August 18th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “deer”

  1. The light is peering through the forest, and in the distance, you see a deer. You make eye contact, and instantly the deer turns away and runs. Frighted by you. They run, thinking it’s for their life, but is it?

    By Vanessa URL on 08.18.2011

  2. A deer is a four legged animal. It usually lives in the forrest but it can venture out onto open fields at night. People like to hunt deer because their meat is delicate and they are also a challenge to shoot. Deer are also associated with Santa because of reindeer.

    By Andrew on 08.18.2011

  3. We approached the country lane with carelessness, recklessness. We sped along the road, music blaring and spirits high. We sang and laughed and kissed until we hit something. A deer. A deer lay in front of the car unmoving.

    By Maddie on 08.18.2011

  4. The deer grazed through the countryside at a speed most humans are too lazy to achieve. Emily stood in awe; she had seen deer plenty times before, but had she really seen its beauty? Its drive for life and determination to find food for its young?

    By Amber Riippa URL on 08.18.2011

  5. she walked until she found the female herd whether they were just inside the gate or she had to walk three miles in the rain. As the time approached they came closer and crept in to her dreams formed a close protective circle. It stayed with her their musky smell, the snap of bracken stalks, the low hanging mist over the open parkland at dawn

    By geraldine URL on 08.18.2011

  6. they get hit easily, they get caught in headlights. people shoot them for a fun. I heard they were good meat to eat. I wonder if they know when they are about to die? Deer runs very fast.

    By Tara on 08.18.2011

  7. is an animal.word usually consudes with dear, deer is use in the Bambi movie, is foun in the forest and is seen as a very cute creature by many people. its colour is brown. and

    By angie on 08.18.2011

  8. Caught in the headlights. Everybody gets this look when they’re sidelined by something, almost about to be crushed by a certain event. Maybe even about to take a last breath. Grace. Deer have so much of it. I wish I had that

    By Anechka on 08.18.2011

  9. Deer run in the forest. The are sweet, like Bambi. Deer are also very graceful, but often hunted for meat and sport. Deer will be trapped in the headlights of a car, freezing in place. Deer have fluffy tails.

    By Stacey on 08.18.2011

  10. bambi, thumper magic disney lion king hunter gun sasquacth kingdom brown pokemon deerling giraffes deerlings lamb meat food fur coats

    By samn on 08.18.2011

  11. the deer was exceptionally happy! it had avoided the hunters that saught to kill it, the
    across the forest came to visit him, JUST HIM! life was going so well. surely steping out onto the concrete couldn’t hurt… suddeny, that, off in the distance. two fireflies? no… that was’nt right. fireflies aren’t usually that synonymous in thier flight patterns. whatever they are, they are getting bigger. what could they be?

    By Joel on 08.18.2011

  12. i saw a deer running through the field he crossed the street in front of me and into another field something must have really scared him he was running so fast

    By Siobhan URL on 08.18.2011

  13. They were like a herd of stupid, innocent looking deer. But they weren’t innocent; they were far from it. Inside, they were blood thirsty tigers, looking for someone to conform to their need to suck everyone dry. I wouldn’t let them shake me down and take everything I had. They already drained me of an abundant amount of blood. And I made sure they wouldn’t do it ever again.

    By Marissa URL on 08.18.2011

  14. I can’t help but think of Psalm … 42? That says, “As a deer longs for a the flowing stream, so I long for you oh, Lord.” … I can’t help but wonder, what happens when the spring is dry and there is no signs of rain? Will the deer wither and die?

    And will the waters that come after care?

    By Leticia URL on 08.18.2011

  15. Oh how you run in front of my car and freak me out. Seeing many of your family lying lifeless on the road, saddens me. Why don’t you stay inside the forest? Why aren’t you frightened by the roaring cars? Your eyes reflect, I slow down. You and your little ones make it across the danger zone safely this time. With others be as observant as I? I can only do my part and pay attention.

    By Stacey on 08.18.2011

  16. I walk through and saw a deer
    it stopped and starred at me.
    it looked through my soul
    trying to decide my intentions
    it froze; its muscles in place;
    its eyes still and just there
    more real than my dreams
    the Deer took my mind and ran off
    i have never seen the world the same way again

    By funkitup on 08.18.2011

  17. I once had to do a speech that was a story about a deer.
    I got second place. It was a horribly long story though. And I forgot a whole section when I performed it. Thankfully, I didn’t realize it and most other people didn’t either.
    After that I pretty much stopped doing speech and stuff.
    I also saw a deer on my birthday once in the middle of town. That was weird….

    By Heidi URL on 08.18.2011

  18. I’ve never seen a deer in real life before, at least I don’t think I have. Only in movies and television. I think they’re really interesting and pretty though. Especially after watching the Bambi movie, I think everyone’s had a different view of them. They don’t get that much attention as other animals do, though. I think they should. After all, they’re beautiful creatures.

    By Jenny URL on 08.18.2011

  19. deer are a pain in the butt i hate when i hit them on the highway and their guts get splattered on my winshield. Deer eat my flowers and have alot of spots. They always remind me of that gay mobie bambi and i always feel the need to shoot them. I do like deer jerky and eating deer hearts..muaahhahahah!

    By Arlaina on 08.18.2011

  20. a deer is a four legged animal. they live in the wild and are sweet humble creatures that are often the victims of vehicles near open wooden areas. ‘bambi’ is a popular icon of the animal.

    By rhiann URL on 08.18.2011

  21. Oh how you run in front of my car and freak me out. Seeing many of your family lying lifeless on the road, saddens me. Why don’t you stay inside the forest? Why aren’t you frightened by the roaring cars? Your eyes reflect, I slow down. You and your little ones make it across the danger zone safely this time. With others be as observant as I? I can only do my part and pay attention.

    By Minnow URL on 08.18.2011

  22. The deer took on tentative step onto the road, testing the asphalt. He had noidea how he was going to change the idiot drivers life who was now hurtling down the road torwards him.

    By Lillian on 08.18.2011

  23. my town is FULL of deer, except I have noticed recently that they are no longer a part of nature, they are simply a part of the highway and streetside landscape, no longer animals another member of street traffic, like the bikes in the bikelane or the tractors moving to the other farm down the road

    By outdoors URL on 08.18.2011

  24. Walking in the forest. bambi. lost his mother. and she was a deer also. he had many friends, even a rabbit. his rabbit girlfriend had very pretty eyes, oh dear! what is poor bambi going to do?

    By Bradyann on 08.18.2011

  25. Now that she looked at its dead carcass, speared through the neck by her arrow, she felt both ravenous hunger and sadness. Months ago she would have bought this meat already butchered at a stall on Market Street. Now, she had to stare into its dim, glossed eyes and dissect it herself before she ate it. That’s how it is when you need to live off the land, she thought, and I’d better get used to it if I’m going to survive out here.

    By JL URL on 08.18.2011

  26. The deer stopped in its track, looking at Gordie. Then it walked away, hidden by the thick nature.

    By T URL on 08.18.2011

  27. the deer is brown and pretty. it tends to come out at night and gets hit by cars, sadly. a deer is a female animal. they are cute. they stay away from people and can run fast. they are mammals. they are fuzzy. they have fur and they are brown and or white. I like deer!

    By Sasha on 08.18.2011

  28. At my summer camp we saw a deer in the early morning. I was walking with what we naive teenagers called my “camp boyfriend” when it emerged from the nearby woods and stared at us for a few seconds before running off. I often think back to that moment, and wish that life could still be that simple.

    By Daniela on 08.18.2011

  29. i wonder what does through a deer’s mind as it leaps across the street in front of a car. is it scared too? does its life flash before its eyes? or is it fearless? maybe this deer wants to die. maybe it lost its family. well, little deer, i hope you find happiness and peace whether you get hit or not.

    By Sierra URL on 08.18.2011

  30. deer, a simple creature none from the hills of America and the plains of Africa. A creature so calm and reserved, and that can be turned off by a sudden movement or sound.

    By Andrea on 08.18.2011

  31. Oh no, right now I feel like roadkill. Deer roadkill. That was an ultra-long bike ride. But now, I am in roadkill heaven! Eating a warm quesidilla. I know I spelled it wrong. SORRY?!

    By Jo! URL on 08.18.2011

  32. i saw a beautiful deer in the forest. it was a beautiful sight to see. such a peaceful creature, so harmless. i admire the way the deer jus minds it’s own business and doesn’t bother anything or anyone. i thought about taking a picture but didn’t want to scare it off so i jus have the image in my memory forever

    By Anna on 08.18.2011

  33. you know that really excellent moment in the car when you get all sorts of comfortable, slightly singing with the music, slightly thinking about something or someone, slightly tapping the wheel? well i was there and then BOOM, so was the stupid deer.

    By roberta URL on 08.18.2011

  34. sometimes deer stand outside my window. breathtaking. silent. but again, I do not care. I never cared for deer or creatures or any animal I could do without. because deer remind me of what it is like to be fragile. and how easily life is taken. I see a deer on the side of the road. and it is dead.

    By SKR on 08.18.2011

  35. i d not like o eat deer meat. it’s gross. deer run in front of cars and get killed ans mess up your car this is stupid. llll

    By seeee on 08.18.2011

  36. a animal that frolics around my entire childhood was filled with these it reminds me of when i was younger and i played in the back yard and i picked strawberrys and sang songs that just made sense i miss deers. and Connecticut .

    By Jade Tony on 08.18.2011

  37. bambi is a beautiful dear and his mother died and he met a rabbit and he he was a drumer and he lived in the forest and you cry wathcing her mother dying and is for kids and that’s

    By Gabriela on 08.18.2011

  38. Sara looked at me with those deer eyes. Careful, watching, patient.

    By Skye Blue URL on 08.18.2011

  39. Deer hunting with dad as a kid was always an interesting time. Since I had no brothers and was the middle child, I seemed to always get stuck joining him. Looking back now I think this was a positive influence on me. It gave me bonding time with my dad, a compassion for the animals, and a large attention span.

    By Katherine URL on 08.18.2011

  40. A deer is a brown animal with antelopes and it has four legs. It is a very swift animal. It is found in the Forest Of Arden in shakespeare’s play As You Like It. Deer are very fast and mostly come out at night. They are brown in colour.

    By Varsha on 08.18.2011