August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. sucssess living a life of gratitude with people that love you that are real and are there no matter what happens no matter what you go through doing the things you love

    By letitia on 08.18.2011

  2. Everyone wants to succeed, whether it’s a big goal or a small one success is sought after as if it were the last drop of water on earth. Every day, we can start success, it starts within and go outward.

    By Melanie on 08.18.2011

  3. Win! BUt winning, I wanted a win-win. And now, I am the only success, leaving the ones I love back in the dust. Is this the life I want? Fame, glamour, money? Or will I give up my succession, for them? My kin.

    By Jo! URL on 08.18.2011

  4. to outlive your life. to make a lasting impact on the world. to help someone less fortunate. to discover joy through service.

    By Amy on 08.18.2011

  5. He landed. It was his test flight and he nailed it. The wheels dropped out from under the plane, and he landed it. Brilliant.

    By Kari Clancy on 08.18.2011

  6. don’t be afraid to succeed. don’t be afraid of success! you are an amazing human being with wonderful potential to make this world a better place for future generations! don’t stop believing in yourself and finding ways to use your talents for good. it’s easy to sit back and watch others, but it’s more fun to actually succeed.

    By abra URL on 08.18.2011

  7. succeed in life… is that sooo important?? i mean to succeed in ur career and earn money n have a good name in the society?? is that what u live for n call success??? be bold dude…live life as u want……listen to ur heart… someones whole heart n love some1 whole heatedly…thats when u succeed…

    By chaacha on 08.18.2011

  8. To succeed is a phenomena often speculated upon by people of all cultures and backgrounds. Success can be measured by wealth, love, happiness, anything really. Success only depends on your opinion, and if you’ve reached your goal.

    By JKlei on 08.18.2011

  9. I knew I couldn’t do it. It would just never happen. Standing on the bridge with him and the eddies and rocks below. He was standing there telling me to jump. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t walk back either. I was stuck in space and thus time and everything slowed down like nothing would ever happen after this moment.

    By Bryan URL on 08.18.2011

  10. Life is too short to only focus on success. How will we ever succeed if succeeding is our one priority. Its pressuring and demanded that it will cause us to fail. Cant we ever focus on something other then success, for then there will be no time to be happy or too embrace the other things in life that are more import then trying to succeed everything we do. Success isn’t always good. It can be terrible in ways. For if someone succeeds in hurting a living thing or if we were to ever succeed in global warming. Success isn’t the only important thing in life. All of us would be broken if every day the only thing on our minds was to succeed. Succeed. Succeed. Then do it all again the next day. Everyone always makes a mountain out of a mole whole, how cliche, thinking that if we don’t succeed in something we go at, we are failures. But we aren’t. Success isn’t everything.

    By emma URL on 08.18.2011

  11. If I were to define success it would mean living my life happily. That’s all succeeding really is. Being happy with who and what you are, with what you do. I’ve recently learned that

    By Keebler on 08.18.2011

  12. To succeed you have to be awesome and happy…and then you’ll be rich and successful. Yeahhh. Although some people actually aren’t happy when they succeed. I dunno why…in case you haven’t guessed this isn’t the dictionary definition…. :D so yeah. Succeed and be happy…don’t worry….be happy. WOOOOO It is the opposite of being a failure.

    By Charlotte on 08.18.2011

  13. success happens when you are happy with what you are doing. it happens when you fuck i don’t know how to do this my mind can’t make coherent thoughts because i’m so focused on everything else and not letting go and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu because i have problems. what the helll. am i supposed to be writing about success? i have no idea. i guess fame. is fame success? if i were famous i would be successful i guess. holy crap was that bell for this thing. what am i doing.

    By dot URL on 08.18.2011

  14. To succeed in life and love also means accepting failures related to them. Life will only make you succeed in everything if you learn to accept the failures with open arms as much as you accept the success!

    By Mallika on 08.18.2011

  15. to succeed is to do well in something that no one else really thought you could. its hard to not do well when people are telling you that you cant do something so when you finally reach that point you haev never been happier. its a feeling of accomplishment only you can aquire in life. its happy.

    By emily Werley on 08.18.2011

  16. I want to be successful in whatever I choose to do. I want to succeed in being a posititive influence to the people around me, specifically my younger siblings. I would like to succeed in obtaining my BA in Elementary Education and go over seas and teach on military bases to American children.

    By Megan on 08.18.2011

  17. To succeed means to accomplish something that you’ve longed to to achieve. A goal that you strive to complete. Success in music is succes in life, succes comes with no coincidence. Success may come with failure, but it always ends up with the same beauty, and self pride, knowing that your effort was worth while.

    By Angelica on 08.18.2011

  18. So many double letters! My left hand is tired of typing by the end!

    By M on 08.18.2011

  19. i want to succeed, i want to be as successful as the next student, but there’s a lot of pressure, and the prospect of failure is scary…

    By sabrina on 08.18.2011

  20. I want to succeed. We have the power to affect change. If we move a heart, to a greater cause, then we succeed. Lives affected is success. And success, in a dignified manner, is beautiful.

    By Stephanie. URL on 08.18.2011

  21. Wishing upon a star isnt going to give you what you want,you have to go out there and do it yourself.

    By brigitte adair on 08.18.2011

  22. To succeed is to follow your dreams and achieve them. It is all about personal goals that you set and your willpower to chase after them, with all that you are. Succeeding is something that everyone strives for, and yet, not all make it. It’s a measure of our personal work ethic.

    By Carley on 08.18.2011

  23. There are many thing in life that i have succeeded in ! and i hope to continue succeeding in many other things in life. Because success is very important and without it we would be nowhere in life.

    By farida on 08.18.2011

  24. To succeed in anything you basically just have to (not to rip of nike or anything but…) do it. Tonight I don’t really feel like going to my kids’ ciricculumn night thing, but in order for them to succeed at being students I guess I have to suck it up and…just do it. Who ever said ‘just doing it’ was fun or entertaining (if someone ever said such a thing) is a big fat liar.

    By The Tortoise URL on 08.18.2011

  25. i want to succeed and if I keep trying i might succeed you just hope that you will and that your life will be full of success because otherwise you feel like a failure and that you don’t or haven’t done anything with your life. Isn’t that really what life is about? trying to succeed or at least trying not to fail. everyone wants to be successful, but success is different to everyone. right?

    By molly b on 08.18.2011

  26. Really? I said, that’s a stupid joke. He just smiled and laughed to himself all too amused by what he had said.

    By bc on 08.18.2011

  27. the thought of succeed motivates humans beyond belief

    By Bernie DeVito URL on 08.18.2011

  28. This word is slightly tricky for me, however, it would be extremely easy for others. It is srange, because I am never at a loss for words, and this is such a simple example of literature, I feel embarrased that I have not much to say on this one.

    By Eleanor on 08.18.2011

  29. i think that it is something that i have a hard time fathoming and feel like I’m never really going to make it and succeed myself. I strive for it all the time, but it seems always out of reach and that really bothers me. I want to succeed really badly.

    By Andie on 08.18.2011