August 14th, 2010 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “saved”

  1. I have been saved by the people who care about me. The ones who strive to see me better myself. They know my abilities and potential more vividly than I can.

    By Avery URL on 08.15.2010

  2. Stop.
    Abandon false hopes and pretences.
    Enjoy life.

    Now you’re saved.

    By Siege URL on 08.15.2010

  3. she saved me from the hell that was to be. the day i turned to her, i lay my head on her shoulder, and she saved me. months later, this same girl threw me to hell, made me suffer, made me go insane.

    being with her isn’t anything like the heaven i had imagined.

    By jvlz URL on 08.15.2010

  4. Rescues should take place while somebody is in danger, nto while you’re eating cornflakes before school. As if somebody could break in to your house and insist they need to rescue you.

    By Kitt on 08.15.2010

  5. Rescues, emergencies, alien concepts to the people whose lives are mundane and dull.

    By Jay on 08.15.2010

  6. I saved you from the pink zombie bunnies who attack the people that eat kangaroos. It’s a dangerous profession, but not all of us can stand a 9-5 desk job. Somebody’s gotta do the dirty work.

    By Haley on 08.15.2010

  7. saved by the bell was my gulty pleasure for five years when i lived with this girl named julie. i loved the episode where jessi was addicted to caffeine pills and she finally crashed right before the most important test of her high school career. They made it seem like caffeine and heroin were equally dangerous drugs. hilarious episode, that i think was the one episode that they didn’t intent to be funny.

    By gjamescarrow URL on 08.15.2010

  8. I thought saved was yesterday’s word. I saved money not buying a lottery ticket today!

    By Big Voice URL on 08.15.2010

  9. i cut the part of my soul out that i filled with you and kept for ages/if god does not exsist/if love is just a fable,then this part of you in me i saved never meant anything anyway/and if they do/it was never you i truly loved/but my ideals/my images of what you stood for in my hopes in dreams/i toss the part of you of me away/watch it float down the stream/i am sad/it never was really you anyway

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 08.15.2010

  10. Makes me think of savings. Like, when you go to the store and you buy only whatever’s on the sale rack. Also, you can think of it has like, “OH MY GEE SAVED!” It’s too early for this, hahaha. Saved. That’s a weird word.

    By Jolynn on 08.15.2010

  11. it’s a good day to be saved. from the boogey man, the gremlins, the demons shaking they chains all ’round my head. from the weight of confusion and bad judgment sittin’ like torpedoes on my chest. from the bad news on TV, wedding party massacres, Misery in the Mojave, the kamikaze hormones graveyard-spiraling from above. but they ain’t no saviors like they was before, so I got to find me a blow-up Jesus ‘fore I go down with the ship.

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.15.2010

  12. im here im no one im scared i have nowhere to go please help me please save me. come on and do your thing i know you can. please come with me im scared and theres only me in this dark place.

    By victoria Serratos Chavez on 08.15.2010

  13. Saved–by beauty. I once wrote a poem about that. Beauty sometimes lifts me off my toes. It takes me away like Calgon.

    By Verser13 URL on 08.15.2010

  14. I was dying inside. Nothing seemed right. You saved me. You saved me from myself.

    By Marina URL on 08.15.2010

  15. They were saved. They had been stranded for ever hoping they would finnially be found. Saved emotionally also, for some of them were starting to go crazy.

    By zoe URL on 08.15.2010

  16. I’ve been saved from death, Hell, the worst parts of life. All this by love. Love is the only saving grace, the only thing worth pursuit. Nothing is higher, nobler, lovlier. I love love. Lovely, huh?

    By Brandon L. Sichling URL on 08.15.2010

  17. People often asked me if I went to church, if I was ~saved. The answer is no. The answer is I can save myself. So while I appreciate your offer to pray for me, I would sooner make it happen myself.

    By anak URL on 08.15.2010

  18. She thought to herself,’ how could this happen? how could I let myself save him?’
    he was huddled in the backseat of the car, whimpering from the cold.
    “I don’t even like him; why did I pull him from the river?’
    She turned in the driver’s seat to face him. “screw you,” she whispered.

    By Liz on 08.15.2010

  19. You once asked my why it was that i saved everything. i told you it was because i have a poor memory, and if i didn’t save SOMETHING, i’d lose you. Ridiculous, you said. You weren’t going anywhere.

    Well, at least i have your lighter.

    By anonnymouse23 URL on 08.15.2010

  20. one word is not enought. words are overrated. gee seriously. my one word may not be the same way you undersatnd that one word. we all have diff perceptions of every word. an orange to me may not be the same to you. there that it. words are overrrated

    By rebecca on 08.15.2010