wish for; it might just come true Mr. Baxter.”

    My body was crumbled on the ground and I stared up at the sky. The last thing to go through my mind was the man’s wicked words, “the only thing that last eternally is death.”

    By Megan Hickman URL on 08.17.2010

  16. yours, hers, his, mine? who knows? forever is a long time and i always never usually use words like eternally.

    By shane patrick on 08.17.2010

  17. Life is eternally a joke. Don grabbed Tina and they got in his Toyota and he drove over the cliff.

    By Shayla on 08.17.2010

  18. the end of nothing and forever the consuming day and night of time. never ending like love or peace that is true. Life is not eternal for it is not deserving. Eternally, forever, never changing

    By connor on 08.17.2010

  19. She is eternally bound to her fate.
    I am eternally bound to using cliches.
    Jesus lives in eternal freedom? Maybe I should go to church more often.

    By Emily URL on 08.17.2010

  20. The valley sleeps eternally amid placid flowers and in the morning sunshine it quietly warms but it never wakes from its slumber. It holds an air of sleepy remembrance that brings with it thoughts of lives long past. In this place of certain dreams and forgotten memories, we wait in eternal silence.

    By Moira URL on 08.17.2010

  21. i am yours. physically, i gave myself away. i’ so sorry. but eternally, i will always be yours darling.

    By Caroline Chomanics on 08.17.2010

  22. in love I am ;-)

    By JH on 08.17.2010

  23. “Eternally yours.” She knew he loved her then. Even in death, and in their next lives, though they might not know it, he would love her. It made her that much more sad that she couldn’t return his love.
    Maybe in her next life.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 08.17.2010

  24. As I eternally waited, for something. Anything. God, I couldn’t stand the wait. How detrimental the society I live in.

    By jdupuy26 on 08.17.2010